Winter Wonderland returns in Overwatch; new skins and gamemode

On December 12th, the Winter Wonderland introduced last year has made a direct comeback in Overwatch, on all three available platforms. Just like last year, it means Christmas garments for a handful of well-known Heroes and maps, but of course a temporary gamemode as well.

Where last Christmas changed Overwatch into a gigantic snowball fight, this year seems to be a somewhat more asymmetrical playing style. In Yeti Hunt, six Mei’s compete against one Yeti Winston, respectively armed with unique traps and new power-ups.

In a corresponding Developer Update, Overwatch ‘spiritual father Jeff Kaplan already knows what Yeti Hunt is all about, but the idea seems clear for a short time. Think of it as a colorful copy of the idea which Evolve has once put on the market, but could not count on the expected response.

Just like in Evolve, it is up to the group of team members to speed up and disable the ‘monster’ as quickly as possible before it gets too strong. In the case of the Winston dressed in Yeti costume, it is going to gather enough strength for his Primal Rage attack, which of course opens the hunt for the other team.

From 12 December, Yeti Hunt and all other additions with Winter Wonderland can be found free of charge in Overwatch. This also includes new sprays and skins to score, including apparently a long-awaited Legendary for none other than Hanzo.

  • December 8, 2017
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