52 What Do You Call Jokes

What you call a joke is the point.

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What you call jokes are just the best jokes because they attract your audience with the head question, so you can hit them on the head of their innocent with a spectacular joke.

This type of comedy is available so you can always use it.

Living in a humorless world is like living in a world without ice. They may survive, but we never want to know what the sad world without ice looks like.

That’s why you need these jokes.


3 The best thing to call a joke

The best thing you call jokes.

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When you’re ready for what’s called a joke, you can immerse yourself in the best of it. We searched our joke archive for the best jokes we could find.

Here are the three best jokes, as you call them:

1. What do you call a horse that can’t lose a race?

It’s a good joke when you’re in the mood to bet.

2. What do you call a group of disorganized cats?

Cat people make bananas for this joke.

3. What do you call a pig that knows karate?

A karate pig? You can’t go wrong with a good animal joke.

3 Banal, as you call jokes.

What you call jokes is trite, what you call jokes.

by: Bigstockphoto / Light Field Studios

Sometimes it’s not enough to be stupid. Then you need to take those super-banalancing jokes out of your reserves. Have you ever looked at your nephews or nieces for too long and ended up in a downward spiral of headaches, the first of which was the collapse of the 5th World War.

Don’t worry, brother. That’s where ordinary jokes and maybe a sweet snack come into play.

Here are three common jokes, as you call them:

4. What do you call a vest mounted alligator?

Smart joke for a lot of people.

5. What do you call a droid that can travel far?

Save that wisdom for the next time your partner rides the merry-go-round.


by: Stripping / Frank V.

6. What do you call a duck that only gets A’s?

Make kids laugh with that kind of stupid joke.

3 Smart, what do you call ajoke?

10 Sage, what do you call jokes?

by: Insolence / Priscilla du Prez

Have you ever been forced to communicate with people you’re not interested in? Those spiritual jokes you call jokes can be your saving grace. If you’re looking for a way out, don’t worry, we have a solution.

And no, that doesn’t mean you have to climb out the bathroom window to escape. It can work, and we call it plan B. But plan A is to make funny jokes that everyone’s gonna love.

Not only do you not have to risk being stuck in the bathroom window like a wailing turd, but you can also make new friends.

Here are three witty jokes, as you call them:

7. What do you call a beautiful pumpkin?

Who says the production department must be boring?

8. What is a legless cow?.

A food joke and an animal joke in one? Nice.

9. What is the name of a man without arms and legs in a pile of leaves?

Okay, this is ridiculous.

3 The funniest thing you ever called a joke is the number.

What you call jokes is the funniest thing you call jokes.

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We’ve rescued some of the funniest jokes you mention so you can dig them up the next time you relax with your friends. In order not to be wasted on an underestimated amount of money, the funniest jokes are best told with a snack and a beer.

Here are three of the funniest jokes, as you call it:

10. What do you call cheese that’s not yours?

Use it at any party for the rest of your life. He’ll never grow old.

Nacho cheese!

by: Unsplash / Louis Hansel @shotsoflouis

11. What do you call a dog that goes to the beach in summer?

A classic hot dog joke, suitable for all summer barbecues.

12. What do you call a dinosaur that can’t see?

What you call a joke is so stupid it makes you laugh.

Response display


Do you think he saw him?

3 Cheese, what’s a joke for you?

what you call cheese jokes, what you call jokes.

by: Bigstock picture / Sergey_T

Cheese jokes are known to be funny. It’s a kind of joke that makes you smile and makes you feel that your life is complete.

We were looking for the highest and lowest cheese jokes we could find. And when we found her, we kept digging for more cheese.

Here are three pathetic jokes, as you call it:

13. What is the name of a three-legged cow?

Another nice one for the dining table.

14. What do you call a bunch of white people sitting on a bench?

Fantastic, next time you watch the game with the boys.

15. What is the name of a fly in butter?

You call it a joke so obvious everyone will laugh.


by: Discreet / Gary Bendig

3 The stupid things you call a joke.

What you call jokes is stupid, what you call jokes...

by: Submit photos / Good deals

Here’s the news. Stupid jokes are very, very funny. It’s like they fell from the end of a stupid, silent ghost into a bucket with pleasure.

You’re not convinced? See for yourself.

Here are three stupid things you call jokes:

16. What is the name of a legless dog?.

If you have the right audience, this joke will make you cry with laughter.

Response display


Call him whatever you want, he’s not coming.

17. What do you call the heavy breathing that someone does when trying to hold a yoga posture?

The only thing more fun than farting in yoga class is a good joke.

18. What is the name of a dead fly?

It’s the perfect joke to end a dramatic fight with flies.

3 What do you call dog jokes

what do you call dog jokes - what do you call dog jokes

by: Pictures of large sticks / Rido81

So you have a dog in mind, and you like to live with a good dose of day humor. These dog jokes are exactly what you need to have fun in a dog park or animal clinic.

Here are three things you call dog jokes:

19. What do you call an old dog?

A light weight that all dog lovers will appreciate.

20. What do you call a black Eskimo dog?

A joke about a dog with a rhyming punch? Yes, please.

Twilight Husky!

by: Jump / Ugur Arpachi

21. What do you call a dog licking a plug?

Shock your friends with this clever dog joke.

3 What you call political jokes

what you call jokes - political, what you call jokes.

by: Bigstock photo / JacobLund

Politics can be confusing, but one thing’s for sure. They’re a damn good food for the comedy scene; they always have been and always will be. And so our article, which you call jokes, would not be complete without political jokes on your knees.

Here are three political jokes you call jokes:

22. What do you call a Russian prosecutor?

Because if you choose Russian, you might never get old.

23. What do you call a professional player who tests gambling policy simulators?

Players are gonna love what you call a joke.

24. What do you call a cellar full of preservatives?

The perfect one-of-a-kind liner for a more progressive audience.

3 What you call science jokes

what you call jokes - what you call science jokes -

by: Bigstock photo / Vadim Gujva

Science may take climate change and the fragmentation of frogs, etc. too seriously. That’s why it’s important to have some good science jokes up your sleeve. It’s the ideal solution if people start taking life too seriously.

Here are three of what you call science jokes:

25. What do you call a clown who’s in jail?

A stupid scam and a clown in jail? This one’s too good to waste.


by: Escape / Levi Saunders

26. What is the name of a girl’s swimming team called Jennifer?

A clever joke that will appeal to all science lunatics.

27. What do you call iron blowing in the wind?

Because Fe is a symbol of iron. Don’t worry, your fellow scientists will understand.

3 Christmas is what you call a joke

7 Christmas, what do you call a joke?

by: Unsplash / Cody Black

What could be better than a holiday to make the atmosphere light and full of laughter? Make your family laugh all Christmas long with these funny Christmas jokes.

Here are three Christmas parties you call jokes:

28. What do you call a snowman with a six?

The joke of a snowman killer playing with eggnog by the fire.

Response display


Abdominal snowman.

29. What do you call an unpleasant deer?

Go on with that stupid deer joke.

30. What is the name of a child who does not believe in Santa Claus?

It’s a good joke for those laughing unbelievers.

Response display


A rebel without Klaus.

A rebel without Klaus.

by: Escape / Linda Hinton

3 What you call a math joke

What do you call a math joke?

by: Escape / Brooke Cagle

Guess what. Even mathematicians like to laugh. And with those weird numbers (it was a pun) the math jokes keep coming.

Here are three of what you call mathematical jokes:

31. What do you call guys who like math?

If your audience loves algebra, they’ll love this math crack.

32. What do you call the man who’s been on the beach all summer?

A geometry joke for analysts.

33. What do you call people who love tractors?

A math teacher? Or better yet, a substitute math teacher? You need it.

3 What do you call computer jokes

What do you call computer jokes?

by: Insolence / Priscilla du Prez

Have you ever had a computer that didn’t work for you? Maybe he curses you with the black screen of death, or maybe he likes to freeze the car in the middle. Don’t cry about it. Instead, you should laugh safely with these computer jokes.

Here are three of what you call computer jokes:

34. What is the name of a computer program that writes a blues song about climate change?

Here’s a brilliant knee buddy that somehow combines computer, music and Al Gore.

35. What is the name of a computer that swims in the ocean?

Dell and Adele’s computer jokes are too good to give up.

Response display


Dell’s sinking into the deep end.

A valley that rolls into the depths.

by: Pexels / Lisa Fotios

36. What is the name of the country where internet speed is low?

He may go out with you a little bit, but he’ll certainly end up in the right age group.

3 What do you call a military joke

What do you call a military joke?

by: Denuding / Vitor Pinto

If you have served or served in the army, you know exactly how important it is to have a great sense of humor. Or maybe you’re a civilian, you’ve got gang buddies who could use a lighter hand.

Try these laughing military jokes that will be appreciated by all military units from the navy to the marines.

Here are three of what you call war jokes:

37. What is the name of a candid marine?

Veterans and private individuals can’t get enough of these military jokes.

38. What do you call a Marine with an IQ of 160?.

A joke about a low IQ is probably better for real Marines.

39. What do you call autistic soldiers?

Another shower to have a decent laugh at night in the barracks.

3 What do you call a coffee joke?

Why do you call the Jokis, what do you call coffee jokes?

by: Escape / Brooke Cagle

People who consume too much caffeine are an innate fashion phenomenon. Maybe their brains are connected in a slightly different way, or maybe they’re just connected by all the espresso. Who knows? But with these coffee jokes worth a pound, they keep humming.

Here are three things you call coffee jokes:

40. What do you call a sad coffee?

For that overworked bartender who hasn’t slept since 4 a.m. and makes himself a frothy latte.


by: Pexels / Victor Freitas

41. What do you call it when coffee customers make jokes about their coffee?

Continue sipping and giggling at this fast-paced brewery.

42. What do you call happy coffee?

Because sometimes the queue at the coffee shop can’t stop you from picking me up.

3 What do you call lawyer jokes

what do you call a joke - what do you call a lawyer joke -

by: Inconspicuousness / Amy Hirshi

It’s too easy to make up a lawyer joke. You certainly have a bad reputation. And while we’re not here to discuss whether they deserve all this shame, we’re certainly here to laugh at them as much as we can with these piercing lawyer jokes.

Here are three things you call lawyer jokes:

43. What do you call a lawyer who becomes a priest?

What’s the joke that connects lawyers and the priesthood? But this one does.

44. What is the name of a lawyer with an IQ of 100?

A little tongue on cheek with a big loud smile, if you like?

45. What do you call 25 paratroopers?

Try this funny and stupid setup with an aggressive kicking line at your next hearing.


by: Stripping / Jp Valery

4 What do you call a pirate joke

what you call jokes - what you call pirate jokes.

by: Chancellery / Casper Johansson

What could be more fun than a group of dirty, thieving, salty, noisy gangsters who live together on a boat and say funny things that no one understands? There’s nothing funnier than pirates, especially the pirate jokes they make on deck by waving their hands.

These are the four you call pirate jokes:

46. What do you call a pirate with two eyes, two arms and two legs?

Why are jokes about people without body parts so funny? It might be better to leave some questions unanswered.

47. What do you call it when a hacker has chronic sleeping problems?

Don’t just sit around at night and try to make things more fun. It’s already perfect.

Response display


Bond Enhancement Syndrome

48. What is a blindfolded pirate?

A classic pirate joke, adapted to the worst case of scurvy.

49. What do you call a hacker missing lessons?

Save it for your next boat trip to go fishing with the boys.

3 Too bad what you call a joke.

What you call jokes is bad, what you call jokes.

by: Stripping / Elena Lopez

Are you looking for something really bad that you call a joke to brighten up your next trip? You need these really bad jokes because they’re so bad they’re absurdly funny.

Here are three bad jokes, as you call it:

50. What is the name of a ghost deer?

Work on this game and you’ll be a real success.


by: Splash / Mirko Pale

51. What do you call ruler, conveyor belt and compass connected together?

Another great time for teachers to break the ice or just improve their mood.

Response display


Weapons of mathematics education.

52. What do you call a Frenchman in sandals?

Have fun with this view of the beach coast.

How to choose the best What do you call jokes

What do you call jokes?

by: Insanity / Alexis Browne

Not all jokes work on different people. And with so many different categories of, as you call it, jokes to choose from, where do you want the smart joker to start?

Follow the steps below to make sure you have fun and stay on the path to social disaster.

Here you will learn how to choose what you call a joke:

1. Making fun

- Have fun.

by: Inconspicuousness / Zachary Nelson

The best singers and single liners have the greatest influence on the way they are delivered.

And the best way to create a good country for jokes is to really appreciate history. If you have fun, your audience is more likely to join you and have fun with you.

Make sure you choose the category of jokes you like and the rest will come naturally.

2. Knowing your audience

Know your audience.

by: Ominousness / Samantha Gates

A room full of pious nuns is probably not the best way to get rid of some deadly church jokes.

But a quiet break at a baby’s baptism, surrounded by family and weekend worshippers, can be the perfect audience for gentle fun and blasphemy in the language of sneezing.

3. Release the microphone

what you call jokes... ...drop the microphone.

by: Stripping / Panos Sakalakis

Finally, it is the rule never to wait for permission upon landing. Your audience may or may not understand. They either have a sense of humor or they have no sense of humor. The critics are going to hate it, so don’t give them more attention than they deserve.

If you pay attention to the first two steps and are careful, the rest is for quantity.

List of anecdotes to download and print

Here you will find a downloadable and printable list of the jokes (right click on the image and choose to save as…) :



Other big jokes

Ready for more energy-saving jokes, for whatever reason?

Look at more great jokes that will never bore you.

  1. We heard these delicious nerget jokes at the astronomy club, and they’re hilarious.
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A life without humour is too sad to imagine, and that’s why we absolutely need a complete library of the stupid jokes you mention. Use these jokes when traffic jams or waiting rooms dare to spoil your great mood and never let the grumpy one get stuck and ruin your day.

The next time you feel the fun fade or the noise beneath you, think of some classic jokes you call jokes to bring life back into the fun zone.

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