Rewatch your Dungeons, Raids, and Arena POVs with SquadOV!



TLDR: The team records dungeons, raids and VOD from WoW arenas and synchronizes them with the battle logs.

WoW battle logs are very good, but they don’t give a full picture (e.g. player positioning and movement). SquadOV is our (humble) attempt to create a way to share WoW moments with friends and provide a seamless replay so you can focus on what’s important: the gameplay.

The SquadOV team currently logs full Mythic+ dungeons, full arena battles, and all other boss battles. SquadOV requires that battle logging be enabled in the game and that advanced logging be enabled in the network settings. Availability of an auto logging add-on module such as LoggerHead,
Auto Logger for dungeons and raids OR
Arena Battle Logger for arenas will also work. Do not enable multiple autologation add-ons at the same time, as they will conflict with each other and no logs will be created.

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SquadOV keeps track of all your dungeon and arena matches. Easily switch from one viewpoint to another of your team!

From boss tricks to Mythic+ dungeon and arena battles, SquadOV organizes and records everything!

With the “Filter” button, you can define exactly what you need.

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Important timestamps for patterns and deaths are tracked on the right side. Pressing the “play” button will take you to this point in the VOD, making it easier to manipulate the video.

Graphs of treated damage, healing and damage are also available at the end of the video.

I also kill a tagging monk in retaliation for a paladin…. ….

We also plan to add important refills, items and abilities to the timeline to make it easier to keep track of refills in dungeons and arenas.

Post your questions or comments here! We’re currently in beta, so we’d love to hear from you what additional features we can add and how we can make them as awesome and useful as possible!

Summary of Characteristics :

  • You do not need any other screen recording software like OBS. The dungeon and raid logs are retrieved automatically.
  • Watch your dungeon and arena battles anywhere, anytime, without OBS or any other software. All databases are stored and organized online for free.
  • Battle logs are synchronized with VOD. Want to go to specific leader fights or find out where your arena match took place?
  • Just click on the timeline. It’s never been easier to save and share game mission highlights. Did he finally destroy the mythical Sir Denatrius? See (and hear) it again in all its glory by clicking on your wow story.


  • I installed the device and it works. So what happens next? Go into a dungeon or attack! It automatically detects the game you are playing and saves it in the background. You can change the recording quality in the bottom left corner.
  • I see other game icons in the app. Yes! We are launching the Hearthstone & Aim Lab right now. This post marks our release of WoW, and we will be releasing Valorant in the near future!
  • My autologs are not working! Do you have a combat recorder? Do you have advanced combat recorders? Make sure you only add one autolog recorder, because you have multiple will conflicts. An advanced battle recorder is also required for wow battle recorders in general.
  • Is this compatible with Mac? Not at the moment, but keep an eye out for the future!

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Пост “Revisit your Dungeons, Raids, and Arena POVs with SquadOV” для игры World of Warcraft.

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