What TBC Classic Needs to Learn from Wow Classic to Succeed

Like many other World of Warcraft Classic players, I’m looking forward to the TBC Classic.

However, when World of Warcraft Classic and showed us something, it was that the 2020 game base does not always work well with the 2005 game. So what are the small fixes and changes that would avoid the obvious problems we are currently experiencing with Wow Classic?

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In this article we look at some small but important design changes or decisions that Blizzard has to make in order for the TBC to be as successful as the Classic.

Pay attention: TBC Classic has not been officially announced by Blizzard. But the leaks and community research sent by Blizzard almost confirm that we will see that when Classic WoW comes to its natural end after the last raid, the Naxxramas.

1. Aggravated assault or buff version

Screenshot of Sunwell's Me Burning Crusade, and wiped out my Kiljeden guild in Sunwell in 2008.

World of Warcraft Classic has received a lot of criticism and laughter because of the difficulty, frankly ridiculous, of the raids. And although the content of TBC was much more difficult for the Player vs. Environment (PVE) as a whole, it would have ended the same way if TB had released the last patch of 2.4.3, just like Classic, which was released on 1.13.

If you look at every little patch in the TBC patch cycle, you’ll probably find a lot of important nerds in the dungeons and raids. Nerd after nerd in almost every dungeon and robbery got nerd after nerd in every corner, and although some of the changes were corrections such as the infamous Kael’Thas nerd needed to end the battle, most were direct nerd. Nerves that shouldn’t be in the classic version of TB, so that the raids and the dungeons get a little closer to the feeling they used to be.

Here are a few examples from patch 2.1.2 (Note that in most smaller patches, there were 5-15 of these nerds).

  • The damage caused by negligible breathing has been reduced.
  • Heroic mode: The number and health of the Anzu breeders has decreased.
  • Heroic mode: The frequency and duration of the many skills have been rebuilt to make the fight more forgiving.
  • Time Lost Controllers no longer remove stamps from enchanted players.
  • The number of waves for each pattern in the time caves: The event of the Battle of Mount Hajjal has been reduced from 12 to 8, and on some large waves there are fewer creatures than before. (Honestly, thank God for the change.)

Convince yourself of this overview of all patches.

To give you an idea of the seriousness of the nerd situation on TB, here is a link to an article about the latest TB patch.

The health of each sample and each boss has been reduced by 30%, and all damage has also been reduced. The patch also removed an important part of the Illidan meeting by taking Shira off her skill table.

I doubt very much whether Blizzard is stupid enough to release the game after a 30% nerd patch, but all small nerds in all patches are equally important, and releasing the content in its botanical state will make the game relatively easy for the Classics.

Read this article if you want to hear me talk about why rollover raids are bad.

2. Blood stamps of the hordes of the alliance and revenge

The art of handicraft Paladina Saveliy Izranov comes to court

In The Burning Crusade (TBC) we received shamans from the Alliance and Paladin side of the Horde with new breeds of bloody elves and infertile lands. However, the perfect balance between the two groups has still not been achieved. In the spirit of the early days of World of Warcraft, Blizzard made sure that some differences between the paladins were preserved by giving the Alliance and the Horde paladins two different seals. Seal of Blood for the Horde and Seal of Revenge for the Alliance. That sounds cool in terms of class fantasy, but the problem is that the difference in performance between them is huge.

The Blood Bookmark ensures that all attacks X cause extra damage to the Saint and 10% of that damage to the Paladine. Not only is the damage it causes greater than what the Alliance can achieve with the command or sign of revenge, but self-mutilation also helps the Paladin manage mana with a new passive and spiritual mood.

This is a major reason for the absurd imbalance between factions on TBC’s private servers, and 95% of the hordes are anything but random. Why play the Paladin Alliance when the damn Elven Paladin is better in almost every way? This does not mean that the Revenge Bookmark is terrible, and perhaps even better in some tanning situations, but it is just one more reason to give both parties both Bookmarks.

Will transferring both seals to both fractions ensure a healthy balance between the fractions? No, Bloody Elf’s racial skills are still incredibly strong, and I bet a nerd from Secret Torrent would be a good idea.

3. Anti-Swing Action

Classic Tbc Fractional Balance Image from wow-classicpopulation.com

If you thought Wow Classic was bad with a favorable racial capacity compared to the Horde, you were really shocked by the Burning Crusade. Bloody Elves, the new race of the Horde, is absurdly strong, and with its arctic deluge of silence AoE (Area-of-Effect), perhaps the best PvP race in the whole game. They have also shown that they are aesthetically one of the most popular breeds since their introduction, which could lead to a large factual imbalance in favor of the Horde in TB.

This question becomes very clear when flying on the rest of the fractions of a private TB server. Even the servers that give the Alliance freeriding capabilities, the amateur for honor and prestige, and the blood seal of all Paladins for the ability to see the balance of the server take advantage of the Horde. The data can be found on the site of the Endless TBC server.

So what can they do? Either they have to add queues on faction specific servers, which is incredibly cumbersome for new players who have to play against a very favorable faction on some servers. They can also add a 60 or 70% blocking to make sure we don’t see another server at 99 to 1 on the TBC.

Another, probably more controversial change would be to reduce the effectiveness of the Dark Stream and leave its mark on the Paladin alliance.

One thing’s for sure: Something must be done to reduce the imbalance between the political groups.

4. Finishing Outputs

Screenshot of Wow Classic pvp

In an attempt to mimic WoW Classic, Blizzard introduced an artificial spelling package for all games and features. This means that all spells have a delay and that every spell cast in the same batch is considered cast at the same time. Here is Blizzard’s original reasoning to implement spelling grouping in Classic.

The system is designed to make the game look more like the original, but the game is huge, and in 2020 it will seem incredibly clumsy and insensitive. Regrouping spells is not a big problem in the Classic (it’s incredibly boring anyway), but with TB it becomes unbearable with the rise of PvP arenas and competition ladders. The blizzard should either significantly reduce the batch size or eliminate it completely with TBC Classic.

5. Restrictions on gold and items you may bring to the expiry date

Screenshot of Classic Wow Golden Every player with an Alto Wizard goes to TBC if there is no cap.

In Classic WoW, players and gold merchants have found absurdly efficient ways to win gold and inflate the economy to the absurd. So, if Blizzard doesn’t announce how many items and gold you can bring to the TBC servers, it will immediately destroy the economy and prevent new players from overtaking you. In the Classic it’s not uncommon for people to have 50,000 gold, and a Trichard raid is worth more today than most players won a few months ago in 2004.

So, if we do not get the gold cap and the items are transferred to the servers of TBC, we will see that the consumables and the cost of the items reach a level that new and casual players can not afford.

6. Flexible or rigid ceiling at content level 6 for publications.

Old Screenshot of Burning Crusade My friends at IRL and I tried to finish Karazhan 14 years ago.

It may sound crazy these days, with most new expansions coming out with just one raid, but TBC originally came out with six raids available to players (although no one had time to jump into the battle of Mount Hyjal when they had to kill Kael’tas and Lady Vashj at the beginning). Today, the situation would be very different. Whether dull or original versions of the raids, in the weeks following their release, the top guilds will seem to clean up Mount Haijal, meaning that 80% of the content will remain on the farm for a month or two, affecting the life of the game.

So, unless they intentionally cancel all raids (which I absolutely want to see), the life of the game will be much worse than it is now at Wow Classic.

The blizzard would either increase the complexity of all raids or make some of them inaccessible at the exit. I’d rather they complicate things. Softcaps for what players can do are generally better than hard hats, and the large amount of content TBC has published is one of the reasons why it is treated with so much love by many players.

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