In the new Hangout event added to Genshin Impact, players can get to know their favorite characters a little better. This guide will focus on one of them, namely Noelle. Here’s Noelle’s Hangout at Genshin Impact, where we present all the options and their endings. You can unlock your event with 2 story keys, which you can earn by completing daily missions. Please note that you must be in an adventure class of 26 or higher.

Noel Genshin’s Hangout Event Guide for Beats : Selection and conclusion

Noelle Hangout Event Choices And Endings

You can unlock the Christmas Hangout Event by going to the event overview and selecting Hangout Event, then Historical Quest. After you use your 2 story keys, you can start the Noelle Hangout event at Genshin Impact. Note that there are spoilers about the ending in this article, so this is your warning. I won’t go into everything that happens in the interaction, but I will give clues and choices that will lead you to different endings. It won’t completely ruin the conversation, and you can still have fun and be surprised. We’ll start with that.

There are 6 endings in the Noelle Dating sim aka Hangout, and we’ll tackle them one by one.

Select cold reception option

  • Talk to Noelle in Moon City.
  • The knights of Favonia have… Girl?
  • You know… it’s good not to be a knight.
  • A maid is also a respectable position, I would love to be one.
  • Every time Noel visits with Alois, choose the option …Made for You …
  • When it’s time to go with you, do it yourself and get to know Alois outside Mondstadt.
  • Go back to Noelle to get the end.

Goodbye Miss Maid End

You can replay Guest remotely to quickly access this memory.

  • Pick options where Noel shows hospitality. This brings you to the second finale.

The will of the defender is his strongest point

  • In the Knights of Honor section, choose the Natural option where you want to start.
  • What you’re missing is power!
  • Go to the practice area and do a practice test.
  • Is it because you have no combat experience?
  • Then save Henning to get the third lock in Noel’s Hangout.

Overhead maid

  • It will so happen that the will of the defender is his strength.
  • You must destroy all dolls on the training ground.
  • Take your pick, because… you always need more power.
  • Go to the marked location and kill the enemies there.
  • Soon you will have to kill a monster, then mine the ore to get the fourth lock.

The puzzle is called the choice to end love

  • Go to the Knights of Honor section.
  • Choose where you want to start, of course.
  • So tell me: What you need is rest.
  • Talk to Beatrice of The Good Hunter.
  • Pick. It’s not important, it’s the intention that counts.
  • Give Beatrice the fish and chips and talk to her in Moon City.
  • Talk to Noelle in the library of the Knights of Favonia and get the fifth final.

Whispers about choosing the end of a paper rose is the best end for Christmas Hangout

  • What you need is rest.
  • I’ll certainly do my best.
  • Quinn feels Bea has nothing to say to him.
  • Gifts convey our intentions; we must choose them carefully.
  • Switch to Cape Gag mode and use Photo mode to click on the image.
  • Then go to Starsnatch Cliff and Windrise to do the same.
  • Give the photos to Beatrice.
  • Climb the tree in the wind and congratulate Noelle to get the sixth lock.

Noel Hangout Price

Get 1 End

  • 100 EXP Adventure
  • 5. Curriculum vitae of the hero
  • 5 Pancakes that are lighter than air

2 cancellations received

  • 100 EXP Adventure
  • 20 Annexes
  • 3 Resistance Guide

3 cancellations received

  • 100 EXP Adventure
  • 5. Curriculum vitae of the hero
  • 3 Fragment of the Pritiva topaz

4 cancellations received

  • 100 EXP Adventure
  • 20 Annexes
  • 5 Pancakes that are lighter than air

5 cancellations received

  • 100 EXP Adventure
  • 5. Curriculum vitae of the hero
  • 3 Fragment of the Pritiva topaz

6 cancellations received

  • 100 EXP Adventure
  • 20 Annexes
  • 3 Resistance Guide

So this is about Noelle’s hideout in Genshin. For encounters with other characters like Bennett and Barbara, check out our guides now.

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