Mask of the Revenant Warframe Quest-A Complete Guide


The scandalous mask is an extra search from the armory to unlock a decorative mask for the operator.
The story of the mask tells the story of Warframe, which was abandoned to prevent the return of the Aidolon Feeling (the enemies of Orokin during the old war). Once the quest is completed, the reward for the quest is the draw for Warframe Revenant.

How to use the compensation mask

Requirements .

  • To start the search, you must have the title of an observer with Pereretlights (second row).
  • Terminate internal job execution to use the
    Nak operator.

When you’ve reached the second row with The Quills, go to Cetus and talk to Nakakakak.
Nakak is a young mask seller located on the left side of the Cetus market, just opposite the gates of the Eidolone plain, where you can choose Fast Travel from the menu.
You need to see a small X mark above your head to be available.
To start the search, talk to Nuck and select Mask?
She will say she has a strange mask, called The Lost Mask by Oncko, and sell it to a bad guy.
Buy a mask and prepare for the mission.

The new threat is similar to

How do I equip a vigilante mask?
Compulsory fitting of a mask for the wearer

You need to put on a mask and go to Edolon Plains tonight.
To equip the mask switch with a Hardware -> Operator -> Appearance, select Lost Mask under Hood.
At night, on the plain, follow the white-marked landmark on the southwest shore of Lake Gara-Toht.

Note to find the mask of the places of revenge.

If you do not see a white circle on the mini map, press the M button to display the level map and a white route point.

Location on the map of Revenant

You should see a large spectral silhouette of Edolon disappear into the ground, and near the coast you’ll find a small fragment of energy to touch.
Hitting the energy fragment will release the new threat.
A new threat looms at
Nak will have visions and begin to see things She will say that the lake where Gara defeated the sensory and its essence resembled a land eerily caught between the desire to come to the surface when the moon rises.
Then a war framework was set up to prevent the return of the sensitive until it was lost, and now Nakak asks Teno to help him rebuild.
You have to go back to Cetus, talk to End and ask Bounty to find and build up the details of the baneling fight.
If a player has at least one income component from the battlefield or has purchased a completed income on the market, Nakakakak will ask him to continue.
Additional basic drawings can also be purchased at Cephalon Simaris for 100,000 euros.

The horror is long forgotten

To continue your search, return to the Eidolon Plain at night.
Follow the direction of the white waypoint to find another small energy point.
Naka will have a different vision of the Unum (a living consciousness that lives in the Tower of Orokin and is worshipped and worshipped by petrified people), in which the watchman and the battle of the senses is mentioned.
You must return to Konzu and make bonuses to get more units for the military personnel of the recipe.


When you return to the plain at night, you must find the 3’rd and the last piece of sensual energy between Lake Gara-Toht and the Reni spring. Look for an energy fragment, as it should be at the lake.
He will try to escape, and you will see him in the water when the (Lost) Alliance sinks, while he tries to get up and reach the Eidolon.
Nuck will say it’s not a captured spirit of the Warframe, but he’s become Edolon’s mask and we can’t have him rebuilt, Tennō must destroy him.
When Naka ends the story, the Spirit of Indignation (a mask for Eidolon) appears, armed with a capricious rifle, and the attack on Tennō begins. Victory at the Ghost Awards in the Revenant Warframe drawing.

Receiver’s fee
Receiver's fee

You have to do these bonuses to get spare parts for the Returning Warrior.
Search and Rescue
Ostron has been reported missing in the plain. Find her and bring her home.
Mission Levels 20-40, where you can get a draw from Revenant Systems from 8.42 to 20.51
This bonus also includes a draw from Gara Neuroptics in the jackpot.

Spy Plod is Spy Greenier. Press Squeak and bring out the spy.
Mission levels 30-50, where you can get a drawing of the Revenant chassis, with the possibility to go from 8.51 to 19.05.

Catch the Greeniere
Commander A high-ranking Greeniere has landed on the plain. Take her to Lotus.
Mission Levels 40-60 where you can get the Neuroptic Reversal Plane from 6.76 to 10.20 chance to fall.

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