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That’s a personal opinion.

  • I think stasis is in some ways better than the other subclasses because it is not limited to damage caused by purple, blue or orange flavors. She’s doing something new and unique. It improves PvP by providing more interaction and coverage, while doing the same with PvP. It is not perfectly balanced, but like other PvP subclasses, some will always overshadow others, and if someone does something that only he can do, it will be painfully obvious.
  • PvP is not at the heart of the game – that does not mean that it should be ignored, or that it is useless, or not worth playing – but to demand that every season woo the PvP audience is not realistic in itself. And then, uh…
  • The PvP is unbalanced and was (somehow) only balanced during the double primary days of J2. There has always been a class that overshadows the others, an underclass that is stronger, a set of weapons that works better, in other words, a metamachinability and weapons that will dominate. Stasis has a few movements that are too strong, but the fundamental ability to control the battlefield is so strong that it is depressing because it should be. I don’t think PvP will ever really reach the level of competition that so many people want, because Destiny’s imagination will collide with it intrinsically until the sandboxes are 100% separated.
  • Beyond Light has an important content for me. I never got bored, and if I got bored, I’d play another game until I did it again, and then I’d keep playing Destiny.
  • Seasonal content makes dripping possible, which was also the case with Beyond Light, so you can’t rush through all the content in a week; it’s scattered, slow, which is sometimes annoying…. And rewarding others.
  • The removed content was irrelevant. If it was still in the game, it would have just blown up; I’ve never cared about other regions except maybe Mars, because I love this design. It has served no purpose in the world of history or games, with the exception of the old Legacy content, and has only served to blow up the playing time to infinity. Removing campaigns and cards/strikes hurts, but leaves more room for further growth.
  • Luke Smith is not responsible for every gambling problem. I don’t know why it’s such a general concept, but even though he’s the director of the game, there’s a whole collective of people who actually exist and develop the game. Although he’s probably very creative as a director of the game, there are other people besides Luke Smith who can make mistakes. Demanding him to lose his job or other violent things because there is something wrong with the game (for you, or literally bugged) is childish. Luke was the game director of the expansion of the King of Tasks, which is praised by everyone, as well as the robbery director of the Glass Vault. To assume that he forces all team members to do what he wants and takes away their creative freedom is not only an incredible assumption, but it demonizes the person for no other reason than to blame one person.
  • There is a significant difference between content creators and the average or even active player. Content makers who claim that there isn’t enough content in the game can literally play the game as a mission – their opinion that there isn’t enough content should be taken with a pinch of salt. Anyone who plays a video game for a living would be quick and brilliant at rejecting the contents of a current game like Destiny 2.
  • Free events are sometimes worth organizing with certain people. Only sometimes they reward exoticism. Sometimes they give you a new garment to put on your guardian. And that’s fine. There is nothing wrong with an event that is free for all players, no cuts, no exoticism, no free sponsors.
  • Public events will never be uncomfortable or boring for most people. It is very frustrating to let the audience decide how successful you are, especially if your goals are sometimes too high. It’s gonna happen. We can criticize him for that, but it’s better to get over it than to get angry after it’s done.
  • The sunset is not perfect, it needs changes, but it is also absolutely necessary for the health of the game as a whole. Some things happen too quickly and that has to change. Some things wear off and we don’t want to get rid of them because they’re very good. But that’s why they have to go there – so that different types of weapons can come out and take up that space to build up change, to change the meta. Otherwise we are going to run Recluse/Mountaintop until the thermal death of the universe, because objectively it was best with many types of PVC and even PVC content.
  • If you know how to make a game, if you have the tools, if you have the server room, if you have the staff, if you have the money and if you have the time, not every game you make will be for everyone. That’s impossible. Bungie plays the game for what they think/hoped to be a large audience. It is not specifically intended for PPP networks. This is not specific to the EPP network. It’s not specific to Joe in the street. It’s aimed at a large audience that explodes. Not just us, not just me, not just you.
  • Bungie has made serious mistakes in the past and will continue to do so. Destiny 2 has had serious problems in the past (e.g. the Osiris curse, primary/D2Y1-double), but the goal is not to succeed the first or next time. There will never be a perfect extension, a perfect season or a perfect event; there will always be flaws, mistakes and miscalculations.
  • I’ve already been burned by Destiny 2. But I came back because it’s a good game and good content, with a (relatively) good player base and a good development team. Sometimes bad things happen.

Thanks for the lecture.

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  • Destiny 2 as a newcomer to the game.

That’s my experience after about a week’s play. I’ve played raids like Borderlands, The Division, Warframe and MMORPGs like WoW. I have also played booty games like Diablo 3. I also play a lot of Overwatch, but I’m an outsider who wants to play too much comp, I would probably…. I’d probably be.

  • GM Nightfalls: That’s not the best end of the game.

After finishing what was probably the worst GM Nightfalls of the season (3 days of hitting my head against the wall), I think it’s time to write a review about the GM Nightfalls concept. (TLDR: it’s not pretty) GM night traps do not feel that they are suitable for Destiny in their current iteration….. series.

  • Fate is first and foremost a marauder.

I don’t post much, but the total lack of information about how I feel about the game (especially about the sunset) made me feel I only had to give my opinion. For me, fate is a poacher. Pollution is an essential aspect of the environment….

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