Bugvasion TD Review (Steam) |

Bugvasion TD Review (Steam) |

The game: Error TD
Genre : Strategy, defense system Revolver: PC (Steam)
Developer/Publisher : Age rating of full screen games
: Price TBC
Date of issue : 18. February 2021

Discover the code used, especially thanks to the full-screen games!

Strangers have our bugs!

The aliens are at it again, and this time they’re controlling the bugs. The teenager was minding his own business and playing video games when an army officer called to his aid via television to save his home from an insect infestation. It’s a pretty silly premise, but the game doesn’t take itself too seriously. Between levels, expect plenty of passionate dialogue between a teenager and an army buddy, who often joke about the game’s strange circumstances. It’s short and doesn’t disrupt the game.

I don’t know if I want to hug you.

Take protection

The game is controlled entirely with the mouse. Each of the levels is organized around a space, for example a bedroom or an attic. The white line on the bottom marks the path the insects will take to spawn. Sometimes they come from different directions, so keep your eyes open. There are several designated areas on the property where you can install a defense. You only have a limited number of rooms to start with, so you have to choose carefully.

As soon as the wave starts, the insects start crawling. We must prevent them from reaching the end of the level. Each insect that does this loses a health point. For each bug defeated, you receive more coins, which you can use to buy more tusks and upgrade existing ones. After completing a level, you get a rating of three stars, and a few points for unlocking new defenses.

Stop creepy crawlers with different fangs.

Bugvasion TD Review (Steam) |

Crawling birds

The layers are graphically hand-drawn and do the work. With the levels set up around the house, they feel pretty simple. They don’t do much, and sometimes it seems strange to be able to apply protection to areas that don’t seem to be able to stand it, like. B. Lost bottles.

Insects are often scary. Obviously, if you’re not a fan of bugs, you might not enjoy this game, although it’s safe to say that removing a large number of bugs can help you overcome your phobia. As all the action unfolds, a rather epic soundtrack plays while you wonder how you’ll face the threat of insects.

I don’t know how my revolver is securely attached to the plastic bottle, but it’s doing fine.

Bugvasion TD Review (Steam) |

Protection of dwellings

There are a number of defenses that look cleverly homemade, such as stun towers that shoot at the ground and flying insects, gas sprays to slow down enemies, and poison towers that damage all insects in the area. Each of them includes a description of what they are effective against, so you can try to plan your strategy.

In the past you could do with a lot of power poles, but that will soon change. For me, trial and error worked best. You just have to play with different defenders to see what works. But the same strategy will not work at all levels.

Pests come in all shapes and sizes: Flies, spiders, cockroaches, etc. Some remedies are much better than others for some insects. Just when you think you’re at an advantage, sometimes big boss bugs breed with huge health bars. Between waves of enemies, take a little rest to check your defenses. But I missed them often and I kept fighting as fast as I could.

This strategy is not working well.

Bugvasion TD Review (Steam) |


It’s not just the defense towers. You can also use abilities that reload through the level. This includes a good old boot or fist in the break area, which can really help if there is a problem. Additionally, you can usually use the level’s environment to activate items like glue to temporarily slow down enemies.

It’s a tower defense game where you have to keep a constant eye on everything, and have little time to sit back and let the defense do all the work. It will all be an exciting and fun experience. But if you haven’t been a fan of tower defense in the past, this game probably won’t win you over.

There is a lot to unlock and improve.

Bugvasion TD Review (Steam) |

Neglect and insects

The game works very well on a computer. I have not encountered any bugs (pardon the pun) or performance issues. The developers have hinted that they plan to port the game to other platforms. With the design of the game, I feel like it will be right at home on both mobile devices and the Nintendo Switch handheld system. The touch controls are ideal for this experience. But at this point, the computer mouse controls are reactive.

The game offers different difficulty levels and 20 levels to complete. It wasn’t easy to get those three stars. I found the biggest challenge later in the game was getting the initial defense right. Once everything was set up, it became a lot easier. But I replayed levels to try and get as many stars as possible to unlock new upgrade points. With simple controls, it’s a game that’s easy enough to get into without having to learn too much.

Electro Kick to Win.

Bugvasion TD Review (Steam) |


Bugvasion TD looks like a pretty standard tower defense game that probably won’t win any new fans in the genre. It’s hard to reinvent a truly new genre, but it’s clear that the developers put a lot of thought and care into this project. The game keeps you interested by using the right environment and shooting skills at the right time to keep you engaged in the tower defense experience, rather than just sitting and watching.

If you’re not bothered by bugs, you’ll have a solid playing experience here. I’m sure I won’t be able to look at the bugs in my garage the same way again for a while.

Final Verdict: I like her.


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