THINGS To Keep In Mind To Move Forward

THINGS To Keep In Mind To Move Forward

There is no denying that Valheim has sold over a million copies in its first week on Steam Early Access, but there are a lot of players who have played the game but don’t really know where to go next or what to do next.

The only reason players are looking for a progress guide is that they have to complete many tasks to progress in the game. If you’ve just started playing Valheim and don’t know how to progress in the game, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

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Walheim’s progress guide

Phase One

THINGS To Keep In Mind To Move Forward

If you have been dropped by a bird, you will see a small ruin. If you click on this ruin, a map will appear showing the location of the first pattern. Instead of going directly to the first pattern, you will have to walk around and pick berries, mushrooms and woods.

When you have collected enough wood, make a wooden hammer and club. Later, you need to make a shelter, picax and other useful things.

The first boss fight is Eichtyr.

Now you have to go to the Black Forest, where you will find a dungeon. When you enter the dungeon, you will find many skeletons. You need to collect as many skulls as possible and make sure you collect all the useful items you find in the dungeon. You will also find the location of the second final boss in the dungeon. After you leave the dungeon, make sure you collect all the useful items on the workbench.

THINGS To Keep In Mind To Move Forward

To fight the first boss named Eichtyr in Valheim, you must have two deer trophies. When you fight the first boss, make sure you use bow and arrow and keep a safe distance. Once you defeat the first boss, you will get his head as a trophy, and you can place it on a stone at the beginning, and it will give you a buff that you can activate by pressing F.

Phase Two.

The second big boss

To invoke the second patron in Valheim, you must collect certain seeds from ancient, abandoned shamanic beasts and descendants found in the Black Forest. When you have enough seeds, you can summon the Elder.

It is quite difficult to defeat the elder in Valheim, just keep a safe distance and keep pressing the arrows. Once you have killed the elder, you will get a key that will be very useful.

Traders in phase A

There are players who, although they have played for hours at Valheim, have yet to meet a dealer. If you are one of them, don’t worry, we have you covered.

Here are a few easy steps to finding a dealer in Walheim:

  • Go to the main menu
  • Starting a new server
  • Enter “42069lolxd” in the seed field.
  • Go south and follow the sea, then you will see a piece of land and jump over the line and there you will see a pop-up icon.
  • There, in Valheim, you will find a merchant….

Once you have found a merchant, click on the small “Sell” button. Clicking this button will sell any rubies or other valuables you have in your inventory and give you coins that you can use to buy items.

THINGS To Keep In Mind To Move Forward

Third stage

Boss Bonemass.

There are several final bosses in Valheim, but Bonemass is the hardest one to defeat. Before you fight the third boss, go to the Swamp Dungeon and use the key you obtained when killing the second boss to open the Swamp Dungeon.

When you reach the dungeon, you will find a lot of scrap metal and large bones that are withering away. Make sure you collect at least 10 withered bones, because you can’t summon the third boss until you need the bones.

THINGS To Keep In Mind To Move Forward

Once assembled, go to the bone mass, put him there and get ready to face the third boss. As we said before, he is the strongest boss right now, attack him wisely. He is weak enough to punch objects.

When you defeat Bonemass, you get a Brechet, which allows you to find silver ore and treasure in the mountains, which you can sell to Merhcant for money.

fourth stage

The boss is a dragon modeler.

After you summon Dragon Moder, you must use the Needle Arrows to attack the fourth boss. For the uncontested one, you can get insect needles that you can find in airplanes, but if you have silver equipment, defeating Dragon Moder will be much easier.

If you killed the Dragon Moderator, you will receive Dragon Tears that you can use to make a crafting table in Valheim. The first thing you need to do is grab him by his head and put him on the pedestal at the beginning, and you will get a buffalo that will give you five minutes of victory.

Final step

Chief Jaglut

After summoning the last Jaglutu boss, you must use the same modus operandi as when fighting Dragon Moder. If you manage to kill Jaglutu, you will be rewarded with the Game Shoulder. It hasn’t been added to the game yet, but when the game is updated, it will probably become something of value.

THINGS To Keep In Mind To Move Forward

In addition to space, he also drops his trophy, and if you manage to drop a trophy that should be last on your boss list, you don’t suffer elemental damage, and it also works at Frost in the Mountains.

We have developed this Walheim progress guide specifically for those who do not want to waste time traversing each region, but prefer to get started right away.

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