An attack on the Church is one of the most difficult situations for heroes and generals. In this guide, I will describe some strategies that can make it easier to achieve this formidable goal.


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The first thing you need to know about the church is that being on the bottom floor when you are attacked means certain death, except for one spot that you can use once you have enough people inside to clean that spot first. The right place to attack is the rafters, and the easiest way to get there is to get ready, starting outside the target. Attacks from O1 or B4 are almost identical, and of course the A line is the easiest. To get started, 1 or 2 players should take their automatic weapons and go to the spawning camp hut, a picture of which I will post below.

Then the player(s) in question must go to the roof and stand on the side of the spiral. The reason for this is to slow down or take out the enemies before they reach the spiral, while the rest of the assault force climbs the two towers at the front of the church, and can either take them out from the main tower or jump into the rafters of the towers on the 2nd floor. Remember to stay on the roof on the side of the church, because tanks and snipers can fire from the roof of the spawn camp, and HE shells spread all over the inside of the roof of the spawn camp hut. I’m going to post a picture of the roof of the spawncamp hut up and down.

Heroes & Generals – An Advanced Guide for Assaulting the Church

Finally, when attacking from the A-line, a good sniper can help the team reach the spawncamp hut first by positioning himself here. I recommend the sniper for the LMG, because this position is very open and any shot fired with a moderate amount will make it much easier for the players in the spawncamp hut.

Heroes & Generals – An Advanced Guide for Assaulting the Church

I recommend jumping out the back window and then lying down, as close to the wall and as far away as possible, to avoid being shot through the spawn guard. I set the field of view lower.

Heroes & Generals – An Advanced Guide for Assaulting the Church

Safety of spiral staircases

While the players in the spawning camp hut are keeping the enemy at bay, 2 or more additional players should get into position to guard the line jump A and especially the spiral entry. The spiral ladder is the most important point on the whole point because it allows the defenders to easily reach the rafters. Remember that if the defenders are in the rafters and you are on the first floor, targeting is negligible. The spiral can be easily covered from this point with the LMG.

Heroes & Generals – An Advanced Guide for Assaulting the Church

This is the LMG gunner’s view of the corner of the spiral.

Heroes & Generals – An Advanced Guide for Assaulting the Church

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The player can also wait in the rafters above the LMG to fire when the LMG needs to reload, or throw surprise grenades into the corner while the LMG watches. The grenades have a slight delay before they explode, which will eliminate any enemy standing near the church wall who tries to look into the LMG. I will post a picture of the optimal position below.

Heroes & Generals – An Advanced Guide for Assaulting the Church

This is the observer’s point of view.

Heroes & Generals – An Advanced Guide for Assaulting the Church

Intercept of line A facilities

If they realize that the spiral is being watched, many opponents will shift their route from the spawn level and try to skip the A-line point. The same configuration for the spiral can be done here, although I personally suggest not placing the LMG on the lowest level, but instead placing this player on the rafter above the jump, one on each side. This will allow the players to fire at any vehicle or APC approaching the pit, and be safe from tank or shell fire. I will post pictures of the vantage points from the rafters below.

Heroes & Generals – An Advanced Guide for Assaulting the Church Heroes & Generals – An Advanced Guide for Assaulting the Church

This position is also very effective in defensive matters. One of these players can rotate lower in the rafters and have a view of the front doors as well as the E-Line Jump-In and the Spiral Jump-In. Here is the view from this position.

Heroes & Generals – An Advanced Guide for Assaulting the Church

flank protector

If an enemy manages to overrun your position at the obvious church entrances, there must be one player in each turn who can keep an eye on both the churchyard and the gates. On the second level of both turns, there are elevations wide enough to cover these areas without being as exposed as if you were standing in one of the open windows in the tower. The broken tower overlooks the front gate, while the full tower overlooks the cemetery and even offers a direct view of the D-Line bridge. I will show their views below.

This is what they look like on the second floor of their towers.

Players with broken turrets can also rotate to provide another line of fire on spiraling enemies, while players with full turrets can look out for gaps in line E and prevent players from jumping across line A to flank them.

After capture and confinement

Taking these corners also works defensively, as they should prevent enemies from sneaking into the church. The Spawncamp Hut can be used to fire on enemies approaching Line B, as well as those attempting to flank from the police station (O1), while the LMG’s observation spiral can be set to target the front gate and cemetery shortly after a successful capture. Players above Line A can easily turn and block the approach of Line E. Be sure to learn these tactics, as taking a cave by yourself against an opposing team on top of each other is one of the most difficult tasks. While it is desirable to have enough players to fully fill each of the above positions, you need to know what to do to execute a church takeover even if you only have Rands on your team. If you must be a player in the spawn camp hut, fight to the death to advance your team. If you must capture the LMG and hold the spiral, be prepared to do so. The flexibility of the strategy allows you to win battles, stack bodies where the enemy is coming from and you will be victorious.

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