Scarlet Spear, Murex & Condrix, visual guide for Warframe –

This guide explains everything you need to know to pass the scarlet spear test. There will be a squadron phase, a ground mission with Condrix, a space mission with Murex and the best combat equipment for you. This guide always works because Digital Extremes regularly updates the event.

The scarlet spear in short

You must defeat the Murex ships by landing them on one side to apply extermination codes while the other side is on the ground, and collect and send these extermination codes by defeating Condrix.

Land missions are a form of mobile defense, while space missions are regular defense missions within sensitive vessels.

The reason you do all this is because you get credits for the red spear, just like the usual rewards at other events. The position thus obtained can be used to buy arcana, ship decoration and two new drawings of the weapon.

Start of relayInput

Use the navigation on both sides to launch Scarlet Spear. A list of the different relays is presented. Don’t pick the one that’s busiest. Make sure you choose X/100 Murex. Only stay calm if the X/100 Murex Driven Away relay is not present.

There is also an element in the game with a time limit. Each squadron has only three hours to defeat 100 Murex. In three hours there will be a restart and everything will start all over again. Look how much time we have left. Try the 60/100 Murex Driven Away relay in less than an hour.

The first thing to do when you are in the relay is to check the central display. It should display x/100 Murex Driven Away and it should remain on the timer for a while. If this is not the case, just leave the relay and switch to another relay in the navigation.

Then you have to go to Little Duck in the lower right corner. She’ll give you a legend. When you communicate with her again choose Exchange to buy OpLink for 1000 regular credits. OpLink uses your equipment for terrestrial and space applications.

Now go back to the starting point to get a better overview of the most important terminals. Bottom left is the launch terminal for the space mission. Next, on the left you will find the terminals to check your arsenal and the configuration of your wagon. This means that you can set your combat frames and weapons on the first terminal and on the second terminal – the tracks – without leaving the relay.

On your right you’ll see the Little Duck and the launch pad for the ground mission. Do yourself a favor and ignore the lines in the middle. They are not useful in the current state of affairs. Directly below you will find the management groups.

Decision-making between ground and space missions

Now that you’ve got the big picture, there’s one thing to look for on the big screen in the middle of the season. The number of units on Earth relative to the number of units in space. I advise you to dial the one with the lowest number.

Space missions are easier because they generally provide static protection and the Scarlet Spears are more rewarding. Only a small part of the mission is carried out in the wagon. But frankly, if you’d never played the railroad mission, I’d have stopped you from doing the space mission.

Ground missions are more complex than space missions and are less expensive. But they are accessible to all players and are located in a familiar area on a clay tile.

Structure of the ground mission

The markings on the crossings indicate where you need to go. When you get to this point, there’s a great feeling called Condrix. This will open your eyes and turn the feelings around you. Close the big eye and kill everyone around you.

The eye will open again, a new wave of feelings will appear and you will have to pull the eye again until it closes. You have to juggle, shoot into the eyes and into the feelings without drowning. And then, of course, there’s the green one who also attacks you.

For the third time the eye will open and a new wave of feelings will arise. Shoot the eye until it closes and kill the remaining feelings to begin the final phase.

A yellow circle will appear and you will need to remove your Oplink to start the transfer. Use the sprocket wheel to drive it into the ground. The connection must be secured until the timer in the top left corner moves to 100 %. Your Opplink has limited health during a mission and you can’t treat it. Protect against Griner attacks.

While you’re protected, the murder codes are sent to space command. From time to time you will see a small box of information. You can even say thank you.

When you complete the Opplink transfer, you will receive multiple Scarlet Spear credits and your next Condrix location. Go ahead and repeat the process of the big eye, protect your senses and protect yourself with Grineer’s Opplink.

Each Condrix becomes more complex, but rewards more Scarlet Spitz credits. Wash yourself and repeat the process until you are no longer holding the floor or your Opplink has been destroyed. The output marker can be used at any time and supports individual Warframe outputs.

Combat racks and weapons for land operations

There are several battle fragments that are particularly useful for this kind of missions.

Ice with good range and strength can use the bubble to protect the radio communications and the crew. The regular use of avalanches will also help to stop incoming enemies.

Gara works just like Frost, and his Massa Vitrifi does wonders of great duration and power. It can also use Splinter Storm to protect its members.

Long- and long-distance limbs, Oplink’s Cataclysm can provide exceptional protection.

Long-lasting and powerful, the Nova can slow down the senses and grind their teeth to facilitate all parts of mobile defense.

Rhinoceros with high durability offers excellent shooting enthusiasts the senses and eyes Condrix.

At the moment there are no completed teams. So it’s a bit of a gamble to get on a good team.

Because the gearbox and the Auramodi Reuviance are very useful for ground missions. The rapid change of weapons makes it very important to have one weapon to hit the big eyes and another for the sensitive crowd. And healing is always appreciated, especially if you bring a pet.

Weapons for land missions

I suggest we bring two different weapons. Heavily damaged disposable machines and a large storage area and space for quickly refillable cleaners. You can contact your primary dealer for individual shots and the secondary area is cleaner or vice versa.

Condrix’s big eye demanded a hard blow. Bring your best big punch seller. Very useful sniper rifles or semi-automatic rifles. Ordinary suspicions: Rubico (Prime), Wulkar (Wraith) and Opticor (Vandal) are useful.

Semi-automatic rifles, such as the Latron Prime/Wraith, Sybaris Prime/Dex, Prisma rinlok or Veldt, are also an excellent option, if properly modified, to obtain sufficiently large shots to increase the firing speed.

For your high school student, you want to bring something that can quickly kill the senses with many different kinds of damage. Bring something that can do a lot of damage in a short time, with a short recharging time. A wide range of powerful semi-automatic or fully automatic side proportions are covered:

Axomati (Prime), Braque (Kuva), Vaikor Marelok, Akstiletto Prime, Gremlin Gemini Prism, Stubba, Kuva Gemini Stubba, Akmagnus and Kitguns in all rooms.

It is up to you to exchange your rolls and use them for more important damage with a single blow (Lex Prime or Euphona Prime), while cleaning your space.

Space flight structure

When using the space terminal, you will be asked to decide whether you wish to join the crew or to place a crew. By joining the crew, you either have an existing troop on board the Rail Jack, or you will probably be informed that there is no troop that can join the Rail Jack. Few players currently have a fully equipped rail jack that can withstand the feel and bustle of Grineer.

As a general rule, a rail jack that can be used in Scarlet lances must be able to survive the first use at Voila Proxima. Do not use a basic output without avionics and in any case without MKII components.

The first part of the mission is simple: You’re flying to a point that’s marked. You will then automatically receive the satellite to be delivered at the next point marked on your awning. You can’t use the front guns while transporting the satellite. But your handguns will work as usual.

Don’t waste time with your enemies. Hurry up and get the satellite and bring it to the site. After delivery, park your jack in the Murex. This means that you fly through the Murex hole as far as possible to the marker. So the worst thing that can happen is to board a plane that can be pushed back by a player.

If you run into any of the landing crews along the way, make sure you get rid of them. Then the second part of the mission begins: Leave your winch and head in the indicated position in the Murex. Place your Oplink in the yellow circle and protect your Oplink while it receives kill codes from ground units. It takes nine murder laws to defeat Murex. In the end, you may not get code because of errors and the mission may fail.

If possible, all team members should connect to Murex and place their links there. If you have a team with at least one 4. you can teleport to your shunter anytime with your Omni-Tool.

After overcoming the first wall, go to the next one and repeat the cycle. It’s the same here: Don’t waste time fighting your enemies. Take the avionics if it bothers you, but the direct route should always be the most important.

Space mission Battle Racks and Weapons

The second part of a space mission on board Murex requires adequate protection in all directions because the tile is more vertical than the earth tile.

Durable and long-range, the Cataclysm Limbo is an excellent choice to protect your Oplinks unit.

Mesa is going to send waves of emotion through the air with his shot 4 to achieve victory over Peacemaker.

The frost with its bubble can form an extra protective layer around the entire circumference of the oplinks.

Space weapons

As far as weapons are concerned, all you have to do is bring a weapon that does a lot of damage. It doesn’t matter which category they belong to, the fact that they use different types of damage doesn’t matter. They’ll be mainly concerned with feelings. This means that building a rainbow is a must.

Bringing Paracesis for hand-to-hand combat is an excellent choice, but the sacrificial pressure and sacrificial steel on other weapons also causes additional damage to the senses.

Notes to the consolidated financial statements

Every 3 hours the Murex timer is reset to zero. If during this time not all Murexes are defeated while you are in the relay, you will not receive any bonuses. The bonus doubles your highest squadron score on a mission.

Use enough energy, health and ammunition to regain strength before your missions begin. Make sure that you carry out at least 20 to 50 restorations at a time and that they are integrated into your equipment. You’ll be very helpful.

If you have a weapon that requires a lot of ammunition, bring the bearer (Prime) with the ammunition box to get more ammunition and some ammunition mutation.

Robust guards such as Carrier Prime or Helios Prime are best suited for ground missions where enemy scales can do a lot of damage. If you bring a pet, make sure you can keep it alive.

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