Best Ways to Farm Kjarr Weapons in Monster Hunter: World –

Best Ways to Farm Kjarr Weapons in Monster Hunter: World –

Kjarr’s weapon is one of the most powerful end games in Monster Hunter: Peace, especially since it exists in almost any possible combination of types of weapons and elements. However, there is a sufficient degree of randomization on reception, which can be confusing for some players.

In this article we will talk about how we can get Kjarr weapons and how best to raise them.

Kjarr weapons are mainly received as a random reward for hunting the Tarot of Kulve.

For those who don’t know, the Kulve Taroth Siege is a unique quest for multiplayer events. Here players can fight up to 16 hunters against the Kulve Taroth, and the rewards are distributed based on their contribution. The exact mechanics of the chair will be discussed in the next part of this article.

Kjarr’s Weapon is the rarest weapon available in Kulve Tarot quests. They are easy to recognize by the orange symbol of the weapon and the naming system, which always starts with Kjarr. The rarest of the Tarot à Culbute weapons is called Gold and Tarot.

A version of the Master Rank quest with a slightly different mechanic has also been added to the Eisborne extension. You can’t get weapons directly from this quest, but you can use the materials you got from this quest in Senior Melder. Through the Alchemy of Awakening, you can donate certain materials and research points to obtain the coat of arms of Kulve Taroth. You can also upgrade weapons you already own with the same feature, making them really useful for the final players.

In summary, there are essentially two ways to obtain a Kjarr weapon: first by ending the siege of the Curved Stone Culve Tarot, and second by using the Alchemy of Awakening in Old Meldere using objects from the Master’s Rank Quest. Each of these methods has its advantages and disadvantages, and their specific characteristics are discussed in the following sections.

The Archduke’s Tarot can be fought in the special 9* Rage of El Dorado quest. This task is accessible in the Headquarters tab of the Collection Centre. Since this is a temporary search, you should use it as often as possible when it is available!

Seat mechanism

During the siege there are two important things to keep in mind: The extent of the harassment and the amount of the compensation.

The detection level increases the damage, i.e. the higher the damage, the easier it is to break parts of the sample. You can easily increase the chase level by simply removing all traces left by the Kulve Taroth.

The price level determines the quality of your final prices, so it is important to try to get them as high as possible. You can increase your reward level by removing parts of the body of the Kulve Taroth, such as the hornskin, tail, hands, etc. from the body.

As mentioned above, Siege Kulve Taroth is best played in multiplayer mode. It has a ton of HP, but all participating hunters contribute, making it faster if you have up to 16 players. The shared HP is transferred per quest, so you can keep trying, even if you fail the first time! The tracking level is evenly distributed across all players, making each action a little easier on everyone else.

However, the level of reward is not common, so you can’t stay behind and let others do all the work. If you want a good reward, you have to break a lot of details yourself!

Preparation for hunting

Here we will talk about some of the skills and equipment useful for this investigation.

Part breaker is a very good skill because there are a lot of broken parts in the Kulve Taroth, and he is an important mechanic for raising the reward level. In addition, you can use your usual offensive skills, such as attacking upwards, exploiting weaknesses, critical thinking, etc.

As far as equipment is concerned, it is preferable to use a weapon whose explosion has caused considerable damage, such as a hammer or a big word. Due to the time pressure, it is important to maximize the damage, especially when the Kulve Taroth is overthrown. Because of the changing elemental weaknesses and resistances, it is probably best to just carry a weapon with high crude damage without the element.

They can also use large homemade bombs to repair major damage over large areas. If you choose to do this, you can take many bombers with you, and the bomber skill will also help you to increase your damage.

Finally, if you are concerned about your survival, don’t forget to bring high fire-resistant armour and health-promoting skills. The Fire Mantle can also be very useful, especially in the final phase, when it uses a lot of fire attacks.

Slaughter of veal tartar

The actual battle consists of four phases with changing circumstances and attack patterns. Here we give some general advice.

One of the most important things to remember is that when the gold of the Kulve Taroth turns red and melts, the pieces are also much easier to break. This is the best time to target them and try to reach these reward levels!

There are also many things in the area that you can use. In the first phase there are a lot of cannons on the map and rock traps that you can activate with your slingshot to shoot the Kulve Taroth. In the third phase there are also many lava eruptions that cause permanent damage and more lava stones that can lead to greater damage.

Finally, don’t forget that the main goal is to break his feet. This means that you have to use all means to reach these parts: Jump off the ledges if you can, put a claw in her face and close the wall, climb up and knock her down, and so on.

As with many other things, the best teacher is experience. Don’t be afraid to try the quests yourself, and soon you’ll beat one Kulve Taroth after another!

Mechanics of Master Class Jobs

The title of Master Tarot Culve can be found in the list of commands for events known as the Eternal Gold Fever. This is also a temporary search, so be careful!

Unlike a normal chair, there are no levels of pursuit and reward, and progress cannot be tolerated if you fail. This means that you have to survive and defeat the Kulve Taroth in time, otherwise you will exhaust your resources and receive few rewards.

In addition to the general limit of 50 minutes, there seem to be time limits for each phase. This means that Kulve Taroth can always escape if you can’t do enough damage at every step, and the quest will fail. In the end, this means that the search is very fast and that you need to be well equipped and sufficiently qualified to deal with the damage.

Apart from these changes, the usual strategies mentioned above still apply. Partbreaker is always very handy, Fireproof Mantle always helps to fight fires and you can always take advantage of various environmental hazards.

This quest can be faster than a normal siege mission, especially if you already know what you’re doing, but it will be a real test of your skills!

On alchemy

After defeating Kulve Taroth and picking up his equipment, you can now go to Senior Melder and use these items to get more weapons.

There are two types of awakening alchemy that you can perform to obtain weapons from the Kulve Taroth : You can practice bullshit alchemy or kjarr alchemy. In principle alchemy Kjarr costs more research points, but in general it is also a rarer weapon. It depends on how many points you have, but if you have a lot of freedom, it’s best to maximize your chances and keep using Kjarr’s alchemy.

In addition to the Tarot Kulve pots and coins, you’ll need a large dragon bone every time you drink, so watch your stock.

Here we have summarised the advantages and disadvantages of the two main cultivation methods:

The advantages of Disadvantages
Method 1 : Calf bent and hardened red Relatively easy to set up with the lotAdvancement is transferred to a quest, so even if you fail, you can still get the reward at the end. Much higher than HP, so the speed of operation depends on the quality of your batch; it can take time.
Method 2: Master class and alchemy of enlightenment Quest Master Rank has a lower HP and must be validated in 50 minutes before each race to be fasterDoable Solo, HP scale with number of participants Progress cannot be tolerated, so failure means you get a very small reward – costs a lot of research points.

Overall, it would be a compromise between the ease of farming under Arch-Tempedus’ siege and the search for a potentially faster master ranking, which also carries a high risk of failure. If you can have a good hunting party with your friends, the Siege Bow Temperament is very good; if you’re sure of your solo skills, you can try the Master Rank Quest instead.

After all, it is best to try one out and see which one works best for you.

I hope this handbook has helped you understand the different ways of cultivating Kjarr weapons. That’s all for today. Have fun hunting, as always!

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