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Bungie has been working on the next big update to Destiny 2 called “Destiny 2: Forsaken”, and we now know when to expect it. On October 24th, Bungie will kick off a couple weeks of live streams where they’ll share a new story trailer, a handful of gameplay previews, and a new batch of developer interviews.

Bungie proved that the Destiny series isn’t just a multiplayer first-person shooter – it’s a shared world-building endeavor that’s not just about shooting aliens. Destiny 2 is the next great thing for Bungie, and we’ve got an exclusive early look at the multiplayer beta, as well as the first trailer for the story campaign.

This week at Bungie, we began work on our next DLC pack. We’ll have more details for you soon, but I can say that it’s going to be a big one.

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We’re going over the Ley Lines this week at Bungie.

Another week has passed, and it’s time for another TWAB. The past four TWABs have been massive Godzilla-sized TWABs building up to Season of the Lost and last week’s huge Destiny 2 Showcase. Because the new Season is online and the game is doing all the talking, expect the next few to be a bit lighter.

The second week of Season 2 of Lost has begun. Warning: this article contains spoilers. In the Astral Alignment action, a new monster awaits you, as well as a new location to explore in the Shattered Realm. When you visit, Savathûn, the queen of lies, is wrapped in her crystal sleeping bag but still speaking in your ear. At the start of the Season, she presented her case. Was it persuasion? Did you purchase it? Maybe just a smidgeon?

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Taking the Next Step

You’ve done it again, Guardians! Thank you for assisting us in raising over $200,000 in direct donations, as well as pre-ordering thousands of Guardians for Hope T-shirts, all in the name of providing life-saving humanitarian aid to people around the world who are currently experiencing crisis as a result of multiple natural disasters. Our colleagues at Direct Relief and Team Rubicon, as well as ourselves, are very thankful for your help.

Emblems will be sent via email on Thursday, September 9 to individuals who made a qualifying contribution or pre-ordered a T-shirt between August 19 and September 1.

  • The Anchor Point symbol was achieved by direct contributions of $25 or more.

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  • The Vital Elixir symbol was acquired by pre-ordering the Guardians for Hope T-shirt.

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After you make your pre-order, you can anticipate your Guardians for Hope T-shirt to arrive 4 to 6 weeks later.

We also have some great news to share! We’ve decided to extend the deadline for placing your purchase to September 30 at 11:59 p.m. ET due to the success of the shirt. Visit Team Rubicon’s online shop now if you haven’t been able to get one for yourself or a loved one. On Thursday, October 7, everyone who pre-orders a Guardians for Hope T-shirt throughout the month of September will get the Vital Elixir symbol by email.

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We hope you continue to experience a strong sense of pride, comradery, and connection to one another and to people whose lives you make better every day as we finish up this campaign and give the money you’ve collected to our great disaster relief partners.


The Bungie Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to the development

He has a doctorate in orchestranomics.

DrLupo collaborated with Intel to start off Intel Gamer Days last Friday by playing Destiny music with a live orchestra as he and a bunch of his mods played Deep Stone Crypt. As Lupo’s team performed through the raid, it was incredible to see these musicians adjust in real time. Performing music, like conducting a raid, is all about timing, cooperation, and moving through complex dynamics that threaten to destroy the world in a seamless manner.

You may view the full replay here, or simply jump to the part you’re interested in. watch?t=704&v=azguytuh2a8&feature=youtu - This Week At Bungie 9/02/2021

Deep Stone Lullaby is a track from the album Deep Stone Lullaby. We are aware of your presence.

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HOTFIX is the latest version of HOTFIX.

Hotfix for Destiny 2 was released earlier today. Some of the problems that have been addressed are listed below. You can find a full set of patch notes here. 50668 - This Week At Bungie 9/02/2021


  • The benefits of the Withering Heat artifact mod will be accurately described.
  • The elemental affinity of the Lucky Pants Exotic Hunter leg armor may be adjusted.
  • Shaders will be able to be applied to the new Iron Banner armor sets as well as the Radiant Dance Machines, No Backup Plans, and Nothing Manacles Exotics.
  • Armor Synthesis will include the Illuminus Grasps Hunter arms decoration with subclass glow.
  • If players pick up Atlas Skews before starting the quest, or if they pick up Skews on another character, their progress toward the Tracing the Stars quest will now be counted.
  • The Witch Queen’s Lucidity pre-order insignia may now be recovered via the Collections menu.


While we continue to look into numerous known problems, here is a summary of the most recent concerns reported in our #Help Forum.

  • Tier 3 Focused Umbral Engrams had no weekly limit, therefore we released a server-side patch to address that.
  • The Decrypting the Darkness quest, as well as access to it and the Prismatic Recaster, cannot be acquired via the Umbral Decoder.
  • In the Fallen Walker public event, the barricades around the Scorch Cannons reject anyone that comes close to them, prohibiting Heroic completions of the event.
  • The burn damage dealt by the Dawn Chorus Exotic Warlock helmet is no longer extended to opponents.
  • We’ve temporarily blocked the Wormgod Caress Exotic Titan gauntlets due to a problem where Titans may inadvertently deal a lot of damage with their throwing hammers.
  • We’ve temporarily banned the Radiant Dance Machines Exotic Hunter pants in Gambit and all PvP activities due to a bug that enables Hunters to dodge an unexpected number of times in a row.
  • With the dispersal of the Exodus Down armor, the Red War Collections badge became incomplete. This has no bearing on any previously acquired titles that needed this badge to be completed.
  • The shader Wicked Overgrowth Iron Banner isn’t available.
  • If you didn’t unlock the Proving Grounds strike before Season of the Lost, you won’t see it on Nessus.
  • To generate healing and empowering rifts, the Promethium Spur Exotic Warlock leg armor now seems to need a Solar weapon, which can only be used once.
  • Because Steam doesn’t recognize the installation location, the error code POTATO may be occurring more often for PC gamers.
  • The Lost Sector on the Moon K1 Crew Quarters Legend claims Void burns in the director and totem, while Arc burns in the action.
  • Bungie Rewards does not have the Share the Glass emblem. On September 7, this problem will be addressed.

Players may consult our guide for a complete list of Destiny 2’s current problems. 360054863011 Destiny 2 Year 4 Known Issues and Vital Information - This Week At Bungie 9/02/2021

Known Issues article. Players who observe other issues should report them to our ?tg=Help - This Week At Bungie 9/02/2021 #Help forum.


TWAB MovieOfTheWeek 2020 Animated - This Week At Bungie 9/02/2021

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What do you do if you find out your co-worker took a D&D alignment quiz and scored Neutral Evil? Like the very person who is editing this TWAB. I mean, it’s obvious that these online quizzes are not scientific in any way, but you still must wonder when the inevitable betrayal will happen.

Editor’s Note: Cozmo, please pay attention to what I’m saying… I’m not a bad guy!

In any case, here are our choices for the best films of the week.

Always has been, and always will be, the film of the week.

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Witch Queen Anime Opening (Movie of the Week)

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We loaded up the truck last week.

. It was difficult to squeeze everything in since there were so many artists and so much art! It’s a wonderful issue to have, and one that we can address since the TWAB will continue to showcase our best community art each week.

“Nukal, Spine Breaker” is the artwork of the week.

Hunter Supers on a 15-foot Hive Knight? Terrifying.

Despite her moniker, “Nukal, Spine Breaker,” she is a pleasant character until provoked. #Destiny2Art #DestinyArt #Destiny2Art #DestinyArt

— Rammy McHammy (@RammyMcHammy) 1 September 2021

“Whether we wanted it or not, we ste-” is this week’s art.

“Whether we liked it or not, we were forced to ste-“

My piece for the upcoming community calendar tied together by @cfanprojects~ I’m so excited to be participating and I wonder what month I’ll be!( #Zavala #Destiny2Art #DestinyArt #Destiny2 #void @Bungie @DestinyTheGame

August 31, 2021 — Hiseumin (@HiseuminGo)

Congratulations if your work was featured here! Your profile is all we need. The easiest method to get it to us is to respond to your winning post with it, and we’ll send it to you.

Oh, and did we mention that Iron Banner is also up and running right now? Before the reset, go grab those Pinnacle drops. Peacebond, we’ve heard excellent things about the Stasis Sidearm. It can now roll with Iron Reach, and Forge’s Pledge may now roll with Iron Grip, thanks to today’s Hotfix.

We’re just halfway through Season 2 of Lost, and there’s much more to come. In the Ley Lines, I’ll see you.

<3 Cozmo

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This week was a big one for the Destiny 2 community. On September 2nd, the publisher of the game, Activision, was accused of stealing the heroes of the game from the previous one, called Destiny, by some Bungie employees. This is not the first time Bungie has had this issue, but it is the first time the company has been accused of stealing ideas.. Read more about destiny 2 twab time and let us know what you think.

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