Best Great Hammers in Dark Souls 3 (And How To Get Them) –

Best Great Hammers in Dark Souls 3 (And How To Get Them) –

There’s no such thing as a good bong.

For players who want to flatten their opponents under a big sky of iron, wood and stone, Dark Souls 3 is the perfect choice.

Big Hammers are not only the cutest weapons to add to your arsenal, but also one of the most effective for all kinds of constructions!

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10. Dragon tooth

Dragon hammer for DS3

For those of you who played Dark Souls 1, you know this big guy.

The dragon’s tooth, branded by the terrifying river Havel, is one of the most emblematic crepes.

Dragon Fang has a large range, damage and scale to increase its power, as well as an innate passive and fire resistance of +12% magic!

Where’d you get that? Submerged by the Havel on the arch support.

9. Old King’s Hammer

The Great Hammer of the Old King - DS3 screenshot.

A burnt chicken leg.

This weapon artifact has existed since the time of the ancient Isalith, and carries a firewalker for the game.

With little scalability in terms of strength, belief and intelligence, the old King’s Hammer is an acceptable solution for hybrid constructions.

His weaponry – fused stamina – greatly increases your self-esteem, and a heavy attack can follow to spit volcanic magma out of the ground!

Where’d you get that? A soul transplant with the soul of a patron of the Demon King.

8. Fire hammer for gargoyle

Gargoyle Flame Hammer - DS3 HD Screenshot

Another hybrid weapon, the corrupt Gargoyle fire hammer, is a formidable enemy.

This weaponry strikes on the same scale as the old King’s Hammer, but is a little more useful for catching enemies at long range.

Ignited Fury, the unique ability of this weapon, turns your hammer into a flamethrower that spits a blazing death in a straight line at your targets!

Where’d you get that? Abandoned by stone gargoyles and armed in the desecrated capital/gate archives.

7. Large Morne hammer

The Great Hammer of Tomorrow in DS3.

The intelligence ladder is lowered, but Morn’s Hammer strikes for miraculous/hybrid forces.

It has incredible damage and is one of the most grainy hammers, preferring aggressive playing styles.

Coupled with his weapon skills, it becomes even more terrifying.

This power is Morn’s anger – actually, it’s the inbuilt anger of the gods! It also causes a persistence effect that increases the already crazy self-control and reduces the damage caused!

Where’d you get that? Left by Aegon when he is killed, or robbed of his corpse in Irene’s old cell at the end of the game.

6. Nutmeg

A screenshot of the Mace DS3 weapon tips

Now step away from the flashy weapon of bravura.

Nutmeg may look boring on paper, but it has some good tricks up its sleeve!

Not only is it excellent for strength training, but it even stimulates a little skill development, which is rare for big hammers!

Not only does it have congenital haemorrhage damage (which can be a good thing for luck), but it also has a bunch of real combos that will destroy enemies in PvP!

Where’d you get that? Abandoned by evangelists they found all over the world – they were colonies of the undead.

5. Big holidays

Large mass for DS3

Straight from the arsenal of the cathedral’s terrifying knights.

The big mass is a big hammer, no fuss, perfect for any strong man.

He has fantastic stamina, a large range and an aerial swing.

Combined with a very resistant construction, it will be the third most harmful hammer in the whole game!

Thanks to its pragmatic approach and its ability to blow up and polish, a large hammer can blow up a lot of physics.

Where’d you get that? Drowned by the stupid knights of the cathedral.

4. Large hot hammer

Wardt Big Hammer - DS3 Screenshot

This unpretentious weapon is actually a real stunner.

Many players may not realise that Wardt’s Hammer is the weapon of the first boss of the game, but it is actually one of the best hammers available in DS3.

It causes incredible long-distance damage and has the highest frost damage of all weapons, period.

This makes it great for long battles, as Frostbite grows easily in 2 or 3 strokes, repelling enemies and hampering their endurance!

Moreover, it requires no other condition than strength, so it can be integrated into a variety of structures!

Where’d you get that? A soul transplant with the soul of Become.

3. Pickers

Pickaxe weapons in DS3

If you’ve read our list of the most powerful weapons, you’ve seen this guy before.

I can’t stress the power of that choice enough.

It does complete damage in the shocks, which means the lion ring is perfect, and so the madness begins.

Your opponent’s spades wobble, which means a second strike is guaranteed and counts as a counterattack!

This means that as long as you can make a hit, you can fire twice at most enemies – which is easy thanks to the large axe in the pickaxe, which is faster.

Where’d you get that? Located on a corpse in the dungeon of Iritil – next to a giant.

2. Large Ledo hammer

The Big Ledo Hammer in DS3.

Ledo’s famous DLC Ring City hammer is a strong contender for my favorite weapon of power throughout the game.

It is not only surprisingly fast and long distance, but it is also the most damaging of all large hammers, combined with a very strong construction.

He can be even more powerful with his Call to Stone weaponry. Use it to quickly throw this beautiful hammer block over the ground, overwhelm the enemies and cover it with sharp attack stones.

This buff takes about 40 seconds, but if you use a heavily loaded attack, the hammer uses stones for a powerful AoE shot that kills enemies when it lands.

Where’d you get that? Abandoned by the Silver Knight Ledo as he enters the City of Rings.

1. Grand Club

The great club of the Dark Souls 3

It’s not surprising that a big club is at the top of the list.

Although not as flashy as many others here, this big old stick is just the best hammer there is.

With senseless damage, long distance, early acquisition, great movement, the ability to be polished and infected, war….

It’s a long list.

If you’re only interested in efficiency, there’s nothing better than a big club.

Where’d you get that? Abandoned by the exile who keeps him away from Farron.

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