Outriders: Nerfs And Class Balancing List In Patch Notes

Outriders: Nerfs And Class Balancing List In Patch Notes

Despite the excellent gameplay, many players found the first week of Outriders’ release to be a disappointment. It’s a fun game, but the launch was hampered by server issues that prevented many players from finding games or connecting (among other problems). Even after the servers were somewhat stabilized, many players were dissatisfied with the constant server crashes and cross-play difficulties. Now, with the first major patch, expect these problems to disappear. Also, many players missed the nerf list, balancing measures and patch notes in Outriders. So we’re going to look at it today.

List of nerves, balances and patch notes in breeding

Outriders: Nerfs And Class Balancing List In Patch Notes

Here’s a list of nerf, balancing, and patch notes in Outriders, as explained by the developers via official media such as Steam, Epic Game Store, etc:


This change can be performed via backend updates, does not require a patch, and will be performed during today’s maintenance window.

IMPORTANT! The balancing is done by a different team than the team that prepares the patches. Rebalancing does not affect patch development or bug fixes.

General balances

  • Story quests, bounty hunts, and monster hunts no longer give legendary items for each additional achievement.
    • While it is always our goal to reward players for completing all Historian, Bounty Hunt and Monster Hunt quests, we have seen unexpected results when players have repeated this action in conjunction with a specific multiplayer bug.
    • With this reward patch, we want to eliminate this abuse and still make this quest line interesting.
    • Players who take advantage of this achievement will not be penalized.
  • Adjusting the flight of some opponents: Nam Monster, Splittoon, Sand Werewolf and Cold Key.
    • These particular beasts are too generous considering the effort required to destroy them.
  • Chemical factory – shipping time for gold/silver/bronze is set at 650 / 1150 / 1500 seconds (previously: 957 / 1303 / 1650)
  • Boom Town – Send time for gold/silver/bronze is set to 390 / 589 / 776 seconds (previously: 422 / 607 / 792).
    • Some expeditions seem overly generous in terms of the time it takes to complete them compared to others.
    • We want to avoid such disproportionate gaps because we believe that increasing the viability of all expeditions will result in a more diverse and therefore more interesting endgame.
  • The critical damage multiplier for the Tactical Assault Rifle has been reduced to 165% (from 175%).
  • The critical damage multiplier for the sniper rifle has been lowered to 250% (from 300%).
    • Sniper rifles with a 300% criticality factor have proven to be dominant in several critical constructions. By making the modifier the same as the bolt action rifle, we want to give players more options when choosing a weapon.
  • Reduce the duration of the AP combat buffer to 3 seconds.
    • This is a temporary measure until we resolve the issue of overlapping covers.
  • Proven skills

(twisted rounds, crashes, and volcanic rounds) :

    • While we certainly intend to create a sense of overload for the best builds, we also strive to offer a variety of builds in the best builds.
    • Later in the life cycle of the demonstration, we discovered an error in the formula for calculating damage due to the capacity of the projectile’s reinforcement. While fixing this bug, unfortunately some unforeseen imbalances were introduced that led to projection skills being much better than other skills. The main problem is that these ball structures require much less investment to make them high end compared to other structures.
    • To that end, we have made some adjustments to the Trickster and Technomaster classes, which benefit most from their brawler skills. It is not clear whether these changes will prove too strong or too weak. So consider this a first step, as we will continue to check and adjust them in the future. Like you, we hope to see more inspiring and crazy combinations of skills and mods!
  • The base cooldown for the Twisted Towers skill has been increased to 25 seconds, from 16 seconds.
    • While it has always been our intention to provide infinite uptime for ironclad skills, this is a play style with a lot of risk and a lot of reward. However, given the current strength of this skill, the risk associated with this skill is very low, even if players fail to activate an ammo replenishment. The increased cooldown combined with damage adjustments should increase this risk and make this style of play more exciting.
  • Trickster’s Hero Tree Knot: – Disruptive Firepower, Scion of Power, Outrider Executioner – reduced to 35% power (previously 50%).
    • The combination of twisted fire with increased firepower, plus the multiplier of the class tree, results in a huge increase in damage from this skill. While we understand the satisfaction that this achievement can bring, it currently far exceeds our wildest expectations, and so we must scale it back.
  • Vulnerable State – Asset reduced to 15% (previously 25%).
  • Heroic Technomancer’s Tree Node – Poison damage reduced to 15% (from 30%).
    • While the Technomancer’s Tainted Shots do not increase damage, aside from ignoring armor as anomaly damage, they are an excellent tool for dispersing Vulnerable and Toxic conditions, which in turn can be blown out of proportion.
  • Pyromancer’s Tree Hero’s Node – Ash Trial has been reduced by 15% (from 30%).

So here’s a list of nerfs, balances and patch notes in Outriders. If you’re looking for tips and tricks for Outriders, check out our articles or search for your search in our search bar.

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