Review – Override 2: Super Mech League

The first game in the Override series, Override: Mech City Drawl, was released at the end of 2018 to moderate success. Thomas, our mechanic examiner, had a lot of fun and praised the controls and combat mechanics. Mode Games also enjoyed the success of this game. Not only did they decide to make a sequel, but they even went so far as to buy the studio that developed the game and renamed it Modus Studios Brazil. It shows a certain loyalty. Let’s see if waiver 2 is worth the wait and the investment.

In fact, the buildings all look like the same kind of cardboard with which they built their fake cities during the filming of Tokusatsu.

Priority 2 : The Super Mech League isn’t like that anymore. The game is essentially a complete update of the gameplay and structure of its predecessor. It eliminates the previously familiar slow limb-based combat system to make it a little faster and more accessible. It’s still a 3D fighting arena, but instead of relying on the deep but sometimes intimidating combat system that made it look like two men fighting in uncomfortable fur suits, it feels more like something reminiscent of Power Stone.

The thing about clumsy limb movements is that it’s one of the reasons we like to fight each other with Mechs. They’re slow, like snails, but every punch, well, gives a punch. Turning every mech into a twenty-five foot ninja is fun at first, but it’s not nearly as much fun and exciting as it was two years ago. Priority 2 : The Super Mech League is actually a big disappointment, because there is no thing it does that surpasses its predecessor. Maybe the fact that Tokusatsu’s classic character, Ultraman, is included…., but you have to pay extra to unlock it. Sigh…

No matter which robot you play, they all feel too much like themselves.

The new fighting system features light/strong push buttons, as well as blocking, grabbing and the last attack reminder when you’ve filled your special bar. I have to give it to the developers for their availability, but at the price of uniqueness. This new combat system is too simplistic and superficial, and to make matters worse, all Mechs feel the same about it. They all have the same combinations, they all have the same entry delay if you try to do a trio of light hits – light hits – heavy hits. Finally, all battles have a strange auto-lock function, which means that you fight against an enemy and the game camera at the same time.

Oddly enough, anomaly 2: Super Mech League has released a full next-generation version, as well as versions for PS4, Xbox One and Switch. The additional power of the PS5, along with the SSD architecture, has allowed the developers to improve the speed and load time of the game while reducing the overall file size to a small amount. That doesn’t mean it looked, smelled or played like a next-generation game at some point while playing.

He seems… fine. The frame rate and resolution are excellent, but it is no better than its PS4 predecessor. The effects of the particles seem too simple. There’s no excitement when, for example. B. A giant robot is thrown on a pile of exploding oil drums. For example, Daemon X Machina, a game that had to deal with the strict hardware limitations of the Switch, is much better than this title on PS5. Just like its predecessor, Override 2 suffers from a repetitive and poorly mixed sound.

Ultraman is the best part of Override 2. But this character is DLC-paying.

Sometimes attacking a larger audience is not the right decision. Deviation 2 is in no way better than its predecessor. The gameplay is much simpler and less engaging, the graphics are not nearly as impressive for a PS5 game, and if you decide to play it yourself, it’s still very uncomfortable. Even the recording of Ultraman (at extra cost) didn’t impress me. When you manage to find a game about giant robots hitting each other boring, you know that you have to go back to the square one if you ever decide to do Override 3.

Priority 2 : Super Mech League, as you’d expect on PS5, has beautiful Mech designs and a great frame, with extra power. But nothing in his imagery screams out for the next generation. Between a noticeable input delay, overloaded steering and strange camera angles, the gameplay of Override 2 is disappointing compared to its predecessor.
Sound Redefinition 2 suffers from repetitive soundtracks, bad sound effects and terrible sound mixes. As fun as arena battles with the sound of Mechs, including a special appearance of Ultraman, Override 2 : The Super Mech League is a game that has no long-term appeal.
Last block: 6.0

Priority 2 : Super Mech League is now available for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X, PC and Switch.

Revised on PS5.

Copy of exemption 2 : The Super Mech League was provided by the publisher.


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