15 Best base designs in State of Survival

It’s been a while since State of Survival  was released last December, but it’s still a great game. It’s made by Oxeye Game Studios, a small indie game company based in South Korea that specializes in building their own mobile games, and they continue to release new content and new features for the game.  Their most recent update,  Season 2: Rise of Blackout,  just recently launched, and I’m here to give you an in-depth look at all the new additions and changes.

The game State of Survival is a free-to-play online multiplayer game (with a single-player mode) in which two teams of up to ten players (or one team of four players) attempt to scavenge, capture, and secure the most resources in order to create the desired base in each map. The game has a variety of maps, and each map has a distinct terrain, layout, and base design. The goal of State of Survival is to create the best base for the team, while the other team tries to do the same.

State of Survival is a post-apocalyptic free-to-play management game in which you control a growing group of survivors in a world filled with the undead. Although there are missions to complete and survivors to upgrade in intense battles, the emphasis is on building a base. Some build for efficiency, others for looks. In this article, we have collected the top 15 basic designs in State of Survival from the community to inspire you during the game.

15. Enormous wealth

That first base was so well built that it has thrived better than most others we have been able to build. There’s no real secret here, other than playing the game the way the developer intended. Each building is constantly being improved, and the player asks his alliance members to help him build to shorten the construction time. Of course, you have to commit to logging in several times a day and constantly searching for resources to make the next update, but it’s possible.

14. Segmented

It is designed for players who like to organize their buildings. Each resource building is in one area, exploration in another, and single-use buildings are separated to avoid confusion. This base is built so that the player knows exactly where to take the screen when loading. It is very effective and was clearly designed that way from the beginning. Keep this in mind if you want to press the screen once and specify everything quickly.

13. Just for fun

Image via u/p_iynx on Reddit

This base is an excellent example of a player having fun and enjoying himself. In this game you have to build as many structures as possible and really fill your base. You can also have fun drawing animal faces or other shapes on the floor. There is nothing wrong with buying a nice cat or dog and keeping it for as long as possible.

12. Reliable focus

image via u/raullapeira on Reddit

This base was designed to look like a small town full of hope in the middle of an apocalypse. It reminds us of Alexandria in The Walking Dead. A safe zone in a world where people can return to some degree of normality without worrying too much about the monsters lurking outside the walls. This base is certainly ineffective, but at least it looks good.

11. Hyper efficient

image via u/capcoid on Reddit

Here we see another base optimized for efficiency. It’s just different from the one described above. While the previous, highly optimized base aimed to collect all resources in one place, this base collects all specific building types. This makes it easier to understand how much production you have and what other important structures are nearby.

10. Beautiful colours

Image created by AkA in Discord

This base doubles the colorful aspects of this game. Usually games that take place after the end of the world are boring and monotonous. Here, however, we see the colors coming from every angle. It’s a refreshing way to build a base that stands out from other alliance bases.

9. Subdivision with tracks

image by Skai [300]S196 on Discord

This base shows how the player used the rails to clearly delineate each area of his base. It takes a lot of time and effort, but the results are worth it. Like some of the other bases on this list, this one looks like it could have existed in real life. People tend to seek order everywhere, and this base shows how this is taken to the extreme in the world of State of Survival.

8. celebrate

Image via ThreeofFour on Discord

This base shows what happens when humanity flourishes after the end of the world. Not only did this player make a fantastic base, but he made it as flashy as possible so it would attract attention when he died. This is a goal if you are just starting out and need motivation.

7. Use of tree line

Image via Introvert on Discord

This base shows the player using the tree line to camouflage his buildings as well as possible. All their products are in one central location and easily accessible at the touch of a screen. The rest of the colony is to the side, well hidden behind the trees. It’s a great way to bring out the aesthetic where you don’t have to touch. When these production structures are fully modernised, this base will obviously also become very efficient.

6. Single crane

Image via Isaacs_ on Reddit

This base is designed to give you everything you need at a glance on the screen. This is a dream come true for most players, as it allows them to maximize their playing time and spend as little time as possible at their facility. It sounds very clinical, but if it works well, there’s not much you can do about it.

5. Tightening up

image via Hatchet Man on Discord

This is the base that most players build when they first play the game. If you put all the buildings together in one corner, it is easier to defend them and keep track of them. The only problem is that after a certain number of buildings, it’s pretty hard to tell them apart. It also limits future upgrades and is not very useful for long-term use.

4. Central Park

Photo taken with Flasher on Discord

Most players ignore nature in their builds, but it is central to this base. It’s fun to watch, but it will probably get in the way most of the time. If you’re looking for something different for your next base, make a giant garden in the middle. Plus, it’s fun to watch.

3. Chaotic

Image via Carpet on Discord

This base is what we all build in at least one part of the game. This is the part of the game where we start the story without thinking about where we place the structures. It’s easy to fix, but hard to avoid. It’s important to know that everyone does this, and you shouldn’t feel bad if you make a bit of a mess of it. After all, the rest of the world is covered in rotting flesh.

2. Use of line

Photo taken with Flasher on Discord

This basis is based on the use of lines. Each building is built in a very deliberate line in relation to the other buildings around it. All the main buildings are in the large block at the top, and the resource production is in the small rectangle on the right. It’s probably pretty effective, but mostly it’s just organized. Perfect for those who like order in their game.

1. One by one

photo shared by AussieSoldier on Discord

This last item shows what happens when you place all the buildings you need in a row. You end up with a base that has no personality at all. There’s nothing wrong with that, and it’s fine if you just want to get through the game without wasting time on basic design. If you want to do something that looks good, get out of the way.

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