Amazon Games responds to complaints that Lost Ark character redesigns are ‘censorship’

Amazon Games responds to complaints that Lost Ark character redesigns are ‘censorship’

In November 2017, the developer of the Lost Ark video game for the Amazon Fire TV platform announced that they would be changing the character designs of their protagonist and a female character over the next few months. Let me be blunt: this was a bad idea.

It seems that a number of developers have come down hard on the gaming community for voicing their opinions about how many changes Amazon Games conducted in the Lost Ark series. From the large-headed, “boob-heavy” women to the more recent version of the male character that was initially “too masculine”, many users have been quick to call out the entire games’ development team for seemingly attempting to censor progressivism.

… Amazon Games responded to feedback from the Lost Ark community and has adjusted its content in an effort to avoid the appearance of censorship. The content now available in English includes English voice-over, an English sub-plot on the game, English display of the game’s Story Mode, and an English tutorial.

Amazon Games responds to complaints that Lost Ark character redesigns are ‘censorship’

Lost Ark hasn’t even been released in the West yet, and already there are the first stupid controversies. When Amazon Games first announced it would be releasing an MMOARPG, the company said it would be making some changes to the creation of characters and NPCs in the game to make more players feel comfortable, with more diverse skin types when creating characters and NPCs in the game.

Some of these changes were criticized when a Redditor user shared comparison images showing some of these visual differences, leading some players to claim that the changes amounted to censorship. The original post has been deleted, but is still on Removeddit, and a more recent (and still current) post offers some of these comparisons.

Similar accusations of censorship were made on the game’s Steam forums, particularly regarding women’s clothing, leading to a response from a CM who stated that images with more modest clothing were marketing material and promised that there would still be plenty of openly clothed women in Lost Ark . We’re not creating new outfits, he writes, we’re just going for sexier ones.

ViewOne of the criticisms of Lost Ark, a co-op action RPG from Amazon Games, is that some of its characters have been altered for the sake of political correctness. The controversy began on Twitter for a character called “Uncle Pete” who was said to have been given a gender-swapped appearance. Others, though, pointed out how the character had been deliberately left unchanged.. Read more about amazon game studio lost ark and let us know what you think.

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