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A clue scroll (or “C-scroll”) is a special type of treasure trail that offers more than just rewards for killing monsters; you also get your hands on some rare and valuable items. Clue scrolls are released with every new game update, and are usually found in the game’s Grand Exchange. Every player who’s online when a new set of clue scrolls is released has a chance to get one, with more of a chance for higher tier clue scrolls.

Many people assume clue scrolls are pointless, but they are anything but. In fact, clue scrolls are essential to the success of many avid “Runescape” players. Since clue scrolls reward players with a variety of different rewards, they are great for players who enjoy collecting the many different items, pets and other rewards that can be found throughout the game. They are also a great way to get started on a new skill because the different rewards they offer can help players get started on the right foot.

Clue scrolls are items that can be picked up in the wilderness and are used in a minigame called Treasure Trails. The aim of the minigame is to follow a trail of clues through the wilderness to find a special chest containing a reward. (You may have noticed clue scrolls in your inventory after looting a strange box, or you may have just picked one up in the wilderness and wondered what it was used for.). Read more about runescape clue scroll guide and let us know what you think. Clue scrolls, also known as treasure trails, are a series of puzzles and riddles that run through the old school RuneScape game. If you can solve these puzzles, you have a chance to win great rewards. Clue scrolls have levels from beginner to wizard, with beginner scrolls being very simple with only a few steps, and wizard scrolls containing complex puzzles, multiple steps and combat challenges. Each step of the hint roll gives you a new clue to solve until the last clue finally opens the clue box – there lies your reward. Eventually, completing the scroll with clues will give you many random items and give you the chance to get unique rewards. For example, the average loot of a heavy index roll is about 100,000, while the average loot of a master index roll is usually about 400,000. It is also possible to obtain unique loot and armor, such as 3rd level armor. Era, gilded armor, ranger boots, and dragon god skin armor that can be worth millions or billions (no joke!). This makes hintrolling very desirable for some players. RuneScape players who regularly complete clue scrolls are known as Clue Hunters. They tend to fill in as many clues as possible for a chance to win particularly rare items.

What are the different types of prompts?

OSRS has 6 different levels of indices: Beginner, Easy, Medium, Difficult, Elite and Master. You can get most of these clues by fighting various monsters or looting imploded jars. The higher the index level, the harder it is to obtain. For example, you can get an overview of the intermediate level. B. Of most mid-level monsters, such as. B. guardians or daganuts, as well as implied doses of the intermediate level. On the other hand, elite hints can only be obtained from final bosses, very high level enemies, or implied high level pots, making them much rarer. The only exception to the above is the main prompts. They can only be obtained as a reward for solving other clues or from Watson, who is on Sea. He gives you a master designation role if you give him a light, medium, heavy and elite designation role. Image source @ButcherOrge word-image-7939

Best ways to getrolls

Getting directions isn’t that hard if you know what to do. Simple clues are easier to obtain in HAM’s stock, they can be stolen relatively easily by party members. High theft rates make this task much easier. Medium scrolls can be obtained from Eclectic Implants, which can be purchased and looted, or from the guards of Falador. When Falador’s Psychic Diary is completed, your chances of dropping a scroll with clues also increases. Hard clues are best picked up by hellhounds, as this is their only prey besides bones. And they are easy to remove without much effort. You can significantly increase your chances of getting a hard clue by using the ring of wealth (i) on these hellhounds in the wild. Elite hints are a bit more difficult, as they can usually only be obtained from final bosses. The end boss that elites fall on most often is Sarachnis, which is fairly easy to kill and has a 1/60 drop rate. This is the fastest way to get elite leads. Also in raids like Xeric’s Chamber, clue scrolls can be obtained at a decent rate. The reels containing the wizard’s clues can only be obtained by swapping other clues with Watson, as mentioned earlier. Image Source Virtoso word-image-7940

What are the best levels of tracking?

It is best to work on medium difficulty clues, complex clues, and master clues. Most RSO players agree that they offer the best rewards, and at the same time, they can be met without wasting much time. Average Indians are mainly hunted for the Ranger boots, which are worth about 35 million. So they are definitely a sought after commodity. Since these clues are usually pretty quick and easy to complete, most players find that the average clues can bring in decent money, provided they get their hands on a coveted Ranger bot from time to time. Hard tails provide a steady income in money and alchemical items such as. B. Runes, which makes them perfect for iron people who need money. These intricate clues also provide access to the God’s dragon skin, an extremely useful piece of armor. And these vicious clues are even capable of dropping gold gear, as well as a coveted set of Age 3 armor. I hope you see that it is very possible to win millions quickly with hard index rolls! Master clues usually come from players hunting for big wins, or the very rare pet Bloodhound – which is dropped by the 1/1000 clue reels. Clue masters also drop rare items, such as. B. Deco sets worth several million pounds. Additionally, cleric wizards can even drop the most expensive item in the entire game: a 3rd level deck. Right now, the 3rd could be Era pick for sale for around 2.1 billion coins (you can see the current prices here). Ultimately, the wizard level prompts are only worthwhile if you have a high stats ultimate game account, because they have high stats and equipment requirements.Clue Scroll is a Treasure Trail Distraction and Diversion which originates from the city of Lumbridge. Players are given a card, on which are a series of cryptic clues. Following the clues will lead players to a “clue scroll” (either Easy, Medium, Hard or Elite). These clue scrolls can then be exchanged with Quercus, the Grandmaster of the giant mole, for either coins, experience points, or a new title.. Read more about clue scroll rs3 and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do clue scrolls give you?

Clue scrolls are a very uncommon reward that drop from monsters in the level 20+ Wilderness. If you want to get your hands on these rare drops, you will need to be quick, as other players are just as likely to be fighting for the drop. When you open a clue scroll, you will find yourself in a secluded area of the Wilderness, with an NPC clue scroll. You will have to guess what the answer is to a clue scroll by using a series of hints. If the answer is right, you will be rewarded with a rare item. If you are wrong, you will receive no item, and a significant amount of damage. Recently I’ve been thinking about clue scrolls. I’d like to get one, but can’t afford the time or money. So I thought I’d create a post here telling you everything I know about them. Like ‘how to get one’ and ‘how to use one’. I’m not going to go into detail about the prizes you can get from them, as they are not focused on in this post.

Are clue scrolls lost on death?

You can find clue scrolls in your inventory, but they’re not the same as a regular item. When you die, you lose your clue scroll, unless you or someone else picks it up. This means that if you drop your clue scroll before you die, you will lose it anyway. In this way, it’s like having a valuable item stolen from your bank. However, as you can see from the above picture, the value of a clue scroll is significantly lower than the value of a valuable item.  For example, a clue scroll (4) is worth 2,500 coins, whereas a rune full helm is worth 8,000 coins. Are Clue Scrolls lost upon death? The answer is simple: yes, they are lost on death. This is to prevent players from hoarding valuable clue scrolls for personal gain. While this is a reasonable rule, there are some players who are willing to risk dying to keep a valuable clue scroll. If you’re playing a clue scroll and decide to “come back later,” be aware that it will remain in your inventory until it is used or you die. If you die, it will be dropped as a common clue scroll.

Are clue scrolls worth it?

Clue scrolls are essentially the most profitable loot in the game of Runescape and are among the most sought after items in the game. When one thinks of Runescape, it is likely that clues scrolls aren’t the first thing that comes to mind, but they are not to be ignored. After all, you would be hard pressed to find anyone who would turn down a clue scroll for free. But just how valuable are these scrolls? With 4 tiers of clues to be solved and a staggering number of possible rewards, it is no wonder that clue scrolls are such a hot commodity. As any long-time Player will know, there are treasure trails and there are clue trails. Clue trails tend to be shorter, and often involve more searching through less dangerous locations. This makes them an attractive option for players who are less interested in spending hours scouring the wilderness for treasure chests and more interested in playing darmowe gry hazardowe owoce – free fruit gambling.

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