Is The Demon’s Souls Remake Better Than The Original?

In 2009 (2010 in PAL areas), the software released Demon’s Souls for PlayStation 3. This is the first project by veteran Hidetaka Miyazaki, who previously worked for From Software as developer of the Armored Core series. Demon’s Souls was a cult hit that aroused great interest in Miyazaki’s development philosophy and produced a series of its own that players still love and cherish today. A remake of Miyazaki’s masterpiece is now available for PlayStation 5, courtesy of American studio Bluepoint.'s-Souls-Remake-Better-Than-The-Original.jpeg

If you’re lucky enough to have a new PS5, congratulations – cars are very hard to find, so you’re lucky if you manage to get one. Demon’s Souls is part of the launch range of the console, so it’s definitely one of the games you’ll want to see. But once you’ve played the original game, you may wonder if it’s really worth it. In short, you have to ask one question: Is the PS5 remake of Demon’s Soul better than the original? We’re here to answer that question. Here are a few points of comparison to consider if you’re considering getting into the game.

The PS5 version looks great

As you can imagine, Demon’s Souls is absolutely gorgeous on PlayStation 5. In 4K resolution and in cinematic mode (which certainly limits the game to 30 frames per second), your jaw will constantly fall when seeing the beautiful textures and animations that Demon’s Souls offers you. The depravity, grandeur and detachment of the Boletaria Empire are certainly more beautiful on PS5 than on PS3; this machine could only display the game at 720p, and if you can keep the refresh rate constant, you’re luckier than most.

On PS5the steering feels better.

As the PlayStation 5 launch approached, Sony paid close attention to the haptic feedback and vibration motors of the DualSense controller. When you play Demon’s Souls, it’s very easy to understand why. When you hit an enemy, the controller shakes, and when you shoot the bowstring, you take full advantage of the touch feedback triggers. Overall, Demon’s Souls feels better on PS5, even without the tactile feedback. The engine seems quieter and smoother, with less slow motion and no response. If Demon’s Souls is a purely mechanical game for you, then the PS5 version is definitely better.

The story is the same.

Bluepoint’s remake of Demon’s Soul didn’t change the most important details of the story. For the time being it’s a lonely wanderer who comes to Boletaria in search of lost treasures and finds himself in the deep nebula. Some of the dialogue options may be a little different, and some NPCs will speak with a different voice because of the voice change, but in terms of history Demon Souls is as good as the same monster. Many gameplay integration moments – which we won’t spoil to keep the experience fresh for you – have been kept between versions. You don’t have to worry about missing something when you choose the PS5 version.

The atmosphere seems different

The atmosphere of the PlayStation 3 version of Demon’s Souls is of unparalleled quality. Perhaps it is due to technical limitations, but deep fog seems to be everywhere, penetrating every corner of the Boletaria. The game is oppressive and heavy, weighing you down as you explore this fallen kingdom. Demon’s Souls on PS5, on the other hand, is closer to the standard Souls game; it has the elaborate and majestic feel of Dark Souls III, rather than the narrow and claustrophobic character of the original PS3 game. If you treat the PS5 version like any other game, you’ll get the best of both worlds, but don’t expect a faithful remake here.

Music – Parish Priesthood

We’ll say it right now: Despite the incredible work that Sony has done with the music version of Demon’s Souls PS5, we are not enthusiastic. The grandiose splendour of the new soundtrack is a perfect match for a larger and more beautiful game than the original Demon’s Souls; the PlayStation 3 version of the game seemed (at best) an ugly little thing, which fits well with the unconventional tone of the soundtrack and the strange approach to the music. Although the new OST is self-sufficient, if you liked the original Demon’s Souls, you may have lost many of the eccentric qualities of the soundtrack in favour of something more.

It is getting more and more difficult to find the original.

Of course you can still find the original Demon’s Souls if you search for it on used platforms and in shops, but the original is no longer so easy to buy from Sony. To experience the Soul of the Demon, a remake may soon be your only option. If you don’t have a PlayStation 3, there is currently no way to experience the original Demon Soul; apparently Sony wants this to be the definitive way to play the game in the future. If you’ve never played Demon’s Souls before and just want a better gaming experience, the PS5 version is ideal. However, the PS3 version has a unique quality that cannot be reproduced.

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