Outriders: How To Beat Captain Reiner

You’ve finished your outrider’s prologue. You have chosen a hero class from Devastator, Pyromancer, Technomancer or Trickster. You also went to Enoch to test your new skills and modified abilities. Perhaps you’ve chosen a cooperative mode to enjoy with friends or other strangers. In the main mission you will meet a wounded ECA corporal who will give you a side quest. You accept the command and go to a new area in the valley of the war zone. You kill your rebel enemies and eventually meet their leader, who guards his post in the bunker. For the first time in the game, you’re dead. Then you try again and you die again. If this sounds like your experience, then you are in the right place. Today we’re going to see how to beat Captain Rayner and hit him in the outfield.

How To Beat Captain Reiner


How do I find Captain Rainer?

Reiner casts a shadow over the next headbanger fight with Gauss. If you defeat Captain Rayner, you get 2x loot. And because it’s not part of the main mission, many players missed this side quest. So for all the players who missed Rainer, here’s where to find him:

  • During your first Accolade mission, you’ll check out the entire intersection after killing enemies.
  • You meet an injured ECA corporal, Audrey Storm, who is on the ground in a destroyed building near a road off the main mission path. It’s easy enough to miss during surgery.
  • She wants revenge on Captain Rainer for his fallen comrades.
  • She asks you to bring Rainer’s head, which leads to a revenge quest.
  • Go through the door on the left to begin your quest.
  • Take cover immediately, because there will be a sniper to keep an eye on you.
  • Survive waves of attacks and destroy the sniper to advance.
  • Make sure you heal yourself according to the skills of your class, because fighting fire will get you nowhere in this quest.

How To Beat Captain Reiner


  • Try to advance on the left side, because another wave of enemies will appear on the right side.
  • If you’re on the left, you have plenty of room to pull over.
  • Watch out for grenades. When you see a grenade shooting animated headshots, it takes out many of the surrounding enemies.
  • Once you’ve killed the last sniper, make sure you clear all the crates in that area.
  • Get the key to enter the bunker and face the boss.
  • On the way you have the possibility to reload your ammunition.
  • You absolutely cannot miss it, so make sure you stock up. Because no bullet is enough for what comes next.
  • Go up the stairs to start a fight with the boss.

How to defeat Captain Rayner (the boss) in a side mission to pay off the Outriders?

How To Beat Captain Reiner

To defeat Captain Rayner (the boss) in the Outriders Payback side mission, you need to apply everything you’ve learned so far and make the most of it. The key to winning this battle is to use your skills with keyword interruption. If you’re playing the Outriders demo, these are the skills each class unlocks for the level cap in the demo:

Devastator Earthquake
Gravity jump
Pyromancer A heat bomb
Technomancer Shrapnel
Trickster Time sheet

If you missed the details on what the Interrupt skill means in the contextual guide.  Here is the information you need to know:

  • In fact, all of the final bosses you encounter have full spellbanks, which shows that they’re focused on using their skills. You have to hit the opponent’s throw with your interrupting skills to stop him.
  • If you use skills that disrupt or immobilize elite enemies, they develop resistance. When resistance is encountered, the opponent is immersed in a blue aura.
  • A blue aura indicates that the opponent is temporarily immune to interrupt and immobilize effects. The bar around the blue symbol indicates the duration of this effect.

Captain Rainer Boss Fighting Tips

How To Beat Captain Reiner

Now that you know what skill to use based on your class to interrupt Captain Rayner, let’s see how to defeat him in this boss fight:

  • Once the fight starts, make sure you destroy the enemies in the area.
  • It’s important not to attack Rainer directly.
  • This gives him more opportunity to heal himself if the soldiers have reduced your health and you are healed.
  • When you see that his orange bar is full, immediately use your breaking skill on him.
  • If you use a pyromancer built around a heat bomb, use it to hit and kill a soldier right next to Reiner.
  • For other classes, your interrupt skill doesn’t depend on anyone marking you, so you use it directly on the boss.
  • Also constantly avoid the spiral fire tornado that Rainer throws at you.
  • Keep an eye on your surroundings, even if you have killed waves of soldiers, the bigger ones will soon appear with shotguns.
  • Kill the soldiers with your weapon and use your skills on Rainer and don’t let him heal.
  • Repeat until the other rebel soldiers don’t show up.
  • Once you’ve reached Captain Rainer, it’s time to take him to the top.
  • Fire your weapons for headshots, use your skills when the cooldown is over.
  • Before you know it, Rainer’s crawling across the floor before you can deliver the final blow.
  • If he’s dead, first take all the loot from the crates in the room.
  • Finally, give Audrey Storm (the wounded soldier) the severed head of Captain Rainer for some cool loot.

That’s all you need to know to defeat Captain Rayner in Outriders. While you’re here, find more tips and tricks about Outriders in our guides to Outriders.

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