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Continue if you are looking for games like Blockbuster and are curious about what similar games you want to play next. At the beginning of the sound battle, both teams are given a theme, for example films with dogs. You start a 15-second timer, shout the correct movie and then press the buzzer to reset the time. The other team is in a hot spot and should do the same. Those who run out of time pass the advantage to another team, which takes control of the next round of performance, including guessing based on what they have done, used in a word or quoted.

To make this list, we’ve broken Blockbuster down to what it is. This is a quiz game about cinema with a performance element. You must have excellent film skills, but you must also have access to different parts of your brain through acting or quoting. If you’re looking for something like this, you’ve come to the right place. We took all this into account and made this list of 5 board games like Blockbuster.

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Stay cool with the board game

#05 | Stay cool

Stay Cool makes a list of board games like Blockbuster, because it’s another little thing that really gets the party going with its different game levels. You answer questions, but you communicate with your neighbors in a non-standard way.

The game consists of three rounds that change slightly, but the goal is to answer your left neighbour’s questions as you talk and write the answers to your right neighbour’s questions. You will be pressed for the time and your score will be calculated by multiplying these two total points with each move to get your total. For 3 to 7 players of the game, 10 to 30 minutes are scheduled for each of them.

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online musical film board game

#04 | Time: Music and Film

This is it: Music and movies make a list of board games like blockbusters, because it’s another film quiz game that broadens the scope of how to use your vast knowledge base. Instead of being an interesting performance hook, it fits into the general chronology.

It is a card game played with 110 cards. Each map shows a historical event on both sides, with the year of the event on only one side. Players take turns to place the card from their hand on the table. Once the card has been placed, the player opens the date to check that the card has been placed in the correct place. He’s right, and he’s wrong, and this player attracts another. The first one to discard all the cards wins. For 2 to 8 players the game takes about 15 minutes.

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Rolling Stone Party

#03 | Rolling Stone Rock & Roll Party

Rolling Stone Rock & Roll Party Game makes a list of board games such as blockbusters because it is a different category of pop culture being tested and because it uses the same game mechanics. They always have a fast fire and different performance categories, here only with music.

It’s a rock’n’roll music game for anyone who’s ever heard a song. You don’t have to be a music fan to win this game; you just need to know the names of some very famous bands and listen to one or two famous songs. First of all, one player from each team will take part in the Battle of Musical Sounds. In the second round (Triple Charades Jeopardy) players try to let their team guess the artist by describing the artist in one of the following three ways: by quoting words, humming or using a word. The first team to collect a record of all eight genres wins.

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MTV Throwing Music Party Parts Copyright © 2020 Matt Halvorson. All rights reserved.

#02 | MTV Throwback Music Party Game

MTV Throwback Music Party Game makes a list of games like blockbusters because like the Rolling Stone Game above, it takes a piece of pop culture and uses a similar game mechanic. They always have a fast fire and different performance categories, here only with music.

First of all, you’re facing each other in a fast-paced firefight. A player from each team tries to find a number that matches the description on the face-to-face card. You go back and forth until someone else is no longer involved. Then go on a show tour. Each team has to pass on to the group in 3 ways: execution, quote and a word. If you pass one of the nine genres, you win. With 4 players the game takes about 30 minutes.

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double board game

#01 | Dual function

The dual function is at the top of the list of board games like Blockbuster because it’s just another cinematic quiz that comes closest to it. It is necessary to have a broad knowledge base and to be able to name all the different parts of a film, from the plot to the people involved.

In the Double Feature card game, players earn points by mentioning a movie that combines elements from two Double Feature cards with categories such as character, genre, location, production, props, scene, set and theme. For example, if the cards are in black and white (production) and New York (installation), the correct answers can cover everything from King Kong to Manhattan! With 3 to 10 players the matches last 20 to 35 minutes.

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