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There are many scary things in the world. Natural disasters, nuclear war, corrupt politicians, credit card debt, cockroaches… the list goes on and on.

Life sucks with our particular fears. But if you bring the supernatural into play, all you can do is pray for enough holy water to survive.

Ghosts and evil poltergeists are, in my opinion, very tolerable as long as they are not in physical form. At best they drag you out of bed and make you wet.

But the demons, oh, my God… You’re on your own in class. Folklore, myths and movies tell us one thing: they are creatures of pure evil.

If you’ve had enough of a cute sim character, get evil with some of these cool demon mods and CC packs!

15. Long language

Long Language Sims 4 CC

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There’s something in the demon’s physiology that allows him to have a ridiculously long tongue.

It can be an evolutionary trait that helps them to eat babies faster.

Or maybe they’re jealous of snakes or cute tree frogs.

Anyway, it’s scary enough and a big red flag for your date with Sim…. making it the perfect complement to scare the mortal Casanova’s.

14. Demon Clausula

Screenshot of Demon Claws Sims 4 CC

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Demons have many ways of killing people or other living creatures they encounter.

One way is to push their sharp claws into the helpless body of the victim (who is usually a human being).

It’s a dirty job. But he serves his purpose, offering a lively mountain feast that turns demons into paranormal celebrities.

Keep your Sim’s claws as sharp as knives with this CC, and choose from 26 designs that fade any manicure.

13. Eyeshadow #16 Apocalypse

Eye Shadow #16 Apocalypse TS4 CC

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With an eye shadow palette like Apocalypse, it is undeniable that you will love to apply this shimmering makeup.

Give your Sims a Marilyn Manson-inspired makeover and they’ll look bad and spread evil throughout the neighborhood.

12. Demon eyes N04

Demon eyes N04 for Sims 4

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When a person’s eyes roll backwards in his head, he either loses consciousness or demonic possession occurs.

It’s an unusual sight to see people with pure white eyes… but when you do, it’s only a matter of time before you get wet.

Give your Sims a taste of death with these scary Pralinesim eye patches.

11. Demon legs

Sims Demon Legs 4 CC

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Artists and poets have taken great care to clarify the image of the devil.

It changes every century, but the most popular iterations are those of canines, horns, bat wings and split hooves.

If you think split animals look harmless, you haven’t seen many horror movies.

Basically, it’s the sign of the devil. And if you make your Simon the descendant of Satan, this Demon Leg CC from Natalia Auditor should be perfect.

10. Night tail track

TS4 CC Night cock

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Growing a Nightcrawler’s tail is impossible unless you’re a mutant and hired by an evil father named Azazel.

X-Men’s Kurt Wagner didn’t choose to look like his father, but at least by demonic standards he looks great with his pointed tail and surprisingly flawless blue skin.

Turn your Sim into a mutated demon hybrid with this Nightcrawler Tail CC from NotEgain!

9. Onion Genji Mask

Onion Genji Mask for the Sims 4

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In addition to creating anime and Super Mario, Japan also has a large collection of myths and legends about yokai and demons.

Yokai are often depicted with large horns, sabre teeth and an angry expression that resembles the meme of a grumpy cat.

To protect themselves from Yokai, SS men wear such masks to keep them away.

Or to discourage greedy kids from bringing too much candy on Halloween.

8. Pastel ram horns

Sims 4 CC Pastel Rams Horns

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The image of the devil has many terrifying forms.

But none is as eccentric as Sim with the horns of her pastel rams.

Demons thrive in the colors of death and blood, but candy-colored horns are not so beautiful.

If your Sim is just a bad guy, you don’t have to beat the Grim Reaper – just be damn cute.

7. Packing horn

Sims Horn Pack 4 CC

Consult this CC

If the horns of the pastel rams aren’t your thing, then this Horns Pack CC might be the best choice for your budding demon lord.

Big or small, long or short, this CC by Herbits offers a wider variety of horns to create your perfect demon look.

While you’re at it, why don’t you add bat ears and a bat nose for maximum fear?

6. Demonstration teeth

Screenshot of Demon Teeth Sims 4 CC

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Everything that resembles Nemesis of Resident Evil 3 deserves a place in the lowest circles of hell.

This Demon Teeth CC seems to have been snatched from the mouths of the zombies Resident Evil and Piranha, creating a monstrous hybrid that is likely to eat anything that moves.

If that doesn’t sound like the devil’s work, I don’t know what does.

5. Cranial mask

Sims 4 CC Skull Mask

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Wearing the skull of an animal with horns as long as the branch of a tree is as if you promised allegiance to Satan.

This iconic accessory exudes a sinister aura suitable for serial killers, mass murderers and almost any villain.

Be careful you don’t see one in the woods – you could die of a heart attack at the same time.

4. Spider wings and mouth

Spider wings and mouth TS4 CC

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Black Widow is a difficult character, but she is too beautiful and deadly to sow fear in people’s hearts at first sight.

Natalia-Auditor’s SS is an arachnophobic’s worst nightmare, but Sim Demon’s greatest asset.

The package contains spider wings (a bit like Spider-Man’s instant kill mode in Avengers: Endgame) and spider wings that are more like Predators.

These two characteristics together form a terrifying spider devil from hell.

3. Wings of the black swamp

The wings of the black god Sims 4 CC

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If there is such a thing as Demons for Dummies, you will soon become familiar with Chernobog: the Slavic deity who is the God of Evil (imagine that)!

Chernobog is a popular deity that appeared in the Marvel Universe and even in the Disney movie Fantasia.

Although it resembles a normal video game pattern, Black Bog also has some evil characteristics. Like his bat wings, which make him look like an image of the devil himself.

Enhance Sim’s demonic look with these Blackbog CC Wings, available in 23 colors.

2. Angel and demon qualities

Angel and Demon Features for Sims 4

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Forget the Ten Commandments – it’s time to raise hell by endowing your Sim with demonic abilities!

This change encourages your Sim to lead a malicious and chaotic lifestyle, spread swear words, and glorify a career in crime as if it were the best thing in the world.

Don’t forget: Nobody’s really bad until you hear a demon in your ear.

And your sim should be that spooky voice around.

1. Angel of Death packaging model

Angel of Death Modpack Sims 4 CC

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Did you ever think your sim could do better than the mower?

Well, here’s your chance to make it happen by downloading Nilsiming’s Death Angels modpack.

This complete package includes the main mod, CAS items, in-game and out-of-game items, and a new quest to become the Angel of Death.

Once you’ve evolved to a new role, your Sim can now kill other Sims and reap their souls to unlock new skills and power-ups. It’s cool.

Your Sims won’t be able to feel any emotion after that.

But this is your chance to turn her into a machine of death and be rewarded for it – an evil plan worthy of eternal damnation!

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