Mobile Legends Items Guide: Stats, cost, tier, and more

Moving Legends : Bang Bang has a huge reservoir of heroes with different abilities to help the player win against the opponent. Capacity status can be improved by using up to six items that your character can equip during a match. The elements can be divided into three categories: Attack, defense, magic, movement and jungle and their full details are listed below.

Attack Article

Name of the article Statistics and unique effects Passive effects Level Costs
Dagger +10% attack speed N.V.T. I 280
Launch +8% Critical chance N.V.T. I 320
Vampire hammer +8% Physical attack
+8% Life theft
N.V.T. I 400
The Legion Sword +60 Physical attack N.V.T. II 910
Ogre Tomahawk +30 Physical attack
+230 hp
It’s crazy: This basic attack increases the hero’s speed of movement by 10%. II 790
The hammer that turns the head +35 Physical attack
+12 Physical penetration
N.V.T. II 980
The magic blade +40 Physical Attack +24 Magic Defence Lifeline: As soon as the hero’s HP drops below 30%, it creates a shield that absorbs 280-700 damage (increases by level), which takes 3 seconds. Cooling – 40 seconds. II 1300
Hare’ Claws +70 Physical attackSingle effect : +20% Life It’s crazy: When the HP drops below 40%, the hero gains 10% extra physical vitality. III 1810
Windtalke +40% Approach speed
+20 Displacement speed
+10% Critical probability
Typhoon: Every 3.5 seconds the base attack hits 3 enemy units and distributes 100 magical damage. III 1870
Leaf of Death. +50 Physical attack
+15% Attack speed
Drainage of life: The main attack reduces the HP regeneration effect by 50% for the 3s. III 1500
The hepatitis slide +65 Physical attack
+250 hp.
The flight: If no damage is inflicted or ingested within 5 seconds, the next basic attack will have 100% physical damage. III 1950
The axe of bloodlust +70 Physical attack
+10% Cold drop reduction
One-time effect : +20% Vampire period
N.V.T. III 1970
Hunting strike +80 Physical attack
+10% Cold trap reduction
Compensation: Attacks the enemy 5 times in a row and increases the hero’s speed of movement by 30% in 3 seconds. This effect has a hypothermia of 15. III 2010
Pests +60 Physical attackSingle effect : +40% Physical penetration Buster’s armor: The base attack ignores 20% of a tower’s defensive armor. III 2060
The scarlet ghost +30 Physical attack
+20% Attack speed
+25 Critical probability
It’s crazy: Critical hits increase the attack speed of a hero by 30% and critical hits by 5% and last 2 seconds. III 2120
The Demon’s Hunting Sword +35 Physical attack
+25% Attack speed
Devour: Base attacks cause 9% of the target’s current HP as additional physical damage (up to 60 for samples). III 2180
Berserker Anger +65 Physical Attack
+25% Critical Chance
One-time effect: +40% Critical Damage
Rocks: Critical hits increase the physical attack by 5% and last 2 seconds. III 2200
The scythe of corrosion +50 Physical attack
+5% Movement speed
+25% Attack speed
Corrosion: Basic attacks reduce the target’s attack speed by 10% and have a 50% chance of reducing the target’s movement speed by 20%.
Momentum: Destroying the base attacks increases the attack speed by 8%. Can be folded up to 5 times. Take three seconds.
III 2050
Pink golden meteorite +60 Physical Attack
+30 Magic Resistance
+5% Vitality
Lifeline: Get a shield that can absorb damage from 510 to 1350 (increases by level) when the HP is lower than 30%. The effect has a cooling down period of 40 seconds. III 2270
The endless battle +65 Physical attack
+25 Mana regeneration
+250 HP.
+5% movement rate
+15% vitality
Divine justice: Once the capacity is used, the next base attack will have an additional 85% physical attack of the actual damage. This effect has a cooling factor of 1.5S.
Chase Faith: When the Divine Justice effect is activated, the hero’s speed of movement increases by 10%.
III 2470
The blade of despair +170 Physical attack
+5% Movement speed
Despair: Attacks against enemy units with HP less than 50% increase the physical damage of the hero by 25%. It’ll take two seconds. (Acts before damage occurs). III 3010

Magic objects

Name of the article Status and uniqueness Passive effects Level Costs
The secret of the code +15 Magical power N.V.T. I 300
Electricity crystal +280 Mana regeneration N.V.T. I 220
Magic Necklace +10 Mana regeneration N.V.T. I 120
The Book of Wisdom +8 Magic force
+5% Cold drop reduction
N.V.T. I 450
The magic wand +45 Magical power N.V.T. II 820
The amount of damage +35 magic force
+20 mana regeneration
+8% cold trap reduction
N.V.T. II 950
ceramic knife +25 Mana regeneration
+5% Cooling reduction
Court: After using the skill, the next basic attack treats an additional 50 real damage with a cooldown of 1.5 seconds. II 780
Exotic sailing +30 Speech force
+5% Speed
N.V.T. II 1020
Elegant pearl +300 horsepower.
+380 Mana
A gift: Regenerates 20% HP and Mana for 2 seconds after leveling. II 700
A spring in the air +65 Speech force
+30% Attack speed
+5% Travel speed
Misery: Basic attacks inflict 40% AP as additional magical damage to the hero. II 2030
The enchanted talisman +50 Magic power
+250 HP
+20% reduction in cold trap
Source Mana: Regenerates 10% of the maximum mana every 10 seconds. II 1870
Winter accommodation +60 Projection
+25 Physical protection
+400 hp.
Frozen: After activating this skill, the hero can no longer move, but is immune to any damage effects for 2 seconds. II 1910
Collar insurance +65 Magical power
+10% Cooling
+10% Magical life
Drainage of life: Skills that damage the target reduce the regeneration effect by 50% for 3 seconds. III 2110
Divine Glaze +65 Speech force
One-time effect : Magical penetration of +40%.
Bannbrecher: When HP exceeds 70%, the one-time bonus effect is increased by 30%. III 1970
Sacred Crystal +100 Magical power Mysterious: Increases the magical attack by 21%~35% (scales with level) III 2180
Concentrated energy +70 Magic power
+700 HP
Single effect : +25% The magical life
Reload: Regenerates 10% of his HP after killing a hero. III 2020
The Ice King’s Wall +75 Rate of speech
+10% Magical life
+150 Mana
+7% Movement velocity
Ice related: Skills that cause damage to the enemy hero have a 15% delay effect. This effect lasts 3s and can be added up to 2 times. III 2240
Glowstick +75 Machine power
+5% Speed
+400 HP
Combustion: Burn the target for 3s when the skills are hit, with 2%/3%/4% of the current HP of the target as magical damage, minimum 10 pts. III 2120
The Disaster Meter +70 Speech force
+ 100 Mana
+ 30 Mana regeneration
+ 10 % cooling
Disaster: After using the skill, the next basic attack has 120% more real damage from the magical attack with a cooldown of 1.5s. III 1950
The Clock of Destiny +60 Game power
+615 HP
+600 Mana
The weather: Adds 30 HP and 5 magic attacks per 30. Up to 10 times.
Reincarnation: When time runs out, the hero gets 5% magical attack and 300 mana.
III 1950
Damn wings. +150 Magical power
+500 HP
Nirvana: Adds 1.5 hp for each magic pt of power. III 3000
Fleet time +70 Magic force
+15% Cooling reduction
Timeline: Killing an enemy hero immediately reduces the current reusable time of all skills by 35%. III 2050
The thunderbolt +75 Spellpower
+300 Mana
+10% Cooling reduction
Resonance: Every 6 seconds, the hero’s next magical skill inflicts bonus magical damage to up to 3 enemies, depending on the hero’s maximum mana. III 2250
It’s a magic wand of genius. +75 Speech force
+5% Displacement speed
Single effect : +15% Magical penetration
Magic: When you treat damage to enemy heroes, their Magic Defense (scale with level) is reduced from 3 to 10 points. This effect lasts 2 seconds. Can be folded up to 3 times. III 2000

Defence equipment

Name of the article Status and uniqueness Passive effects Level Costs
The crystal of vitality +230 L.S. N.V.T. I 300
Leather +18 Armor N.V.T. I 220
The mantle of magical resistance +18 Magic protection N.V.T. I 220
Healing Necklace +20 horsepower. Regeneration N.V.T. I 140
Ares Belt +770 L.S. N.V.T. II 900
molten gasoline +540 LS. A burning soul: Influences 1% HP maximum of nearby enemy targets every second. It causes 50% more damage to followers. II 870
Silent dress +540 HP
+24 Defence magic.
N.V.T. II 1020
The black ice shield +400 Mana
+22 Armour
+10% Reduction of cold falls
N.V.T. II 880
Battleships +40 Armor Rescue: When an enemy hero attacks, this ability reduces his attack capacity by 4%.
This effect lasts 2 seconds. Can be folded up to 3 times.
II 730
The stronghold of courage +770 HP.
+45 hp regeneration
Brave: Increases attack strength and the protection of close allies by 10%.
Heavy armor: Soldiers in the area can do more damage to the defense tower.
III 1970
Blade armour +90 Armor Revenge: Treats 25% of the enemy’s physical attack as physical damage to the attacker during a base attack. III 1660
Royal wings +15 Physical attack
+1000 hp.
+10% reduction for cooling
Demonstrate: Increases physical and magical defense by 50% and physical vitality by 30% when HP drops below 40%. III 2250
Thunder +800 HP
+30 Mana Regeneration
+10% Cooling reduction
+40 Physical protection
Lightning: After using a skill, the next basic attack inflicts additional real damage equal to 2% of the user’s maximum HP.
The enemy target and surrounding units take damage and are delayed by 1.5 seconds.
This effect can only be used once every 1.5 seconds.
III 2290
Damn helmet. +1200 PK
+50 Magical resistance
A burning soul: It treats 1.5% of its maximum HP per second as magical damage to nearby enemies and treats 50% more damage to followers. III 1830
The Protective Helmet +1550 hp.
+100 HP. Rain
Catering: Regenerates 1.5% of a hero’s maximum HP. Destroying enemy heroes increases the regeneration rate by 0.4% and assistance by 0.2% to 3.5%. This effect fades after 5 seconds if the hero inflicts damage. III 2400
The old Quiras +920 HP
+54 Physical protection
+30 HP Regeneration
Rescue: When an enemy hero attacks, this ability reduces his attack power by 6%. This effect lasts 2s and can be added up to 3 times. III 2170
Oracle +850 HP
+36 Magic Defense
+10% Cooling reduction
Blessing: Increases the absorption of the shield and the regeneration effect of HP by 25%. III 2110
Athena’s shield +900 HP
+56 Magic resistance
+20 HP Regeneration
Shielding: Provide a shield that absorbs damage every 30 seconds. The degree of shield absorption increases as the game progresses, with a maximum value of 1150. III 2050
Dominant ice +500 Mana
+70 Armour
+10% Criterion Odour reduction
One-time effect : +10% cold trap reduction
Arctic cold: Reduces motion speed by 5% and attack speed by 30% for nearby enemy heroes. III 2160
Immortality +800 HP
+40 Physical protection
Immortal: The 2s resurrects after death and gets 15% hp and a shield that is 300-1000 pts. Can absorb damage. The shield will take three seconds. Cooling for this effect – 180c. III 2120
Chest plate with brute force +45 Physical protection +770 hp Rough force: When you attack an opponent, his abilities are increased. Travel speed is increased by 3% and physical aggression by 4%. This effect lasts 4s and can be folded up to 4 times. III 2120
Twilight +1200 HP.
+400 mana
+50 hp. Regeneration
Contempt: The physical damage will not exceed 900 points. Cool for 4 seconds. III 2260

Movement positions

Name of the article Status and uniqueness Passive effects Level Costs
Boots +20 Driving speed N.V.T. I 250
The warrior’s boots +22 ArmorUnique Effect : +40 Travel speed Bravery: Physical defense increases by 5 for each base attack received, up to 25 points, and lasts 3s. III 690
Sturdy boots +22 Magic resistance
Unique effect : +40 Travel speed
Endurance: Reduces time by 25%. III 790
Magic shoes. +10% Cooling reduction
One-time effect : +40 Travel speed
N.V.T. III 710
black boots +15 Magic penetration
Unique effect : +40 Travel speed
N.V.T. III 690
Quick boots. +15% Attack speed
Single effect : +40 Travel speed
N.V.T. III 710
Quick boots. One-time effect : +50 Travel speed Update : Dying or suffering damage slows down the hero’s speed of movement by 45 points. This will take five seconds. III 750
The wizard boots +300 HP
One-time effect : +40 Travel speed
Looting: 80 Gold is awarded to assistants III 700
Demonistic shoes +30 Mana regeneration
One-time effect : +40 Travel speed
Mysticism: Destroying heroes and enemy sorcerers regenerates 10% of the hero’s mana, while destroying followers regenerates 4% of the hero’s mana. III 720

Jungle item

Name of the article Statistics and unique effects Passive effects Level Costs
Hunting knife +20% more sample damage Greed: Receives 20% EXP allowance for juggling I 280
A cursed sword. +30% more sample damage Greed: Obtaining an extra 30% EXP when juggler
recovers 4% HP and 10% mana/energy
: Kill the walkers to increase the damage by 0.5%. Up to 10 layers
II 760
Pill axe +30% more sample damage Greed: Advantages of an extra 30% EXP in case of juggling.
Get 4% HP and 10% mana/energy.
Throat: Kill the Skitters to increase the physical and magical defense by 3. Up to 10 coats.
II 770
Page +30% more sample damage Greed: Advantages of an extra 30% EXP in case of juggling.
Get 4% HP and 10% mana/energy.
Throat: Kill the Skitters to quadruple the physical attacks. Up to 10 coats.
II 750
Starburst +30 Magic force
+15 Mana Regeneration
One-time effect: +30% sample damage
Greed: Get 30% more exposure in the jungle. Get 4% of peak health and 10% of mana after the sample has killed the throat
: Increases the damage by 0.5% when a Jungle Monster is killed, up to 2 times.
III 1605
The Beast Master +20 Armor
+20 Magic Resistance
One-time effect: +30% sample damage
Greed: Get 30% more exposure in the jungle. Earn 4% of peak health and 10% of mana after killing a sample.
Throat: Killing monsters in the jungle increases the physical and magical defense by 3 times. Can be folded up to 10 times.
III 1805
Raptor Machete. +30 Physical attack
+15% Physical penetration
One-time effect: +30% Sample damage
Greed: Get 30% more exposure in the jungle. Earn 4% of peak health and 10% of mana after killing a sample.
Throat: Killing jungle monsters increases the physical attack by four. Can be folded up to 10 times.
III 1650

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