Top 10 Treehouse of Horror Segments

Treehouse of Horror Segments

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While The Simpsons are now (and for a long time) just a shadow of what they used to be, the highlight of the series succeeds in overcoming its disappointing legacy by shining as an indelible part of American pop culture, while the animated comedy sitcom hasn’t sold for a long time. The Simpsons have left us many joys, one of their favourites is the tree of terror. Starting from season two, the series broadcasts a special Halloween episode each year, consisting of three sections, which are separated with continuity, scary stories, often parodies of scary movies or television, to entertain and have fun on the eve of All the Gifts. Unfortunately, Treehouse of Horror, like all other Simpsons episodes, has long since lost its shine, but Halloween paperclips are still the classics. It would be almost impossible to select my favorite episode for the episode, because some stories are better than others in each of them. To celebrate Halloween this year, here are my 10 best segments of the Wooden House of Horrors in chronological order.

Hunger – Damn – horror village

If you wanted to make Chief Serak cry, mission accomplished!

The Simpsons are abducted to varying degrees by Kang and Kodos, aliens that appear in all horror houses. The Simpsons are being treated to a party on their way to a distant planet, but Lisa suspects the aliens’ motives and makes a terrible discovery. …does Lisa? A parody of an old episode of the Twilight Zone Serve the Man, the Hungry – the Damned – screams about human paranoia and how it prevents progress, but does not preach it. That Lisa’s the only one who doesn’t trust aliens is better than Homer. It’s all our fault, not just the stupidest of us. Along the way there is something to laugh about, from the need for two tractor beams to lift Homer in Kang, to the hobby of Kodos Pong.

Dial indicator Z for Zombies – Horror tree III

To the bookstore!

While looking in the occult books section of the school library, Bart is standing in front of the Book of Magic and Spells (part 2). When he and Lisa use it to bring their dead car back from the dead, they accidentally release an army of zombies in Springfield. Soon the Simpsons will have to save what’s left of their city. This is one of the funniest parts of the Village of Terror, where many historical figures rise from their graves to the menacing Springfield. There are also big jokes, like the zombies that pass by Homer when they realize he doesn’t have the brains to eat them, and Homer’s reaction to the death of Ned-Vlaanderen, the undead (Was he a zombie?).

The Devil and Homer Simpson – Old House of Horrors IV

Mmm, a forbidden donut!

Typically, Homer sells his soul for a donut, and his attempt to outwit the devil ends just as well as one would expect a spiritual duel between Homer Simpson and an eternal being to end. But when Lisa insists on a trial, the real battle for Homer’s soul begins. Pictures of Ned Flanders as the Devil would be enough to take a look at this Simpson classic, but every aspect of the Devil and Homer Simpson is perfect. Hell’s attempt to punish Homer with irony fails hysterically, Lionel Hatz defends Homer at court as best he can, and the path that saved Homer’s soul is imbued with the greatest tradition of the Simpsons. Satan’s ultimate vengeance is as great as Homer’s reaction.

Horror for 5 ½ Foot – Village horror house IV

I was told the child was using his imagination and I came to put an end to this situation.

The Simpsons are recording perhaps the most famous episode of the Twilight Zone, when Bart, in the position of William Shatner, sees a Gremlin crash a school bus on its way to Springfield Elementary School. No one else sees it naturally and everyone thinks he’s crazy. So Bart has to stop the monster and save his classmates – along with Principal Skinner and gardener Willie. A crushing puddle of goblins creates surprisingly exciting moments and Bart’s growing despair is palpable. Of course it’s also very funny, with Bart’s show about Uther’s kinship and Homer’s running horn joke.

Dracula Burt Simpson – Old House of Terror IV

Lisa, vampires are an act like elves, goblins and Eskimos.

Yes, the three segments of the wooden Horror House IV, which represents the most remarkable tradition of Halloween Simpson, are on the list. While Springfield was in the grip of a wave of vampire murders, Mr. Burns invited the Simpsons to dinner and left clues that only Homer could ignore the fact that he wanted to drink their blood. Soon Bart will turn around and Lisa will have to convince his family… The images it contains are fantastic, especially the scary castle of Mr. Burns and the disgusting complexion of vampires. (The burnt hair is embroidered in Bram Stoker’s Dracula, based on the ridiculous actions of Gary Oldman, as prescribed at the time) The jokes are still relevant; Homer’s cases that overlook the monstrous nature of Burns are hysterical and of strong personality, as is his first failed attempt to kill a vampire.

Horror light shaft V

But don’t read my mind between 4:00 and 5:00! It’s Willie time!

You don’t have to guess which parodies on the horror classics. The Simpsons have the opportunity to act as guardians of an isolated hotel that Mr Burns has heard, but the lack of television and beer – and the ghosts chasing the estate – are beginning to drive Homer into a murderous frenzy. Luckily, Bart has a psychic gift called… The charisma (so that no one is persecuted) that can be their salvation. This segment is greatly enriched by the enjoyment of many classic scenes and elements from The Shining, both in the film and in the book, but they all work. In the three parts of this episode where Willie seems to save the day just to be killed with an axe, this is also the first case of a running joke; they’re all funny, but this is the one that makes a direct reference.

 Treehouse of Horror Segments

Nightmare on the Evergreen Terrace – Horror Village House VI

Don’t touch Willie. That’s good advice.

In the reef of the Elm Street nightmare, gardener Willie burns to the ground at a meeting of the Springfield Elementary School Parent Council and swears with his last breath to kill the children of his parents in their dreams. One by one Willie chases children like Freddy Krüger until Bart decides to take him into the world of dreams. Just like in the killer’s film, murder is funny and inventive, just like the many bizarre forms Willie takes in his sleep. Homer’s idiotic misinterpretation of the thermostat warning strangely leads to Willie’s death and the ensuing revenge, and the unlikely rescue of the children until the grand finale.

Citizen Kang – Horror Village House VII

Don’t blame me. I voted for Kodos.

This is the best of Kang and Kodos’ performance. The alien duo landed on earth and replaced Bill Clinton and Bob Dawle in the 1996 presidential election. Only Homer knows the truth, but nobody believes him because he’s Homer Simpson. The obvious observation that the two American political parties treat each other just as badly as the ruthlessness of the two-party system is well established, not shooting at Republicans or Democrats in particular, but at the stupid attributes of politics in general. (Remember when they did that?) The empty election slogans, the difficulty of pleasing both parties and the pointlessness of voting for a third, and Homer’s failed attempts to save the world, are a source of laughter.

The HΩmega Man – horror house VIII

In the midst of all these murders and robberies, we’ve forgotten love.

After the destruction of Springfield by a neutron bomb (in the hands of the French!) Homer is a lonely survivor and finds his way in a desert world. Of course Homer does that – dancing naked and watching movies in a theatre full of dead bodies. But when he finds out that some of his friends are still around, he realizes he’s on the run from the mutated killers. Inspired by The Omega Man/I Am Legend, The HΩmega We make jokes about post-apocalyptic fiction by realizing that we can do anything, that we can mutate people who become bloodthirsty for no apparent reason, and even the idea that people can be real monsters. Extra points for recommending Tommy Boy.

I know what you did – House of Horror Village X.

Hey, Maude! Shit! Shit! I had fun with my buddy Homer! Didley!

On their way home the Simpsons accidentally ran over Ned-Vlaanderen in a thick fog and hid their part in his death. But a series of bloody notes suggest that someone knows what really happened. A lot of digging in Ned’s uncomfortable mother tongue, ridiculous praise for Homer (we’re still looking for the real killer), potential hiding places of horror, and Homer constantly sticking a stick in Ned’s eyes – all that makes this climb what you did last summer as the winner. The real reason for Ned’s survival is the icing on the cake, digging how these films almost always free the protagonists from the transgression caused by their ordeal.


What are your favorite segments of the Wooden House of Horrors? Are you still watching The Simpsons? How many of them will be Disney+ censors in the next few years? Give us your comments, and happy Halloween from Geeks + Gamers!


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