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Per Aspera is a simulation game for one player, a city builder and a terraformer with the main goal of colonizing Mars. To do this, resources need to be raised, logistics need to be monitored, infrastructure needs to be built and further explorations need to be conducted. As you play, you develop new technologies, build relationships with your human colonists, and fight off local invaders who try to sabotage your progress.

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Per Aspera beginner’s guide

Beginning of activity

Per Aspera, there are two modes: campaign mode and sandbox mode. For a narrative, story-driven approach, switch to campaign mode. Use Sandbox mode for a complete and unprecedented experimental experience.

Selection of the landing site

When playing in sandbox mode, you must immediately select a planting area. Choose an area that is not in an area with too many craters or close to potential flood zones. In campaign mode, the starting area is predetermined.

Everything revolves around resources.

At the bottom of the screen, you will see a rung with different tools on the left and the intermediaries you work with on the right. The goal here is to acquire the necessary resources to build with and colonize in turn. For example, aluminum and silicon are the two most important resources in the game to get you started on the right track, so make sure you buy them right away.

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Per Aspera beginner’s guide

Construction time

As a first step, we recommend you build an aluminum pit. In the influence zone, you must build the white circular border around your original landing spot. This allows resources to be transported in and out of the mine and to the landing site using white robots. To begin installation, move to the right side of the screen and locate the vertical panel. Move the mouse pointer over the wave and then click on the aluminum wave. As soon as the first information about the building is available, the workers deposit the necessary materials. From there, the whole building process goes on by itself.

Design philosophy

When you start building, you only want to build small paths from your landing site. The idea here is to connect your infrastructure from the inside to the outside movement, so that your colony grows as a whole, more and more over time. If you decide to build additional factories or mines, as mentioned above, it is very important to place them so that they are entered into the white circular outline shown just before you begin construction. Again, this is about having your robot army transport resources and equipment to and from the site and delivering materials. Also, the energy has to reach every part of the joints, and if you build things too far, it will cancel that out. Remember, when you build, always think about how a giant creature grows.

Image via Tlön Industries

Per Aspera beginner’s guide

How to attack

As mentioned earlier, the Red Planet is home to native species that are more than happy with your vision of colonization. Select the drones directly by clicking on the blue circle, which automatically opens the combat lens and movement arrows. You can also mark your attack drones and attack targets by clicking on a new station position.

Visit your colonists

If your colonial companions are not satisfied with their basic needs such as food and water, they pack up their belongings and return to Earth immediately. Basically, colonists need food to explore. This can be quite problematic for gambling development.

Tips and tricks

  • Create excess energy – there will never be enough.
  • Solar farms contribute to the energy supply of the connections and their energy efficiency is much more consistent than that of wind farms.
  • Note the building dependency, which represents all the resources needed to complete the construction. Cover the necessary dependencies before making a new connection.
  • Use areological scanners; they are useful for in-depth analysis of the planet’s resources. If you run out of resources, you’ll wish these scanners worked.
  • Invest in maintenance. They are needed to maintain your valuable buildings and protect all your infrastructure from radiation and dust storms.
  • The Priority button gives some compositions priority over others.
  • Selecting the building icon at the bottom left of the screen will give you access to the Structure tab. This will provide you with an information space for all your current structures that will be useful in a later game.
  • Use lenses for weather, nutrition, isological analysis, maintenance and circulation – all important things to pay attention to.

for Asperpacks

In Per Aspere slowly and surely wins the race. If you don’t have the resources you need, it can be very frustrating, so make sure you keep the resources. To quickly see how to do this, move your mouse over the bottom resource bar. For each commodity, the total number of reserves is shown. Building new mines is often a good way to maintain control. When your mines are exhausted, move on to the next one.

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