When are the player progression systems we’re used to seeing good fits in single player games? Bad fits? Any of them altogether outdated, at this point?

Are any of them even obsolete at this stage?

From what I can see, there are 4 progression systems that are really common in the big single-seaters:

  1. XP/Stage
    1. Earn points by completing basic game tasks (battles, quests, etc.).
    2. At the level thresholds, you put attributes in qualifications or buy new qualifications immediately.
  2. Challenges
    1. The game gives you something specific that requires your concentration (5 sneak shots, 20 main shots per type of enemy…).
    2. Accepting the challenge gives the player a new opportunity or a few skill points.
  3. Collectibles
    1. Search for pickups in the area
    2. Spent pickups to unlock skills or increase attributes
  4. Crafts
    1. Finding materials in the area (such as pickups, but much more often and not in specific limited areas on the map).
    2. Spent materials to increase the attributes for unlocking skills

I wonder what you’re all thinking: When should each of them be in the game and when not? I’m also curious if I missed anything.

Here’s my catch, for those who wonder:

  1. XP/Stage
    1. Where it works: RPGs, mostly. Usually when the subject of the story intensifies over time. Divinity OS2 is a good example. Energy is obtained by subjugation of others. You get XP if you control others.
    2. Where it doesn’t work: Wolfenstein Youngblood. Wolfenstein is the best fast shot. Tearing XP for alignment means lifting against the ball jaws and continuously re-profiling the old field for XP’s well-being. Why am I back on this country farm when my mission is to find my father as soon as possible?
  2. Challenges
    1. Where it works: Wolfenstein New Colossus. The challenges are linked to the style of play and all revolve around the fight against the Nazis. That’s history, for that matter. Hidden murders of 5 commanders give the commanders more reaction time as they progress. The reward corresponds to the challenge, the challenge corresponds to the style of play, the style of play corresponds to the story.
    2. Where it doesn’t work: Destiny 2016 and Destiny Eternal. Fighting strategy is the ideal tool for these games. If I have to do something very specific with a weapon to unlock the latest upgrade, I focus too much on that weapon at every meeting and not enough on solving my problems intelligently. I adapt the game to the style of play I want, not my style of play to the objectives of the game. Bad luck works against itself with this levelling system.
  3. Collectibles
    1. Where it works: Deus Ex HR and divided humanity. Espionage games where you have the pleasure to infiltrate a place and then hack the security system to find valuable objects. Some of these precious items are practice sets. That’s good. That’s good.
    2. Where it doesn’t work: Gears 5. A cover shooter with glasses. Jack’s updates force you to slow down and become a tester on every map for an hour to make sure you hit every wall and burst. They alternate between fierce battles with locusts and slow, winding excavations in the haystack.
  4. Crafts
    1. Where it works: Restart Tomb Raider. Survivor history and game also means finding ways to improve the equipment. It’s a good fit.
    2. Where it doesn’t work: Evil is less than 2. Evil is at its best when you can hardly stand in fear. The creativity of this game offers too many breaks in the menu and gives you too much control over your situation to be intimidated by what is going on.

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