Destiny 2: Shadowkeep Pros and Cons

Destiny 2: Shadowkeep Pros and Cons


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Video games have undoubtedly become one of the most popular forms of entertainment for many people around the world. There are many different genres of video games, and every serious gamer has at least one or two favorites that they consider the best game. Destiny 2 is a video game that has a large and loyal fan base. The exact number of players is unknown, but says there are 21 million players on PlayStation alone, and Destiny 2 is also available on PC and Xbox. The popularity is so great that there are even plans to make the game into a movie or TV series.

Destiny 2, which is also known as Destiny 2: New Light is a free online multiplayer first-person shooter. It was developed by Bungie and made its debut as a paid game in 2017. It went to free agency in October 2019 under the name New Light. Destiny 2 is set in a sci-fi world, and the gameplay includes both player vs. environment and player vs. player elements. The premise of the game is that players take on the role of protectors, charged with protecting the last safe city on Earth from various alien races and the threat of darkness.

Destiny 2 features 3 character classes with their own upgrades, special abilities and bonuses. There are also three subclasses for each character class. Players can get better stats by earning experience points while playing, which improves performance. They can also increase their power by acquiring better equipment and performing various activities such as strikes, raids and dungeons.  Reaching higher levels and obtaining better weapons and equipment can take a lot of time, effort and skill. Some players can use Destiny 2’s PC boosting service to speed up the process. Destiny 2 adds new content to the game and evolves the story through expansion packs. Destiny 2: Shadowkeep is the fourth expansion for Destiny 2.

Destiny 2: Shadowkeep Pros and Cons

Benefits of virtual storage

Overall, Shadowkeep was a good expansion that made some significant changes that will affect the game in the future. Destiny 2 benefits: Shadowcap contains:

  • Armor 2.0 : This is definitely Destiny 2’s biggest asset: Shade. Instead of focusing on a system where the player tries to increase a static number, the Armor 2.0 system adds Discipline, Intelligence and Strength to the character’s original 3 stats: Resilience, recovery and agility. A combination of these 6 stats can be used to reduce health cooldown, increase health, reduce ability cooldown and increase movement speed. Each armor contains stats, so players can search for rolls that offer the specific stats they are looking for. Choices made now will have a greater impact on how the character fights and how effective they are. The armor can also be upgraded for other mods. Mods are skills or bonuses that are added to armor and have various effects, such as. B. The ability to reload handguns faster. There are over 100 mods for Destiny 2 : Shadowkeep, which can be used in various combinations to enhance the characters’ charge. Armor upgrades are not cheap, and part of this process is to send players to more difficult areas of the game. Armored rooms have a limited amount of energy, and that energy is used to power mods. Upgrading with mica and legendary shards is relatively easy at first, but gets a little more expensive with each upgrade. Finally, players must search for rare materials such as upgrade prisms or sunbursts to obtain upgrades. A full armor upgrade will likely take a lot of time and require the team to work together to get through the more difficult sections.
  • Moon: The moon is a familiar destination to anyone who played the original Destiny game, but it has been scaled up and improved from the original version. That’s an even scarier feeling. While it is a return to an old and not entirely new goal, it is still positive for the game.
  • New addition: While none of the additions stand out, together they make a decent whole. Two new Strike player vs. player missions and 3 additional player vs. player maps have been added, 2 of which have been redesigned. Add to that a new dungeon, a new raid, new weapons, armor, and exotic gear, and you have a positive vibe.

Against: Shadow Vault

Not everything in Destiny 2: Shadowkeep was positive. Here are some negatives from Destiny 2: Shadow Expansion:

  • Shadowkeep Campaign: Destiny 2’s campaign is decent at best. It takes place mostly on the moon and doesn’t add much to the story. There are a few new strikes and a new patrol area, but the main story is definitely a bit short and can be played out in 5 or 6 hours. It also ends abruptly, and you may not even realize it. It is meant to be part of a larger story that is yet to be added, but it could be longer.
  • Missing additions : As previously mentioned, the new additions to Destiny 2: Shadowhunters are pretty good, but they’re not good enough. While there are new additions in almost every area, there aren’t many. It would be great to see more new things.

Destiny 2 is a game that is constantly evolving and expanding. The Shadowkeep expansion introduced Armor 2.0, which has a real positive effect on player character development. This is the strong point of the Shadowkeep expansion and it makes the game better.

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