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As you may have guessed, this blog is all about games. The list that you’re reading is, in fact, the ultimate list of games. You’ve probably played most of them, but if you haven’t you should go out and buy them right now. In fact, you should go out and buy every single one of the games on this list. Not doing so would be a major mistake on your part, and you should feel really bad right about now.

We all love lists, and as gamers, we’re always looking for something new to play. So we thought, why not make a list of the top 100 games of all time? Of course, making any list is easier said than done, so we started with the Top 1000 games on Metacritic. We then narrowed the list down to 500 by taking the top 30 games from each console, meaning each system has a top 30 list of its own. Those 500 games were further narrowed down to the top 100, where we had some tough choices to make. We tried to make sure there was a good mix of action, adventure, sports and RPG games, but trying to find the perfect balance was difficult, and it all came down

Some may say that trap cards are no longer relevant in Yu-Gi-Oh. You might say it’s not worth drafting them to play when there are plenty of enchantment cards to use immediately.

And I say to that:

You just triggered my trap!

Some of the most powerful cards in the deck are trap cards, which have some powerful, abortive, and on the border violent effects. A well played trap can instantly change the course of a battle. But which traps should we use?

Here is my ranking of the best Yu-Gi-Oh! trap cards (not banned).

20. Magic cylinder

As if a list of traps could begin with anything else.

The magic cylinder was the perfect old-fashioned troll card. Instead of your opponent doing a lot of damage to you, he takes it himself.

And Magic Cylinder is still extremely strong against real decks. When playing against a deck like Deskbots that can easily form 5000 attacking monsters, Magic Cylinder is a real lifesaver.

Although Magic Cylinder is an old card, it has already been forgotten in the metagame, making it an excellent tech card that will never raise suspicion.

19. Mind Blast

Here’s another card that really channels the King of the Game into you.

Mind Crush is what Yami Yugi did to exorcise the ancient evil in the hearts of duelists (or something like that).

The current version of the card is not quite right, but it is still quite powerful.

If you can name a card from your opponent’s hand, he is forced to discard it. In modern Yu-Gi-Oh, it is very likely that your opponent will be looking for cards from his deck to add to his hand.

Mind Crush is the perfect antidote to this, making sure your opponent can’t get the combo pieces they need.

Make sure you can remember what they were looking for. Or write it down if you can do it discreetly. …..

18. Anti-magic fragrance

Ghosts that kill bells!

With anti-spell spells, both players must place spells as traps before they can be activated. This is devastating for any deck, but especially for Pendulum decks, as Pendulum monsters cannot be repaired!

This means they will never pick up their scales and, without a backup strategy, may give up immediately.

While Pendulum decks aren’t as common as they were in 2016, you can still find Pendulum Mages in play here and there (including with me, still my favorite deck!).

That’s why it’s always a good idea to have a few copies in your secondary deck.

Even if your opponent doesn’t have a Pendulum deck, the anti-odor spell will slow them down and give you more time to bring out the heavy artillery.

17. Bottomless trap

Bottomless Trap Hole is an absolutely fantastic removal trap in the game.

This trap card not only destroys the mighty monster, it chases it away!

Exiled monsters are much harder to bring back onto the field than graveyard monsters, meaning Bottomless Trap Hole will likely be off a map for good.

The best time to cast this card is when your opponent has spent a large amount of resources to remove a large monster, such as Saryuja Skullbane or Borreload Dragon.

16. Solemn warning

Almost all solemn cards are powerful denial cards. And the solemn warning is the sweetest of the bunch, which shows how strong this group of traps is!

For 2,000 LP you can cancel the monster’s special challenge and destroy it.

Even better: If this monster is specifically triggered by a spell or trap effect, you can also destroy it.

This is great for getting rid of cumbersome field spells like Boot Sector Launch, which specifically allows you to summon two monsters per turn.

For only 2,000 LP, this is an offer you can’t refuse.

15. Lost Wind

Wait, where was I on that list… ? Oh, yes, Lost Wind!

Lost Wind lets you nullify the effect of a Special Summoned monster on the field, and as long as your opponent doesn’t summon anything from an additional deck (which will happen, this is a modern Yu-Gi-Oh! after all), you can use it over and over again.

The beauty of Lost Wind is that these rejections don’t just apply until the end of the turn, they apply all the time!

This immobilizes the enemy monster for the rest of the fight. If this is their only copy, it’s a shame.

14. Heavy duty storm dust collector

Probably the best trap/removal spell in modern Yu-Gi-Oh. This trap card is a mixture of two forbidden cards: Feather Duster and Heavy Storm Harpies.

With this trap, you can destroy up to 2 spells/traps on the field, at the cost of no combat phase in the turn you activate it.

The fact that you can destroy up to 2 cards means that you don’t have to destroy one of your own if your opponent only has one.

To get the most out of this card, play it during your opponent’s turn. This way you get maximum destruction and minimum inconvenience.

13. Mandatory means of escape

The Forced Evacuation Device is such an iconic card in Yu-Gi-Oh that returning a card from the field to your hand is often called card forcing!

Returning a monster from the field to your hand can be an offensive or defensive play, making it a flexible solution to most problems.

If your opponent summons a huge monster from an additional deck, Forced Evacuation Device is a great way to send it back where it came from.

It’s also a great way to provoke your opponent’s trash.

And if your opponent attacks one of your precious monsters with a destruction effect, you can summon your monster to bring it back to safety.

12. Royal Decree

Just in case your opponent has also read this list and gotten something out of it: The royal decree is an absolute no for all trap cards.

If a monster, spell or trap was ignored, you can be pretty sure it was because of the trap card.

If you play the King’s Edict, you can summon as many as you want without worrying about them being cancelled.

The only real drawback is that you can’t activate your own traps. All you need though is a monster or a spell that can destroy the Royal Decree at any time, and then the denial is all in your hands!

Well, that’s your area, but you know what I mean.

11. Imperial Order

The (more successful) sequel to Royal Decree allows you to cancel all enchantment cards at the cost of 700 life points in each phase of the guard.

These costs were previously optional, but needed to be reduced to at least somewhat balance this chart.

Many combos in Yu-Gi-Oh rely more on spells than traps; spells are inherently faster to perform, making them perfect for quickly taking over the field.

Completely disabling this ability gives you an insane advantage over your opponent, and it’s only worth a measly 700 health per turn.

Here is the same mistake as the royal decree and the same solution: Add Mystic Space Typhoon, and you’re good to go.

10. Solemn strike

This ceremony is really after the callers, isn’t it?

Solemn Strike allows you to nullify the effect of a Summon or monster for 1500 Health and then destroy the associated monster.

Not only is it 500 life cheaper than Solemn Warning (every little bit helps, right?), but you can nullify the effects of monsters with it.

The monster effects get stronger and stronger with each new set, making this card a fantastic trap for any deck in the near future.

9. Mirror Power Attack

As much as I would have loved to include the original Mirror Force in this list, this is one of those exceptions where the sequels are so much better than the originals.

The original Mirror Power allowed you to destroy all Attack Position monsters under your opponent’s control, while the Attack Mirror Power increases that setting by one level (or 5) and allows you to put them back in your hand.

That means they have to summon all those monsters again!

If one of these monsters came out of the Extra Deck, they would have to sacrifice all these materials again.

Storming Mirror Force deserves extra credit for continuing the legacy of the original Mirror Force by bringing fear back into the combat phase.

8. Epizootic eradication virus

This virus is the most powerful in Yu-Gi-Oh, surpassing the original Crush Card virus (Errata’d but not forgotten, 2008-16).

This trap allows you to remove a number of spells/tricks from the field and your opponent’s hand.

If you know your opponent is playing a deck with a lot of spells, like B. Sky Striker or Noble Knight, it can be absolutely devastating if you don’t win the game.

Although the price is a little high, I’d say it’s worth it.

Especially since you can see your opponent’s next 3 draws, regardless of their card type!

7. Infinite passage

I don’t take it lightly when I say that this trap card has changed the way people think about the game.

Infinite Impermanence has forced Duelists to think about the column in which their spells and traps are played, a factor that previously had nothing to do with the metagame.

Infinite Impermanence lets you undo a monster effect and a spell/trap in the same column as that trap.

The crazy thing about this trap is that it can also be activated by hand in case of emergency!

Literally a hand fall.

This is a level of surprise that your opponent will have a hard time predicting or shooting down.

6. Witch stamp

From denial to denial?

This is the Yu-Gi-Oh level of Inception.

Refusals are increasingly common; half of the cards on the list contain at least one form of refusal.

And Hexenstoß is the ultimate punishment for your opponent’s overzealous denial, destroying his entire field and hand.

If your opponent makes the mistake of playing too many Solemn Strikes, this card will render him completely defenseless.

All you have to do is attack and the game is yours.

5. There can be only one

We’ve all thought about it, so I’ll just say it: There are no annoying airport security restrictions in Yu-Gi-Oh.

Well, this guy will take care of you!

This trap allows each player to control only one monster of each type, and all others are sent to the graveyard (note the word sent, meaning your opponent cannot activate a kill effect with this trap).

Most decks in Yu-Gi-Oh play around one man and one man alone.

It just makes sense, because it seems natural to have a theme in a deck like Dragon or Wizard. But that means There Can Only Be One will likely destroy every deck you face, making it a great way to keep your opponent at bay.

4. Dimensional obstacle

In addition to the fact that most decks only use one type of monster, many decks also only use one type of out-of-deck summon.

Blackwing decks generally only use sync monsters, Galaxy Eye decks only use XYZ monsters, and there are many more pure fusion decks than I can list here.

Dimensional Barrier blocks a summon from outside the deck for an entire turn and negates its effects on the field!

If your opponent is playing one of these decks, they will have a hard time making a good play.

Unfortunately, this card was released before its time, so it can’t cancel Link’s monsters and their effects.

But 4 out of 5 is not bad.

3. Opening light wall

Who knew a wall could be so overwhelming?

The open wall of light allows you to pay life points in multiples of 1000, and prevents your opponent from attacking until their attack exceeds the number of lives lost.

By paying 4000 life, you stop just about every monster in every deck (it even stops Egyptian God cards, and they’re very important!)

This means your opponent has to sweat hard to get out of this crazy trap.

This ability to completely stop opponent’s attacks has kept Wall of Unfolding Light on the limit list for quite some time. I bet he won’t be jumping anytime soon!

2. Formal research

I never thought this card would get off the banned list, but I’m really glad it did.

Solemn judgment is a big no-no for any challenges, spells or traps.

It cancels out almost every imaginable effect.

This ridiculous amount of sustain power is only made worse by the fact that you have to pay half of your health to activate it.

This means that, unlike Solemn Warning or Solemn Strike, you can cancel cards with any number of hit points.

If you have 2 hit points left (which is an impressive situation), you can easily activate this spell, making Solemn Judgment a handy trap until the end.

1. Uniform compliance

Evenly Matched is ironically the most broken and dishonest trap card in the game.

With this card, your opponent must banish cards from his field until he has as many cards as you.

The fact that you can activate this card from your hand as long as you don’t check cards leads to a brutal strategy:

Just skip the main phase 1, go straight to the combat phase, then do this and banish your opponent’s entire country in one shot.

Then you have the entire main phase 2 to make a defensive board and leave your opponent with literally nothing.

Recovering from Evenly Matched is a nearly impossible feat, making this card the most perfect trap in Yu-Gi-Oh!

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