In Silence- All Armory Code Location To Search For The Rifle

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In Silence is a multiplayer horror game released in October. For those of you who do not know what kind of game there is, this is where you are stuck on the map and the killer, or in this case the rake, is hunting for all survivors. The goal is to get off the map and escape before the weather or the rake hunt is over. The lens may seem simple, but it’s not like the oversensitive Sound-Maniac Rake can hear all the loud sounds and follow them from a distance. If you don’t have arsenal rifles, you can’t hunt and nail. In this guide we have listed the 10 possible locations of the arsenal code you can find in the game.

Locating all codes in the arsenal to discreetly locate the rifle

By default, you must find the 4 codes in the arsenal in the loss that each of them has numeric codes with one or more characters such as square, cross, circle, and so on. Once you have found the arsenal, you will find a notebook in which you can write down a number with a link to a sign or label. The codes are random at each pass, so it is best to remember where the Arsenal codes were created.

Take it easy. Take it easy.

Where can I find the codes for the Arsenal of Silence? The codes are placed in the main areas of the map. Main areas : Warehouse, barn, number 1, 2 and 3. The location or direction can be found by following the signs at the intersection, as shown in the picture above.

Keep in mind that these are all possible places in silence and that the code will appear in one of these ten places. So if you’re looking for 4 codes (the number of codes can be increased), check all those areas we’re going to call now to collect all the codes and look for the arsenal to open it and outrage the rake. The location of the arsenal is randomly determined, as well as the evacuation and bonus points.

Location of arsenals


Hangar T can have up to four army codes. Go through the fence where the tractor is installed or through a long barn door. Before entering the barn, from where the tractor is located, go to the edge of the entrance on the left side next to the fence where the first code will be placed on the wall.

The second code is placed on the right side of the wall from the entrance where you just passed the tractor.

The third code is placed on the top platform where you can climb the stairs. From the entrance, i.e. from the tractor, go straight ahead after you have made your choice – at the end go right or left, you will see a ladder in front of you. Climb up and go to the end of where you can jump, the code is attached to the bracket you jump into.

The fourth and last code is applied at the entrance or exit of the barn. Go straight ahead to the entrance of the tractor and turn right at the exit of the barn, where you will find the arsenal code, i.e. attached to the exit wall.

Number 1

There may be two arsenal codes on the wall, which is hard to miss. The first code is in the kitchen, next to the fridge, while the second code is on the top floor of the bedroom. You will find the code attached to the wall on the right side of the bed.

Number 2

Here the house can have two arsenal codes on the wall, which is also hard to miss. The first code is on the wall next to the television and the second in the basement. As soon as you go down the stairs to the basement, there is a spot on the right wall where the code will be placed.

Number 3

In this House, we have the rest of the gun laws, two to be exact. When you enter the house, you will find two white columns, the first with the first number on it. The second code is on the top floor, next to the stairs, you will notice a room with a single bed. Here you will find the final location code.

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