The Sims 4 Update April 2021 | Bunk Beds Added in Update 1.72

Electronic Art and Maxis have released a new update for The Sims 4 Update April 2021, which brings a bunch of additional content and changes to the game.

Check out the changes in The Sims 4 2021 update, new content and more below.

The Sims 4 April 2021 update has added many new features and content to the game. The latest update fixes many important bugs and issues in the game, and the patch notes are now available. Read The Sims 4 New Update 1.38 Xbox, PS4 Patch Notes here: New articles.

Relive your childhood or improve your life in the Sims’ dorm room!
Bunk beds are here, along with other updates and bug fixes, in the latest Sims 4 update! Available to all players. See

– The Sims (@TheSims) 23. March 2021

The Sims 4 update 1.72 was already released so weakly that it was one of the most requested updates by the community. You can find out all about the Sims 4 April 2021 update below, check it out below.

Electronic Arts and Maxis have finally fulfilled most of the requests for updates for The Sims 4. This update contains many changes and bug fixes in the game. In this Sims 4 update, the Create-a-Sim features have been rolled out. We didn’t expect e-art to listen to the users, but in the end they did.

According to fans, EA did this to celebrate a milestone in the franchise, which they also did last year for the 20th anniversary of The Sims, by releasing a single that included a bubble bath. But this year, that changed and EA released some major updates to the game, as well as customizable skin tones.

If you’re thinking about new features in The Sims 4, you should check this out.

New positions in the Sims 4 April 2021 update

New items added recently are bunk beds. This is one of the most requested Simmers items since the Parenthood game pack came out without them. Bunk beds were introduced in the Sims 3 expansion, and simmers who love raising families love the basic product.

Bunk beds allow the user to choose the side of the stairs, making good use of the space.

Various posters, paintings and artwork in different variations have also been added. When Sims 4 got Afro and Puffballs as part of the skin color update, some users reported that the texture was correctly applied to hair. But the developers noticed this problem and fixed it as soon as possible. All of these changes were noticeable, even at low settings.

Important corrections

As for patching and fixing bugs, babies won’t starve now because they used to refuse the food prepared for them. Plus, they can now play with the doll, family members and babysitters. Sims no longer spill water everywhere when they try to drink it.

In addition, other corrections have been made, such as. B. that kitten treats age with age, that pet poop can be used as fertilizer, that the tradition of polar bear dipping is celebrated in season, and that superstar Sims are unable to disgust Sims.

So that was it on The Sims 4 Update April 2021 | Bunk beds added in Update 1.72. I hope you like our approach.

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