Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links Turbo Duel Grand Prix event (March 9): How it works and all rewards

The 9th. In March, Konami launched a new fight after the Antinomy unlock event, which lasted almost two weeks. It’s called Turbo Duel GP, and it takes players away from traditional PvP duels and into the world of Turbo Duel. So how does this event work? Let’s take a look at what you need to know and how you can benefit from this event.

How the GP turbo fuel works

To access the GP Turbo Duel, you must select the Turbo Duel event icon in the middle of the relevant area. This event is a PvP event, so make sure you have a strong and stable internet connection if you want to participate.


Since it’s a turbo duel, it’s not surprising that he has a nose for 5Ds. Only 5D characters can be used for this event. Keep this in mind, because if you have ever participated in an event, the character and game you set up for the 5D world is the character you will use in the game.

The goal of this event is very simple: compete against each other and get rewards. Players receive lottery tokens at the end of each game. If you win, you get more coins, if you lose, you get less. Coins can be used in a card lottery, which can be found by selecting the icon at the bottom left of the Turbo Duel GP main screen.

Each Duel Links player participates in the evaluation. The lowest score is beginner and the highest is master. Each class also has different levels. Below is what you need to do to make progress in each of the areas of classroom leadership:

  • Beginner 3 – lowest level
  • Beginner 2 – Play 1 turbo duel (stopping does not count as a level).
  • Beginner 1 – 1 Turbo Duel Game
  • Standard 5 – win 1 turbo diesel
  • Standard 4 – Set 1 Turbo Diesel
  • Standard 3 – Set 2 Turbodools
  • Standard 2 – win 1 turbo diesel
  • Standard 1 – win 1 turbo diesel
  • Elite 5 – Win 2 turbo duels
  • Elite 4 – Win 1 Turbo Duel
  • Elite 3 – Win 2 turbo duels
  • Elite 2 – Win 2 turbo duels
  • Elite 1 – Win 2 turbo modules
  • Master – will take place on the 11th. March at 00:00 unlocked.

To maximize your chances of getting through this event quickly, make sure you have a powerful deck and a useful EX skill that can help you in your duels. Remember that once you have enough counters, EX abilities can be activated and have an effect depending on the number of counters, on the board or in your hand.

AwardsAll Turbo Duel GP

Here are the rewards you can get for reaching each level:

  • Beginner 3 – no
  • Rookie 2 – 30 Gems
  • Novice 1 – Turbo Duel GP Sleeves
  • Standard 5 – 50 gems
  • Standard 4 – 40 gems
  • Standard 3 – 10 skill tokens
  • Standard 2 – 40 gems
  • Standard 1 – GP Turbo Duel Carpet
  • Elite 5 – 80 Jewels
  • Elite 4 – 50 Jewels
  • Elite 3 – 10 skill tokens
  • Elite 2 – 50 Jewels
  • Elite 1 is an icon of turboduela
  • Master – will take place on the 11th. March at 00:00 unlocked.

It should also be noted that Duel Links players can only collect 50 gems for three matches per day of the event, and no currency. These jewels will be available at 00:00 each day of the event.

In addition, these UR and SR cards can be obtained at random through the card lottery:

  • UR – Tomato King (Xyzian Monster)
  • UR – Draco-Equist Dragon Knight (fusion monster)
  • SR – Erzfind’s Interceptor
  • SR – Tomatoes within tomatoes
  • SR – A dragon queen with a tragic end
  • SR – Total Shogun Defense

This action ends on the 18th. March at 00:59.

frequently asked questions

Is the game in 2020 worth watching?

Answer: No, the Yugio card game is not a P2W game. I’ve played these card games on PS1, PS2, and now on an Android smartphone (Duel Links), and to this day I’ve never paid anything extra for them (other than buying the game).

How does the balance of the fuel couplings work?

Balance probably gives you 2 monsters, since half the deck is monsters, 1 random spell or trap, and the last card is completely random. In a deck of 24 cards, you must turn 8:8:8 to guarantee 1 of each card type in your first hand. … Balance works with 8:6:6 or 7:7:6 in a 20 card deck.

What is the rarest card in duel binders?

Among the opening decks, one of the rarest cards is the prismatic blue-eyed white dragon, which received 45,891 of the 60 million duelists.

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