10 Best Sims 4 house ideas

With the wide range of possibilities and creative possibilities The Sims 4 offers, it can be very difficult to understand where to start. It’s about building your dream house.

There are many ways to make a home in the game, and you may need help to find the perfect idea. To get you started, here are 10 of our best ideas to inspire you.

Floating house

Image by expert consultant

Building your own house has to be magic, so use literal magic to build a floating house in which you can live. It’s pretty cool to zoom out and see your house floating above the ground like a magical and mystical palace.

Hobbit holes

Image by expert consultant

Bring the world of Tolkien to Sima by creating your own little Hobbiton, with green landscapes and round windows. You can even make your houses feel underground, like in books and movies.


Image by expert consultant

Bring another iconic location for books and movies to The Sims, our favorite school of witchcraft and magic. You can even cut out all the parts you don’t need, like in that awful common room in Slytherin.

Holiday home

Image by expert consultant

During the approaching holidays you can be inspired by creating your own North Pole, a kind of North Pole. There are many ways to liven up the festive atmosphere in your home, so why not do it earlier this year?

Disgust house

Even though Halloween is long gone, you can still be afraid of your home and building it in the style of your favorite movies, games or horror shows. We have an example of a Silent Hill house, but you can choose almost any location.


Image on fandom

Even if you don’t have all the experience of living by the lake, you can still build your own house in this style. There are many ways to achieve this goal, so you can feel at home on the waves.

Jungle Village

Photograph of expert consultants

You can live like a Tarzan and create a unique wooden house, with green fauna and handmade wooden aesthetics. If you can also build it in a suitable environment, it will add even more sensations and feelings.

Monica guest apartment

Image by expert consultant

You can create almost any iconic location for your favourite programmes, but we’ve chosen one that’s particularly recognisable. You can make all the characters and let them live there. We bet Sims-Joey would be pretty funny.

House with ferry

Image by expert consultant

Steampunk has a very unique look, and you can build a house in this style. It’s a mix of almost Gothic architecture and science fiction that makes you feel cool.

Underwater housing

Image by expert consultant

You don’t have to limit yourself to life on the surface; you can build your own aquarium in which you can live. It is a very unique view of the house, which is sure to attract people’s attention.

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