Insider Strategies That Work Like Magic In Online Casino Gaming

Insider Strategies That Work Like Magic In Online Casino Gaming

Although online casino gaming is purely for entertainment purposes, it doesn’t hurt to end up with some cash at the end of the game. Fortunately, some online casinos provide odds so favorable that it can be confusing to know where to begin. If you play the best strategy possible in a given casino game, you can dramatically improve your winning chances. Here are some of the tactics that work magic when playing casino games.

Be a Specialist Gambler

When it comes to casino gaming, you are either a generalist or specialist. Generalists are casino players who play different casino games and still manage some wins, while specialists concentrate on one game all the time they game online. But the common similarity between the two types of players is that they lose more money than they win every time they gamble.

First, decide the kind of game you want to focus on if you want more wins. Although playing different games and managing some wins is possible, you will only be an average performer because you don’t take enough time to master one game. Remember that casino games are set in a way that makes it challenging to win, so the only probability you have at winning is to become a master at a particular game.

Insider Strategies That Work Like Magic In Online Casino Gaming

Needless to say that the easiest way to master a casino game is to spend most of your entertainment time playing it. In contrast, dividing your attention between more games requires a lot of time to master them.

Learn the Gaming Math

Many casino games are based on math, whether you like it or not, which is what makes casinos profitable. As a casino player, one of the most beneficial things you can do for yourself is to master simple mathematics principles casinos use. Even if you do not like math, they are not hard to master. Note that every casino game has a house edge and player percentage.

First, understand the house edge and the player percentage and how you can use the numbers to your advantage when placing your wagers. The two numbers are connected, and when you add them, they equal 100%. So if you have the house edge, you can quickly calculate the player percentage.

For instance, a casino game with a 3% house edge has a 97% player percentage. The house edge is the amount the casino keeps, while the return to player percentage (RTP) is how much of your bet is returned to you after a win. Sloto cash casino games with a higher return to player percentage and a lower house edge are the best, and RTP or house edge are some of the parameters you can use to compare the games.

Find Your Edge

The reason why all casino games have a Mathematical aspect is that casinos benefit from the house edge. This aspect also makes it challenging to win in the games but not impossible. Very few players have mastered how to win in the long run. Unfortunately, only a few casino games make it possible to find your edge, and the best one is blackjack.

Since it is a strategy game, you can find a proper strategy to push the return to player percentage to almost 99%. Savvy blackjack players learn about counting cards which makes it possible to move the RTP to 100%, which means you have found your edge against the house. Otherwise, only play casino games with the highest return to player percentage.

Learn Strategy Shortcuts

Have you heard of casino games that involve strategy? With the best approach, you can play the game to change the house edge. However, you have to learn the best strategy, and there is a simple shortcut to use: taking advantage of strategy cards.

Insider Strategies That Work Like Magic In Online Casino Gaming

The standard strategy cards are for blackjack and some video poker versions. Other casino games like baccarat and craps have easier strategies, so you probably don’t need a strategy card. Blackjack strategy cards are usually available online, and they should help you reduce the house edge even if by 2%, which is advantageous for your gameplay.

Predict Your Losses

Another hidden strategy for winning in casino games is to know how to predict your losses. You can do this with the player return to percentage, the house edge, and the average amount of your wagers. For instance, if you have the RTP, subtract it from 100% to know your house edge. Then multiply the average amount of your wager with the house edge percentage times the number of bets you make.

In simple words, house edge percentage × average wager amount × number of wagers= the predicted loss amount. That way, you can anticipate your loss to improve your gameplay.

The Takeaway

Even if you are entertaining yourself, you have to be careful when gambling. Don’t play more to recover your losses and only gamble when sober to make the right decisions. When you learn the simple math that casinos use, you can become a competent player and use strategy shortcuts to your advantage.


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