Everything We Know About GTA 6


The GTA franchise is one of the most popular franchises in gaming history. It allows you to take the role of a particular character and help them get to the top via various means. It’s also the perfect game to enjoy in your free time, as you don’t have to stick to the story.

Another fun addition to the features is the cheat code system that lets you roam about and do all sorts of things. Aside from that, you’ll enter various times with different characters. With Tommy, you’ll play in Vice City and do many things. CJ will take you to San Andreas and meet with Grove Street, whereas Niko will take things to another level.

The final installment in the game will have you switch between three characters: Michael, Trevor, and Franklin. All of them have unique stories you can explore at the switch of a button, and there are missions where you’ll get to play together.

The franchise is far from over; a sixth installment has been announced. So far, there have been several leaks, and little is known about GTA 6.

Release Date

When it comes to a release date, there are only speculations. Rockstar announced that the game could be released 2024 on a particular holiday. However, it can also take longer to complete so that the game might appear on the market in 2025.

It’s also possible that GTA 6 may be stuck in development hell, so expect some delays. Delays have been widespread with several titles and are an unpopular trend with development studios. The game will probably be available on several devices, including PC, Xbox, and PS4.

Game Plot

When you look at San Andreas, you have a GTA game with iconic characters. Each title afterward features legendary characters and a fantastic storyline. It’s rumored that GTA 6 will be no different and feature two protagonists. They’re a couple looking to make it in the GTA world, and they won’t shy away from robbing a few places while they’re at it.

This is similar to a daring heist or two from the previous game, but that’s about all that’s known for the plot. Casinos might be present as they were in previous titles. They will include various casino games players can enjoy to earn money.

Most casinos today are online, and they come in all shapes and sizes. They cater to thousands of players across the globe with their games and features. There are $10 deposit casinos, crypto casinos, and social casino sites that offer a secure digital environment for players of all types.

If the previous games are anything to go by, GTA 6 will have a fantastic plot riddled with twists and crazy missions. So far, Rockstar Studios haven’t disappointed with their titles.

Gameplay Leak

Late September was the period when the first leaks started happening. Some character animations made it to the public, but no one confirmed or denied anything. Then came gameplay footage of entire robbery sequences, and people were hooked.

Aside from that, it was revealed that Vice City will be one of the places the player gets to revisit. Rockstar stated that the leaks were part of the sixth game and that they got hacked. The hacker was looking to negotiate a deal with the developers. The leaks got everyone excited for the game.


Game Map

Some of the leaks were about the map. The first screenshots revealed a small map that kept expanding in the future images. It was also revealed that Vice City inspired the game, as it’s likely set in a version of Miami. The working title of the game is rumored to be Project Americas.

Since Vice City will likely be one of the spots you can visit, Tommy Vercetti will likely appear. As the game is still developing, we don’t know how big the map will be or who’s back from the past.


Crossplay has been a popular feature with some developers over the years. It allows players to enjoy the same game from different devices. Fortnite allows players to play the same character from PCs, laptops, tablets, and even smartphones.

Considering all the rumors, GTA 6 might be another crossplay title. Alternatively, the studio might use a traditional approach and offer it on multiple devices without a connection. Either way, it’s bound to be an exciting title despite the leaks. Crazy missions and features will make GTA 6 another excellent title in the franchise.



  1. When will GTA 6 be released?

It’s rumored to come out in 2024 but might be delayed to 2025 or 2026.

  1. What’s the plot?

Players will take control of a couple and help them perform heists and reach the top.

  1. Where will it be set?

The game may be set in a fictional version of Miami. Vice City may be a place you could visit.

Bottom Line

GTA 6 is the next brainchild of Rockstar Studios. Considering the leaks will make you realize that the game might take longer to finish, but it’s worth the wait. Players might revisit Vice City and see a beloved character return to life. You might get two protagonists keen on breaking the law to reach the top. All we need to do now is wait.

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