10 Reasons TBC Classic will be even better than WoW Classic

I’m absolutely in love with Blizzard’s remake of the original World of Warcraft. World of Warcraft classics. It’s the only game I’ve played since my release, and I play even more than I should.

However, I can’t deny that there were some obvious problems at stake at the time. Questions that have become even clearer with the new edition.

That’s why I’m so excited about the upcoming servers for The Burning Crusade Classic, which are almost confirmed at the moment. I think The Burning Crusade was the highlight of World of Warcraft because it solved most of the problems of the original games and improved almost every aspect of them.

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In this article I want to tell you why you should be enthusiastic about The Burning Crusade (TBC) and why I think it will be even better than the World of Warcraft classic.

1. No fanatics in the world (fast)

The World of Classical Lovers Getting an Onyxia Buffalo for the Ragnaros in the early days of the Classics

World Buffs is probably one of the most controversial parts of World of Warcraft Classic. There are tons of them, and if you manage to get them all, you will probably increase the power of your character by more than 100%, which is absurd and makes you feel useless if you lose them. It’s a giant, temporary sink. Because of this distraction she opens herself up to a lot of grief, and the worst thing is that it makes the raids even easier than they already are.

While it’s nice to have all the fans in your world and it’s great to do these ridiculous depravities, I don’t think it makes up for all the drawbacks.

Fortunately, in the Burning Crusade, Blizzard changed the fans of the world so they no longer count the top players, and now your analysis is reduced to your bends, equipment and consumables, instead of the fans around the world.

I know I’m not lonely when I say I can’t wait to make a raid without the lovers of the world and the idea that one extinction doesn’t mean the end of the world.

The Burning Crusade has given two slots in the world to players from overseas when someone, led by Kael’tas, turns around, and one of the turns to find the key to Alcatraz. Battle Song A’dal is a 5% increase in damage to the flat, but only works in dungeons and raids during the low storm. It’s worse than almost any Wow Classic World Buffs and only works during a robbery, so it probably won’t make much difference if you lose it. It also seems to apply when you’re in a dungeon or during a robbery when it happens, so you don’t have to go out of your way to get it. A’Dal’s blessing is also much appreciated, with 200 attack forces and 115 spelling damage, but it comes from a series of searches needed to complete Karayajan’s settings, so it will rarely be seen after about a month or so.

2. Complete sets of more suitable classes and options

Image of the Burning Crusade A Shadow Priest, a Lunkin and a Hunter have entered the Desert

World of Warcraft Classic is not known for its class equilibrium, and many specializations and classes have been completely omitted. So you see that the toughest guilds that fill their lists up to the ridge with crooks and warriors are simply better. Is your boss a hunter? Too bad you don’t see yourself on the damage meter, your head paladin? I’m sorry, but you have to recover or you’ll be considered dead weight in the raid.

With Burning Crusade, Blizzard has finally started to understand his business and execute everything. I’m not just talking about the amateurs of unsatisfying things. I’m talking about such a radical improvement in every cluster that basically every talent tree is viable.

The paladins of revenge and defense, the priests of the shadows, the fierce druids, the shamans of the elements and upgrades will no longer be a dead weight but a precious part of the robbery. And not only the low-power specialisation has improved enormously. Each class gets exciting new spells, improved talent trees and more viable options.

3. PvP rating

Photo by TBC-Arena Game Siphon’s life-soul communication wizard was a real badass.

I love the player-to-player fight in World of Warcraft Classic. It erupts, is strange and requires a lot of skill to succeed. The only problem is that the current PvP military style vanilla scale system rewards effort rather than skill, so it doesn’t even come close.

An experienced player who plays with a group of experienced, prefabricated players will climb the rankings more easily and win awards faster, but reaching the highest rank (Grand Marshal or Supreme Warlord) is a sign of dedication, not skill. So the prestige of receiving these titles is not really present.

In The Burning Crusade, arenas were introduced, a small, deadly type of battle complemented by a ladder-point system, and for the first time in history, World of Warcraft players were given a ladder to climb. This gives players an excuse to try to do something, as well as an excuse to improve and enhance their PvP gameplay, as some rewards don’t reach certain levels that few players would have reached (introduced in season 3). It even had unique titles and bindings for the top percentiles of players like Gladiator and Dualist.

The rating system of the Burning Crusade Arena is far from perfect and suffers from balance problems. Some specializations and class combinations were much better than others, and some classes will have a hard time getting higher up if they don’t stick to Meta.

Even with these issues in mind, I think The Burning Crusade has done a much better job of rewarding PvP players, and some of these titles and binders will be very prestigious.

4. Best random FPV system

Screenshot from Alterec Valley to Wow Classic This is not only for hardcore and high level players, which improves the PvP system at TBC, but also for casual players. The most important thing is that there are epic rewards for everyone who enters the arena, not just for the highest percentile. Although the better you are, the faster you score, there is always a reason for everyone to play their weekly game in the arena.

But the big improvement for casual players is not the arena, but a fundamental review of the way honor works. Instead of the increasingly demanding ladder of grades that perish weekly and take up a lot of time, you now get the battlefield points of honour to spend on the PvP equipment of your choice. Although it’s not ideal for epic arena equipment, this equipment is something you want to shred if you’re interested in PvP, and it rewards people for the fight without having to shred more every week or risking losing your rank.

5. More efficient and harder raids

Screenshot of Sunwell's Me Burning Crusade, and wiped out my Kiljeden guild in Sunwell in 2008.

Even if we end up with the highly optimized version of The Burning Crusade from patch 2.4.3, we will not ignore the fact that it is more complicated than that in Wow Classic. They are not only more complicated, but also much more interesting, and the experience and understanding of the developer of the game has improved significantly so far. Most bosses in raids will no longer have one or two mechanics, and it’s hard to see that the same developers who made the Ragnaros also made bosses like Lady Wash or Kael’tas.

Although the heaviest classic raid hasn’t been released yet, I think it’s fair to say that the raid will generally be heavier and more exciting for the general player base – even though Naxxramas will be at the same level or harder than some of the Burning Crusade raids.

I hope the blizzard learned a lesson from Wow Classic. You can’t release the latest patch with extremely boring versions of the stage raids and expect people to find them very entertaining. The number of nerds invading a heroic dungeon during The Burning Crusade is incredible, and I hope we’ll try the harder versions with TBC Classic.

It still won’t be as difficult as before, or even close, but it will allow many guilds to make exciting progress with the boss and get a murder you’ve worked hard for.

6. 10 & 25 Raids on humans

Screenshot of Zulman The early days of Zul-Aman

Running in front of 40 people is both unbelievable and terrible. Seeing 40 people working together to beat the boss is beautiful and seems a little more epic than 25 or 20 people could ever do. However, the need to maintain a consistent list of 40 people, and perhaps even just a few lists, is a nightmare for any guild officer or master at Wow Classic, and often ends with transporting ten or more shady people through the contents.

It is almost impossible to bring 40 people together with the same goal and the same way of thinking. There will always be people who spend gold on consumables, who attract the favor of the world and use the right specialty, which in the end will be worn by people who don’t care. If you add to that the incredibly skinny looting, you probably have a lot of drama on your hands. Despite the epic nature of this 40-person raid, it cannot be denied that fewer people mean less drama and less headache for those responsible.

Smaller lists also allow Blizzard to hold more exciting meetings, as they no longer have to deal with the administrative nightmare of 40 raids.

7. Heroic dungeons

Heroic Shadow Maze Screenshot Heroic Shadow Maze Screenshot. The HCerker, notoriously difficult.

World of Warcraft Classic has a number of incredible dungeons such as Blackrock Depths, Stratholme and Scholomance. However, they are all quite simple and after the people got a bit of equipment, they were full of spin-ups, which makes them less exciting. There is also little reason to put it back into service once you have received your equipment, unless you are looking for a niche like Baron Rivendare Gore’s.

The Fire Crusade is synonymous with heroic dungeons. This is a much harder version of the standard dungeon, with more mechanics, a tighter scale and better rewards. Not only do they attract and attract large numbers of looters, but they also give them a much-needed reputation that everyone probably wants. So I think the dungeons in The Burning Crusade Classic will remain relevant much longer than those in The Wow Classic. In addition, The Burning Crusade has 15 dungeons on its doorstep, which means that there is much more variety than the maximum level players currently get.

8. Best call

Last Reputation The first World of Warcraft had an interesting reputation in agriculture with some very cool rewards like Winter Jump Trainer for the mountain or Timbermaw Hold for the jewel. However, most of them have no real reason to grow them, and most of them are very naked in terms of reward.

However, with the Burning Crusade they presented almost 20 brand new reputations, and almost all of them had interesting and useful rewards such as mounts, equipment and records.

They have managed to get the ideal midfielder and they have enough prestige to give a regular player something on the farm while retaining some of those prestigious reputations like Netherwing.

9. Jewellery and best professions in general

Attachable jewels Saliva on my fully enchanted and precious level 6 coins

The Crusade against Fire introduced a jewel box. A profession that offers you additional customisation possibilities with your equipment at the same level as the enchantment and the profession as a whole is exceptionally well done and integrates perfectly with the rest.

CBT has also led to a rebalancing of professions in general and technology is no longer the only choice for people who want to work. Each profession gets exciting new things and bonuses, and Burning Crusade is probably the best version of the World of Warcraft appeals system.

But that doesn’t mean that Wow Classic’s professional system isn’t very good. He just got better in Burning Crusade.

10. Levelsets for all specialisations

Level Chip Sellers In World of Warcraft, classic chipsets and raid equipment are usually made for a single roll. If you’re a brave warrior, you won’t wear your animal suit. The same goes for the shadow priests, the druidic balance and other niche specialities.

I am the most important of the fierce warriors, and the amount of equipment I wear during raids can be counted on the fingers of one hand. To be honest, I’ve reached a rank that gives me an advantage over most soldiers, but the position remains the same. In general, the best robbery equipment and pvE content should come from the robberies, so that people feel motivated and do not get burned in the robberies.

In Burning Crusade, Blizard introduced a pet coin system, a product that you can exchange at the seller for your pet sets. This allows you to choose the desired specialization, i.e. classes that perform multiple roles, such as Druids and Shamans, are given a number of levels for each role.

Inheritance of the crusade against fire

If you’re still not sure, Preach Gaming has created a great video that takes you deeper into the sublime and explains why it’s so carefully remembered.

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