Synthetik: Ultimate Review (Nintendo Switch)

The game: Synthetic: Ultimate gender
: Engine, Arcade System : Nintendo Switch (also Steam, PS4 and Xbox)
Developer|Publisher : Game Flow Fire
Age Rating : EU 7+ | USA All prices
: UK £13.49 | EU €14.99 | US $14.99
Publication date : 16. December 2020

See the code provided to a large extent by Flow Fire Games

Raising the robot

Welcome to Synthetik: The ultimate one-of-a-kind two-stick shooter with fetid light elements. Yes, we’ve been here before, but if you’re looking for a boost for your Rogue Lite money, then this robot-like arcade experience is worth getting lost in.

Looks like the evil robots are back at work! So pick a class, grab a gun and shoot for victory. The concept of the plastic is not really new when it comes to the unauthorized design of the lite, but its mechanics and execution distinguish it from the others. The aim of each level is to reach the last transporter. But on this journey, you can bombard evil robots ranging from soldiers to drones to giant machines. It is not necessary to kill all the enemies to get out of the level, but it is certainly wise to search for new weapons and item chests, as well as finding shops and boutiques that offer game modifiers.

Of course, you’ll also enter levels that act as a boss room, where you’ll have to battle a giant machine or perform a simple task before moving on. As with uncontrolled races, some races will be in the order of 5 to 10 minutes, but if all goes well, a race can be very long. The switch has a standby function. When the races are over, you can align the class and unlock buffers and objects to adjust your start build. You are constantly unlocking things, so expect to spend a lot of time looking at the statistics and photographing the bad robots.

: Combating the Robot threat

Another variant of the Double Stick Shooter

The game begins with a basic tutorial that will help you understand the controls and mechanism of the game. The situation soon becomes overwhelming, with all the classes you can choose from and the different items you can use. Some classes prefer a varied fight, some prefer stealth, some prefer melee. You don’t have a choice. Say it. I myself got to know the game better by simply experimenting with different constructions. It certainly didn’t seem repetitive.

Night Vision feels cool to the touch.

Shooting with two sticks is very different from what is expected from other games in the genre. Syntax’s weapon game is much more tactical and strategic. Sitting still and aiming usually gives much better results than shooting like a moving lunatic. Of course, you have to avoid the hail of bullets. You can also use the handy Dash-movement for those quick leaks. If you aim well with the reticle and wait for the right moment, you can even take front shots, which is new in this genre.

There is a wide range of weapons, from snipers and pistols to shotguns and rocket launchers. You can carry a total of three weapons, but only two of them can be replaced by new ones, which you will find at the starting shot, which serves as a kind of last resort. There is also a reload mechanism where you unload the clip with the left shoulder button and then reload with the RZ button. If you press the RZ button again at the right time, you will get a quick restart of the very famous Gears of War mechanic. There are a large number of weapons and items you can experience, so every race you try is unique.

Expect to meet large robots once in a while.

Besides many weapons, there are also many items that can be used. You can call up robots to help you, activate grenades and buffs. First of all, the situation is quite difficult with all the options at your disposal. When you take a break in the game, you can take a look at items and weapons if you need a break. I’m sure I only did it to confirm the things I found. Sometimes you have so much stuff and weapons at your disposal that it can be a bit difficult to use them all properly, especially when the action on the screen gets hectic. The game is for one player only in the Switch version. It’s a pity that no cooperative mode has been added, because it would have been great to play with a friend. The PC version includes an online collaboration mode.

Break time to check my statistics

Synthetic cards

Graphs are unique three-dimensional sprites that look like a variety of randomly generated colored environments. Sometimes you go through the orange zone and it goes all night long. You could say that the graphics are synthetic, because there are a lot of robots to shoot against. The music is the typical score, but I was a bit obsessed with it when I found a boombox in the level, activated it, and then turned the music into a big metal/rock song.

I don’t know who’s gonna clean up this mess.

For the Rogue Lite fan

If you’re a fan of gambling and synthetic double-stick shooters: The latter is a necessary purchase. With so much content and customization options, it’s a game where you can get lost. This helps to minimize the story and bring the plot to life.

Although it constantly fails, as in typical board games, Synthetiks’ unique approach to the genre makes it a game I will visit often.

Final verdict: I really like it.


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