Best Tips For New Players

This guide contains basic instructions, tips and tricks for new Rest players. If you want to master this game with ease, continue reading this beginner’s guide to Rust.

Don’t forget that before you get started and start your Rasta journey, you may encounter many different players in the game. Some are friendly, others just want to hurt you. It is very difficult to start as a new player, and whether you are someone with 0 or 100 hours, this guide can help you.

New player’s guide for Rust

Basic control

Familiarize yourself with the basic movements and other important keys before playing the game. Below are the most important keys to remember.

Q – Edit menu
Tab – Inventory and Quick Edit
F1 – Opens the console
T – Opens the chat
G – Opens the map
H – Quick Load (move over objects by holding down the pocket button)
V – Voice chat
Alt – Look around


Best Tips For New Players

With the rocks with which you spawn, you can grow trees and raw material nodes. Although some objects appear to be made of stone, they may not be culturally suitable. Stone nodes look like this, while metal and sulphur nodes have the same shape but a different colour.

If you hit the target of the knot for a glowing spark, you can process it faster. The same goes for trees, but instead of a spark they wear a red cross. The amount of resources you collect depends on the level of tool you have. Stone has the lowest collection rate, followed by stone tools, metal tools and salvage equipment. Tools of stone can be made of stone and wood, while the above levels should be found in crates and examined for workmanship.

Tip: Snow is most abundant for knots and is a favourite location on the farm for most players.

Basic construction

Just like escaping the Tark, if another player dies in the grid, you lose all the loot you have with you. To prevent this, you need to build a base where you can store all the luggage you find while roaming. Provide means and a plan (blue paper) and a hammer. In the building plan you can change the structure you are building with the right mouse button and place the selected structure in a branch with the left mouse button.

Many new players build their entire base from a twig and forget to switch to wood or stone. This is a big problem because other players can easily break the branch and access your base. Use a hammer and update the base with the materials you have, make sure you leave a door so you can get in and out if you want. When you place the door, make sure it forms a gate (an easy prevention method to prevent players from killing you when you leave and enter the base).

Best Tips For New Players

Make sure you have key locks on the door (and lock them with the right mouse button) and a tool cabinet so your base doesn’t rot. If you have a lock on your door, you don’t need keys.

Spare parts and handicraft production

One of the most important elements of the grid is the need to examine objects and create them with components. The parts are in barrels and crates along the road. Or in the radial cities on the map (most radial cities need clothes to enter).

Best Tips For New Players

Collected parts can be recycled into scrap, metal, high-grade metal and dust using recyclers found in most bicycle cities. With the collected scrap and other resources you can build a workbench.

Best Tips For New Players

These workbenches are used to create more exclusive objects that need to be researched before you can create them. There are 3 levels of workstations, level 1, level 2 and level 3. The higher the level of the workbench, the higher the production costs.

To obtain the maps of an item, you must first find it by killing other players or looting monuments, and then place it in the search table with the required amount of scrap. Depending on the server, different plans can already be unlocked for you.


There are 3 types of servers in Rust: official, community and custom. Official and public servers have a collection rate of 1x and are called vanilla servers. They take a lot of time and are not very friendly.

Best Tips For New Players

Official high-pop servers are often controlled by more than 8 groups of players, with each player having at least 1000 hours. If you are new to the trade, I personally recommend a lower pop server with a few small adjustments that will make it much easier to learn the tricks of the trade.


Guns in Rest is your guide to success. They give you a huge advantage over other primitive players and allow you to snowball and get more loot. Unlike COD or GTA where there is no kickback, kickback is an important factor in rust and it can take hundreds of hours for the player to master it.

Best Tips For New Players

Weapons such as the AK and mp5 have delicate kickback patterns, making them difficult to use for young players. If you want to get the most out of these weapons, you can train on target shooters like UKN or Combattags. If you don’t want to make this commitment, try to keep it with pistols, shotguns or semi-automatic pistols with a relatively straight kickback.

All shotguns, except the Eoka (unreliable shotgun), must be found and examined before you can make them yourself. They can be found by managing monuments, killing other players or using the technology tree.

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