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Super Mario Bros. 3 was released in 1990 and gained international recognition. It has continued the legacy of the incredible platformers that have shaped the game industry to this day.

The third installment in the SMB series has expanded the basic Mario experience with new power-ups and goodies like Tanooki-Mario, Bowser’s Koopalings, and a world map to complete levels.

But even a fun game like SMB3 gets old if you’ve played it too many times.

If you’ve reached a breaking point, consider changing things up with a ROM hack.

There are fun and challenging ones, and they all offer a new perspective on your favorite NES platform.

Here are some of the best that are worth playing for.

15. The Blue Mario Brothers. 3

The Ultimate List –

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There are millions of ways to adapt a classic game and make your brain think you haven’t played it 15 times. Painting everything blue is one of them.

Blue Mario Bros. was created in 2006 by Lags_80. 3 is a graphic redesign of SMB3 that replaces the game’s color palette with the soothing hues of a clear sky or a crystal clear tropical beach.

In other words: The Mushroom Kingdom is painted blue.

It’s not the most popular or creative hack, but I like the complexity and level design of the original game, so that’s enough to make the new SMB3 game a little more interesting.

14. Super Mario Bros. 3: Second passage

The Ultimate List –

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If, instead of images, you prefer something that expands the content of the game but leaves everything else intact, I recommend SMB3: Second passage from the creator of Reccovery1.

It modifies all the levels of the first seven worlds of SMB3, but tries to mimic the style of the level’s original design, making it look like an official expansion rather than a hack.

It’s the perfect hack if you’ve just finished a game but can’t wait to get back to the action of breaking blocks, trampling goomba and rescuing princes.

13. Super Vorio Brothers. 3

The Ultimate List –

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Googie, the famous ROM hack developer, presents a unique gameplay hack that focuses on the big W.

This hack allows you to control Wario and Valuigi, who come into the game before Mario Bros. when they inexplicably disappear.

Wario is a smart businessman who ends up looking for opportunities.

And by helping the Mushroom Kingdom, they land points with the Kings.

The hack is full of blasphemy and crude humor that will make you laugh, just like the episode of South Park.

Someone even imagined a censored edition to make it more suitable for a younger audience on YouTube.

12. Super Loco Spoof! 2

The Ultimate List –

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The original Super Loco Spoof! from Super Mario Bros. was one of the best hacks in this semi-final, and the sequel to the SMB3 ROM maintains that quality.

The author Googie has a way of combining fun graphics with humor that makes playing each of his hacks a pleasure.

One look at the cute cacti scattered throughout some of these levels should be enough to prove my point.

The hack includes three new action-packed worlds and revised graphics to add style to the set. It has no new music, but uses the original SMB3 songs.

11. Mario’s Chronicles

The Ultimate List –

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Mario Chronicles is an improved and completed version of the old hack known as Odd Mario Bros. 3, which was considered lost until creator RingoDoggie released the title.

This extensive hacking of the ROM includes numerous tweaks to the ASM and custom graphics that are a feast for the senses.

This is the kind of hack you can play without realizing it’s a track made by a fan (if no one warns you).

It’s an underrated gem.

10. Real panic Adventure of the Princess

The Ultimate List –

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Nowadays, games like Super Princess Peach, Mario Party and Mario Kart allow us to see the Regent of the Mushroom Kingdom in action quite often – but that was unheard of when SMB3 was released.

You have the chance to play the role of an 8-bit princess in DarkData’s Present Panic hack, a short and sweet title in which Peaches and Daisy are the heroes.

Despite its relatively short duration, Present Panic is filled with user-generated content. These include new bonuses such as an octopus costume and a Christmas version of the hammer costume that allows your character to throw pretty sticks of fun at your enemies.

The levels themselves are pretty standard in terms of SMB3, so users of all skill levels should be able to use them.

9. The Chronicles of Luigi 2

The Ultimate List –

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I know many Luigi fans who have never been satisfied with the little Luigi-centric content Nintendo offers them.

If you’re like that, then you’ll love Chronicles of Luigi 2.

Like New Super Luigi U, this Luigi adventure is more challenging than the usual Mario levels.

Time compression plays a crucial role in this increased complexity.

These levels are no walk in the park – even for SMB3 veterans.

If you do, you can enjoy five complete worlds with a green cover that has a nice graphic overhaul and a warmer color palette.

8. Super Mario Bros. in the Mystery of the Flying Fish.

The Ultimate List –

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After all the fish in the Mushroom Kingdom suddenly disappear, it’s time for Mario Bros. to spring into action and save the kingdom’s fishing industry.

This unique hack is short, but action-packed, like a 15-minute cartoon episode.

Besides the flying fish, this mini hammer focuses on the difficulty. You need to learn how to dodge quickly or remember the many pitfalls at all levels.

It would be a bit boring with a full hack. But as a novelty, it’s kind of funny.

7. Super Mario Bros.Control Chaos

The Ultimate List –

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If you’ve ever wondered what would happen if King Koopa got his hands on Sonic the Hedgehog’s Chaos Emeralds, you’re pretty weird – but also lucky.

SMB Chaos Control is a hardcore hack that offers an exciting and truly challenging experience for experienced players.

It’s not quite Kaizo’s level, but you’ll have to overcome a lot of frustration before you get past this hack.

It’s a tall order for any casual Mario fan, but experienced players will appreciate the clever level design and creative obstacles scattered throughout the hack.

6. Super Mario Bros. 3 Charged

The Ultimate List –

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If you are looking for a complete improvement of the basic formula of the game, I recommend the SMB3 Reloaded by Gerardo.

This hack features impressive levels with striking graphics that give it a special personality.

My favorite aspect of the design of this hack level is the way some levels present an unusual challenge in finding an exit. Things like putting all the pieces together, finding a hidden P switch, or just jumping into the abyss, hoping to find the next level at the bottom.

It was only recently released, in 2019, but it is poised to become one of the classics.

5. Mario inside: Normal day

The Ultimate List –

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The successful designer JaSp brings us a complete hack with five new worlds full of creative levels, attractive custom graphics and a fantastic soundtrack.

This hack has it all!

While the game is very pretty and the colorful graphics are a highlight, this title hides many unique features, such as the ability to have Mario Raccoon and Mario Fire at the same time. He turns Mario into a B-52 bomber, and I love it.

4. Super Mario Ultimate

The Ultimate List –

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One of the most visually impressive ROM hacks in the SMB3 scene is Super Mario Ultimate, with eight new worlds and over 90 new levels of eye candy.

Not every level of this game is a masterpiece.

But some jewels are hidden here and there.

In terms of gameplay, the main feature will be the difficulty of selection – which most pirates miss – and the ability to keep an item in reserve to use it when the pressure is on.

3. Super Mario All Stars (NES)

The Ultimate List –

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Super Mario All-Stars on the SNES is a fantastic compilation.

But since they are 100% NES games, wouldn’t it make sense to have an NES version?

That’s what the creator of Infidelity decided to do.

This ROM hack turns SMB3 into a collection that contains all of SMB’s recordings, including The Lost Levels and even the original Mario Bros.

It’s pretty handy and incredibly cool if you can run it on real hardware.

There are some issues here and there, but overall it works very well.

2. Mario Adventure

The Ultimate List –

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Mario’s adventure was named the greatest NES hack of 2004.

And more than 15 years later, it remains the standard by which all other pirates are measured.

It features new graphics, new dialogue and a brand new score.

You will also find new power-ups in the game, such as B. Temporary stop potions and the ability to become invisible.

Another key feature is the abundance of custom enemies that go far beyond a few simple repaints. They have brand new sprites, and even their AI has been reworked.

1. Super Mario Bros. 3Mix

The Ultimate List –

Check this ROM hack

There is a hack that can compete and maybe even beat Mario Adventure.

I’m talking about Super Mario Bros. 3Mix, a massive overhaul featuring new levels mixed with remixed versions of iconic scenes from previous Mario titles.

The main feature of this hack is the great levels included here, but I also like being able to play as Luigi and Toad when I’m not comfortable with Mario.

The new bosses have been fantastic too – including adaptations from previous games.

This hack is a masterpiece, and is the one to start with if you are new to the hack ROM game. Mario fans will instantly fall in love!

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