Cyberpunk 2077- Beat On The Brat All Fight Attack Pattern Walkthrough

Beat On The Brat All Fight Attack Pattern Walkthrough


In Cyberpunk 2077, one of the few facets of the games we’ve noticed from the start that might end up on your list of games is Beat On The Brat. Your first fight against the twins would be pretty easy, just like your first fight in the ring. After completing the prologue, we tried all the Beat On The Brat missions, but failed miserably because the mission was dangerous enough without updating the cyber software. In this article we look at all the individual battles and their attack patterns, which you can do even if your cyberware is not updated.

Bit on Brat All Combat Attack Template Going for Cyberpunk 2077

There are 5 battles in total, including the Kabuki twins, which you have to complete to complete the ring. The first fight is moderately difficult in Kabuki where you have to face twins who call themselves one. If you concentrate on one of the twins and defeat him with an opponent and a heavy attack, the fight becomes easy, while the rest of the battle becomes quite difficult.

Beat On The Brat All Fight Attack Pattern Walkthrough

You will notice that the complexity will be very high. If you argue and pretend they’re fighting like twins, we know how it goes. They are quite agile and have a series of different movements that can be deadly if you fight without information. The easiest thing to do is to hone your melee skills and wait until you have the right cyber production and the right level to tackle these street fighters.

Pay attention: It is recommended that the gorilla’s weapon be equipped with damage models…

Bit per brother: Gen

Cesor Diego Ruiz, owner of one of the most classic cars of Cyberpunk 2077. He may seem stupid during a conversation, but his physical abilities should not be underestimated. To beat it easily, make sure you create distance so that it comes to you. He attacks with a heavy punch that you can easily dodge by moving left and right. If he recovers, you may cause severe damage to his head and come back to repeat the sequence.

Bit per brother: Arroyo

To get the legendary sniper rifle, make sure you have invested at least 8 points in your body. As soon as the fight against Buck Ronald starts, you have to focus on hitting him by using heavy attacks nearby to pin him down. If he is cornered, you can easily cause serious damage and prevent him from escaping. Once he walks away, he has two sets of combos that follow your movements.

The first series of attacks starts with a shovel, followed by a kick and a punch, which you can easily avoid by going backwards. His second attack pattern also starts with a kick, followed by 3 punches where you have to bend down to create distance. After defeating him, fight against his followers, targeting the low-level enemies (with/without weapons) that lure and target you as you leave the ring.

Beat On The Brat All Fight Attack Pattern Walkthrough

Bit per brother: Rancho Coronado

After talking to the animal champion, you have to beat Rhino. Like Buck, it will push you to exhaust your stamina and create space. Make sure you hit him with a strong punch. She’ll try to attack you with a hard blow you can easily avoid. It is recommended that you try to fight when you have a higher level, because melee damage can drain their lives.

Bit per brother

The final fight against the Brawler champion, Razor Hughes, will be the toughest of all. He is much faster than any other Brawler and attacks quickly during his recovery. The size of the arena makes the fight more difficult. The best way to beat him is to create distance when he approaches you as Cesor. If he tries to hit you with a superman punch, dodge and concentrate 3-4 punches on his body or face before retreating.

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