Video Game Themed Slot Machines

Video Game Themed Slot Machines

These are gambling devices where you try out on a game of chance. They can be traced back to the early 19th century. The machine is designed to insert a nickel in the device, pull a lever to start, and use the cancel reply to end.

 History of some five video game-themed slots.

They evolved gradually over the years, and in 1996, the first online slot machines created were; “reel Em” the release of videos greatly increased the popularity of slots the world over. This is most likely due to the video graphics that were now in vogue Casino owners have also started making a lot of profit from including online video game-themed slot machines.

In the Mid 90’s slot also became one of the video games added to online casinos. Although still having some of the original slot machines, these video slot games have fewer restrictions, and the visual appeal and structure endeared them to the hearts of many. Gradually, casino owners began to expand the range of slot machines and offer a variety of rewards for winning. For example, you can get Luxury Casino Rewards if you try your hand at their slot machines, and luck will smile on you.

We will be looking at six video game-themed slots that are most common in any online casino.

Resident Evil

Video Game Themed Slot Machines

This is one of the most common matches. It is originally a movie about zombies, making it a favorite for those looking for a match with a horror theme. The Resident Evil also includes the zombie horror montage alongside the characteristics of the slot. The game has different versions. The 6th has five reels, with 25 fixed pay lines and three rows alongside other characteristics. You are expected to hunt down zombies. There are icons displaying weapons on sale. You can bet with 0.25 coins to as high as 250. There is a bonus round for you to try and rid the world of zombies.


Video Game Themed Slot Machines

Zuma is a common game that is easy to enjoy. It adopts and uses the same concept used in the original Zuma game where the Tiki Lords try to stop you from making progress. In Zuma, the Tiki bosses stand in the way of achieving the jackpot win. However, this version has better graphic quality than the original. The Zuma- offers free spins. Aside from the Zuma montage, it also has normal game icons. It is a five-reel match. To win, you must place a denomination bet that begins from 1p/1c to £1/$1. Only one coin can be placed per line. You then have to press the spin button, and all the wheels will rotate in various combinations. If you get a combination of 3 or more symbols that do not include 9, 10, J, Q, and the K, then you have a win.

Zuma comes with multipliers, excellent sound, and also extra rounds. This award-winning franchise theme also has an in-game jackpot where you can win several rewards. Reviews boast that the payout rate of the game is 95% which is very enticing and attracts more people to participate.


Video Game Themed Slot Machines

This is equally very popular when it comes to gaming. It is a Japanese fighting video game franchise developed in 1987. It was developed and published by Capcom. The normal street fighter provides a great sensation to video game lovers. This is probably why it is one of the most popular slot machine games. The main games have a varied cast of 80 characters plus another 30 in the spin-off, with each having a unique fighting style. The game has zero play lines.

The gamer gets to pick a favorite character to use while earning some money. There is also an extra round in the game. The Jackpot up for grabs is up to a whopping £250,000. If you are lucky to get a combination of J, Q, K, and A, you will land yourself a clutter pay.

Tomb Raider

Video Game Themed Slot Machines

This is another favorite with video gamers. The Raider slot game has several sequels. The franchise covers movies and games. The match is based on Lara Croft, who is a prominent part of the tomb raider. You will also find that the game has all the needed slot features you need to enjoy a game. These include five reels and 15 pay lines, sound, and a lot of high pay symbols. It had a demo version for first-timers to try out their hands on the game before staking. Tomb Raider slot themes are accessible on both desktops and mobile devices so that you can enjoy them at your convenience.

Call of Duty

Video Game Themed Slot Machines

An all-time favorite shooter match is Call of Duty. Fans can seem to have enough of it, so why not have a feel of it while trying out your hands on a slot. Its sequels have been made to show different eras. When playing its sequel version, you will find most of the scenes are familiar, although some added features like the land mines only make it all the more thrilling. It is a 25 pay line game. You could win up to $100,000. You can play with $0.01 coins to $500 coins. The extra rounds are sure to increase your chances of hitting a high jackpot.

In addition to the five above, Hitman is another interesting pick to look out for.


Video Game Themed Slot Machines

These video game slot machine games are inspired by the famous movie Agent 47. Agent 47 is himself the wild symbol in the match. The game’s 15 pay lines are not fixed. This means you get to decide the number of pay lines you wish to keep open. You have an opportunity to win 4000 × of your initial stake. There are bonus contract rounds where players can win up to 270,000 coins. You can get to win up to 18 free games with that 2x multiplier chance. To win, you have to cons across up to 18 certificate symbols.


If you are a fan of spooky retro games, then the list above is for you! They are also all available for mobile devices. Some of these allow you to make real money while enjoying yourself and having fun from your comfort zone. Some are designed for individuals, while others enable you to connect with friends. Whether you follow Lara on her adventure or love being a shooter, these themed games promise to give gamers an exciting experience.

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