How To Beat Team Go Rocket Leaders

How to avoid the leaders of Pokémon GO Arlo, Cliff and Sierra is a tricky question, because they change Pokémon every month and won’t have it easy. You should be able to have a chance and be ready with your Pokemon to defeat them. If you’d like to know how to beat the rocket bosses on the Pokemon Go team, read the rest of this guide.

How to get the rocket team leaders in Pokemon Go

Go Rocket team leaders like Arlo, Cliff and Sierra still have some of the best Pokemon we’ve seen in generations. Each member brings 3 different Pokémon, and you must be prepared to defeat them. It’s best to understand the weaknesses of their Pokemon and exploit them.

How to overtake the leaders of the Team Go rocket in Pokemon Go.

How do I beat Team Go Leader Rocket Arlo in Pokémon Go?

Arlo always brings out growls, a fire-type Pokémon. You absolutely must choose a water-based Pokemon like Grannystar and use the Mud Slide or a Rock Pokemon like Golem to use their Rock Strike moves.

In the second round Arlo is allowed to run with one of Blastaise, Charizard or Stilix. Your Water and Rock Pokémon may come in handy here, but it’s best to bring one like Venusaurus, Spectile or Leadfeon so you can beat all of Arlo’s Pokémon.

In the third and final round Arlo may invoke one of the following: Dragonite, Salamentation of Scizor. Dialga, Mewtwo or Metagross are recommended, which will give you the biggest advantage in this fight.

How do I beat Cliff Go Team Rocket Leader in Pokemon Go?

CLiff always brings Omanite to the first round and can easily be defeated if you have a matching Pokemon in your arsenal. Be sure to use a Pokémon-type herb such as Vanusaurus or Torterra.

In the second round it gets a little more complicated, because any Electivire, Machamp or Onix can be invited to fight.

If you have Mewtwo or Giratina, you can do considerable damage to anything that brings Cliff into battle. It can be an uphill battle, but if you can do a lot of damage with your opening moves, you’ll win that battle too.

For the third and final battle with this team of Go Rocket Leaders, get ready to take on Swampert, Torterra or Tyranitar. It’s going to be one of the toughest battles. Be prepared to bring a strong and powerful person like Entei, Articuno or Moltres.

How to defeat the leader of the Sierra Team Go Rocket in Pokemon Go

One of sierra’s toughest opponents is one of the easiest to defeat. It will eliminate Drowzee in the first round, and any Pokemon who is strong enough to master it, but we recommend that you bring someone who can handle the next Pokemon as well. Giratina or Tyranitar would be perfect here.

For the second round Sierra can use anyone from Exeggutor, Lapra or Sharpedo. While Exeggutor can be easily taken down with Tyranitar or Giratina, you can be at a disadvantage with Lapra or Sharpedo.

It’s advisable to keep Dialga or Lucario on your team, and you’ll easily win this round against this leading Go Rocket team.

In the final and final round, you’re up against Alakazam, Haundum or Shiftree. This is where your Tyranitar will excel against the three.

You can also take Pokémon like Ho-Oh or Volcarona to easily beat what’s in front of you.

Fortunately, the leaders of Team Go Rocket in Pokemon Go haven’t changed their Pokemon before January 2021, so expect the same thing to happen from December 2020, but that could change from day to day, and if it does, we’ll update this guide with the best practices.

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