Hunt: Showdown Update 1.4.8 is Live – Patch Notes on Dec. 14

Hunt: Showdown Update 1.4.8 is Live – Patch Notes on Dec. 14

Crytek today released a new update for Hunt Showdown – we’ll show you what’s in the new patch of 14. December.

The 1.4.8 update of Hunt Showdown is now available for download. We don’t know the size of the file at the moment, maybe you can help us?

Explanatory notes to hunting declarations 1.4.8

Hunt: Showdown Update 1.4.8 is Live – Patch Notes on Dec. 14

Additional pricing options

This update brings a new plunder option that prevents you from wandering around the bayou. As with all loot/unitions yachts, the rule of both applies to these new items.

The following articles have now been distributed all over the world:

  • Envelopes that may contain any of the following:
  • 1000 Hunter XP.
  • 500 Bloodline XP.
  • 3 to 6 upgrade points.
  • Small pockets:
  • <$25, Hunt.
  • <3 Blood ties.
  • Charming decor:
  • These items instantly unlock any property for your hunter.
  • The plans:
  • These elements unlock the following currently available unlocking element (for example, holding a low health bulkhead while collecting a plan unlocks a low health bulkhead).
  • Firearms oil (only for cosmetics) :
  • An oil that cleans your current weapon.
  • Cattle heads:
  • The mascots have a chance to get the butchers killed.

Comments from the developer :

It was always an exciting experience when you were with Hunt. Whether it’s the desperate recovery of a dead hunter for extra supplies or an attempt to sneak thousands of dollars out of Hunt’s pocket on a tight budget, the action has always evoked the primal emotions on which Hunt depends. With this addition, we have two objectives:

  • We want to add value to the specific hunters you use when upgrading (by improving the balance between risk and reward that we have always tried to maintain in Hunt: Showdown).
  • Give more ways to explore the map and make it useful.

In the fast-paced game, additional properties have been available for some time, but we wanted to find a good way to acquire properties in the bounty hunt, and we think this is a good way to achieve this goal. The main difference in the bounty hunt is that the charm drop shows which properties are unlocked, so you can decide if you want to collect them, as opposed to a fast-paced game where properties are randomly given to learn clues. Each amulet has different properties, so it is up to you to decide whether you want to take it with you or keep it for your partner (the rule of both also applies to amulets). This method also means that the livestock is a much better investment in time than the reward.

These new methods of upgrading your hunters will be a big advantage for new and lower ranked players or new prestige because many properties are not available for purchase at this early stage.

Hunt: Showdown Update 1.4.8 is Live – Patch Notes on Dec. 14_


New in the Bayou landscape; watchtowers have been added in several places.

  • Hunters can find supplies such as ammunition/aids or weapons in the watchtowers, even if they contain less than what you would find in normal supply points.
  • Don’t forget to check the top of the tower when you pass by, because there’s always something there.

Lawson Delta:

  • At the top of the bunker between Sweetbell Flower and Fort Carmic a watchtower has been placed.

Stillwater Bayou:

  • Addition of an observation tower in the marsh area between the Crematorium building and the lock docks.
  • The watchtower is attached to the hills north of the Healing Waters.

Yacht towers:

  • The hunting towers have also been modernised. Hunters can find a box of ammunition, a medical post or a weapon in the tower.

New weapon options

Winfield M1873 Musketbajonet

  • An extended version of the Winfield M1873 with a bayonet and a slightly larger blade.
  • Holds +2 extra cartridges in the extended tube magazine.
  • It fires a little slower than other Winfield M1873 rifles.

Nagant M1895 Officer Carbin Diday

  • Officer’s version of the rifle with Deadeye target.
  • Reduced accuracy when aiming over the shoulder due to the mounted viewfinder.
  • In the ADS system, the increased zoom makes it more difficult to operate the Print Drum (Cylinder).


A legendary new weapon


  • The legendary Winfield M1873C silencer
  • A vagrant, known as Tin Man, walked through town with a big bag of cans, harmless, until a mean hunter threw them into the bay. With little means at his disposal, he decorated his Winfield M1873C silencer with traps and set off for exact revenge – silent as a whisper.

Death certificate

  • The legendary Officer Nagant M1895 Browler.
  • Death does not warn of his coming, and for hunters and soldiers the sound of gunfire is the only consensus announcing their disappearance. This personal engraving of Nagant seems to refer to an old ballad from the Civil War, written by one of those who would later become the Hunter – he proclaims his own dark message at every fatal blow that embodies death.

DeSalle Silence

    • The legendary Spark LRR silencer
    • Sparks LRR’s favourite was his older brother DeSalle, a man whose business would not have been so successful without the occasional forced silence.



New CSD – Ronin

This CSD contains two formidable weapons and a legendary hunter –


  • Ronin’s been carrying that knife since the day he was sworn in. During his travels by land and sea, he was a loyal companion – as passionate about fresh blood as the man who wore it.

Cynical sniper

  • Ronin fought briefly against the last samurai during the Seinan war and reported to Saigo Takamori. He became famous for the fatal use of his Springfield 1866, one of the most modern weapons in the field.


  • No sooner had Inuta Bakin taken the oath of allegiance than the Tokugawa shogunate was eliminated. Without his master, he wandered further than most ronins, seeking power for revenge. He is a bit traditionalistic, dresses and fights in a style that goes back centuries but is still effective: His owl mask was the last thing that fell in the bay.

Hunt: Showdown Update 1.4.8 is Live – Patch Notes on Dec. 14

Weapons set

Accordion bomb

  • Explosion time reduced to ~0.5 s (previously ~1.5 s).

Changes in close combat – axe, heel, heavy knife and machete

  • The angle of attack of the Hatchet and Talon jets is slightly adjusted for more reliable hits.
  • The angle of attack of the heavy knife has been slightly adjusted to allow for more reliable hits.
  • The normal angle of attack of the machete has been slightly changed to allow for more reliable hits.

officer’s weapon

  • Increase the recoil of Officer Nagant’s rifle slightly.

Antidote shots

  • The antidote no longer reduces the damage caused by poison attacks (e.g. spider jumping, bee swarm stings).
  • The damage of the poison cloud remains unchanged and reduces the damage by 100%.

Comments from the developer :

Previously, if you were attacked by a spider or a basket while the antidote shot was active, the physical damage was also reduced. We found it a bit unbalanced, especially in cases like the spider madness, which flooded the spider much more effectively than expected. With this change, the physical damage of these attacks will therefore occur normally, while you will remain free of poison after interacting with the spider or basket.


Amendment of the figure: Ghouls

  • New description : Killing grumpy people up close restores health.
  • 25 m radius, similar to that of necromancers and snakes.
  • Health is only granted if you cause damage, you don’t have to deal a fatal blow to take advantage of the health benefits.
  • Recovers 5 horsepower per murder.
  • The price will be increased to 7 points (this figure can be adjusted according to the reactions of the test server).

Comments from the developer :

In our opinion the slide is a property with a large untapped potential (and a low selection percentage) and may require some attention. We wanted this story to remain true to the theme of restoring the health of the dead, but we wanted it to be less situational. In the past, players could only use this if they dared to loot a fighter in a fight, but in most cases this was not the main purpose of looting in a fight (the main purpose was usually to obtain another consumable or a weapon charge to take advantage of the fight).

We wanted to make the bottleneck more versatile and offer it as a tactical option at every stage of the game. This feature can now help maintain your health for important PVP fights later in the round, and as a result hunters should be less dependent on the quest for health throughout the game. _

Interaction loops

  • An option has been added to the menu to adjust the contours of the backlighting of interconnected elements (doors, windows, etc.).
  • This option does not affect the user interface that appears in the top right corner of the screen when there is an interaction between objects.

The options are as follows:

  • That’s it: Current behavior – all related objects are often described.
  • No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no: Rotate the contours of the droplets for changing objects and the contours of the partners.
  • Eliminate doors and windows : Like everything else, but doors and windows are indistinguishable (no effect on other connected objects).

Comments from the developer :

This amendment responds to two long-standing requests from the Community. Some would like to see more user interface elements removed from the game to better match the content of the movie.

For others, it has always been difficult to detect enemies behind doors or windows in certain light conditions. We know our veterans know where all the doors and windows are. That is why we want to give them the opportunity to drop important interaction points in order to get a better view of what is happening behind the doors/windows.

Premium hunting

Leader of the exiles

  • Begin the process of banishment by regaining all the lost parts of your health now and restoring your overall health.

Comments from the developer :

Previously, many players were not sure what the ban was doing to them. In order to clear up the confusion caused by using different configurations of health slices, we have ensured that all health slices are regenerated and your health reserve is replenished. So if your team goes into exile, you’re back in the fight – no more questions! _

Visually Accelerated Dark

  • If you’re looking for a clue while wearing a reward token, you can now regain a second of dark visual acceleration. We hope this will encourage hunters to take up the challenge sooner if there is a second target.

Mining sites

  • Changes are made to ensure that all extraction points do not spawn in close proximity to each other. One sampling point shall always be at least 500 m away from the other two.

Comments from the developer :

We love challenges as much as the others, but we have to admit that some elements of the game are generated randomly, such as B. the placement of extraction points, can lead to unfavorable situations for those who want to focus on the objective game.

With this change we want to eliminate one of the most extreme cases that limit possible exit strategies. The available recoveries can always be in the same range, but if you set a distance of at least 500 m, you have better recovery possibilities, so you can live another day. _

Command Post

  • A player will only appear on the rankings if he meets all these conditions:
  • Registered within the last 30 days.
  • Have at least 100 kills in Quickplay or 100 kills of assists in Bounty Hunty.
  • He hasn’t given up showing his statistics publicly.
  • Not forbidden.
  • Played for at least 50 hours.


Unlocking the replacement row

  • The vacuum cleaner is now classified as No. 1 (previously No. 20).
  • Spyglass is now available at No. 1 (previously No. 24).
  • The machete is now available at no. 24 (formerly no. 12).
  • Officer Nagant M1895 is currently ranked 12th (previously 36th).
  • Winfield M1873 is now available at No 20 (previously No 42).

Hunt: Showdown Update 1.4.8 is Live – Patch Notes on Dec. 14

Comments from the developer :

In preparation for the 1.5 update we are moving some items to distribute the unlocks evenly before adding the new unique Winfield M1876 and M1887 that were teased in our last blog post. In addition, some items have been moved to Grade 1 to provide more variety in early levels and more choices in your favorite melee tools.

The Nagant family of officers now begins shortly after Caldwell Pax, giving players more choices when it comes to putting together balanced loads, as well as more quality weapons around those ranks, rather than focusing on the number of weapons available (such as combining rifles or single-shot weapons with a high-fire rifle, and vice versa). The same goes for Winfield, which is now between the Martini Henry and Sparks LRR releases. _

Rapid extention: XP overflow to activate devices

  • XP purchased during a mission with some equipment will now be applied to the next release of this family of equipment.

Comments from the developer :

Because of some technical problems. The experience of the last move that killed the AI will not be carried over to the next release (overflow), but all the next XP has been applied as usual. This problem is now solved and a possible XP overflow will be applied correctly in the future.

For example, a player needs 10 XP to unlock Romero’s handheld. Killing a basket gives 20 XP, unlocking the weapons and opening the next door, but the extra 10 XP is lost. _


Price changes

  • Nagant’s Carbine Officer is now at $155 (up from $80).

New weapon added

  • Officer Nagant Carbin Deadey was added for $211.
  • Winfield musket bayonet added for 137
  • Addition of new legendary weapons
  • Addition of the legendary Winfield M1873c tramp silencer for 200 Blood Tires
  • Addition of the death certificate of the legendary officer Nagant for 200 blood ties.
  • Addition of the legendary DeSalle LRR silencer for 400 blood bonds


  • Add new possible names for hunter recruiters


  • A computer optimization linked to the texture streaming of the memory budget to improve game performance.
  • Improved overall stability of the game and solved many problems that caused memory leaks in the rendering engine.

Hunt: Showdown Update 1.4.8 is Live – Patch Notes on Dec. 14


  • Solved an orientation problem for some AIs that could get stuck in corners (Butcher, Butcher, Grumpy).
  • Fixed a bug that prevented dogs in cages from being harmed by a burning player.
  • An error fixed that allowed the players to cause damage to caged dogs when they were standing next to the crate.
  • Fixed problem that crows and ducks reacted incorrectly to the sounds of the LRR silent spark as if they were normal LRR sparks.


  • Problem solved with deployable items such as. B. a bear trap could be placed on the accordion wire.
  • Static (unlit) lanterns now make noise when they are broken.
  • The chokes are now extinguishing the mine missiles.
  • Solved a problem where it was difficult to communicate with lanterns in crates.
  • Corrected an issue that prevented the bait flares from reloading when a bait reload indicator was present.
  • Solved a problem where explosions had no effect on the bells of the farm (thing!).
  • Fixed inconsistency in the history of melee damage for Mosin Nagant Obrex variants.
  • Fixed a bug that may occur when closing the game.
  • Solved a problem that could cause Immolator to attack while spawning in the southeast of the Lawson Delta while the player waited. (All they wanted was a hug!)
  • A rendering bug repaired in which some geometries shone in some places in the church of the healing water.
  • Solved a problem where players could get stuck on bunk beds in Wolfshead Arsenal (no sleep during the hunt!).
  • A bug fixed that can cause the player to get stuck in a hut on the river near the parish of Arden.
  • Make a spot in Meerval where hunters can get stuck.
  • Solved a problem where a hunter could jump over the roof in Sweetbell Flor.
  • Fixed a bug where the AI was too close to the hunter in Fort Carmike.
  • Solved a number of problems that prevented the collection of hammers and shafts.

Source: Steam

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