The Best City States in Final Fantasy XIV (All Ranked) –

The Best City States in Final Fantasy XIV (All Ranked) –

Eorzea is a kingdom full of beautiful places to explore, from the icy deserts of Ishgard to the rolling forests of Gridania.

And for these rankings, we’re counting the best city states in all FFXIV expansions so far.

However, there is one city-state that we will not evaluate. I can hear you all in the basement.

Sharlayan was once a beautiful place, and how could it not be the birthplace of Alisai and Alfino – but it no longer exists.

With a little prayer and a lot of writing, we can convince the scribes to allow us to visit the Sharlai’s homeland. But now, with a few Matoyas around, it’s just a pit stop.

Still, we have a lot of city-states to talk about.

8. Ala Mhigo

The Best City States in Final Fantasy XIV (All Ranked) –

Officially a city-state, Ala Mhigo is building its own government.

While Ala Mhigo, with its high walls and numerous streets and alleys, still looks most like a city, here there is only a shop, a lover and a mechanic.

But there are no fairs or guilds in the area, so it is deserted.

If you want access to the shops of Ala Mhigan’s history, you will have to go to Rhaalger’s Reach.

I hope that as the story progresses, things come out of the cave and into the city we fought for.

7. Foundation (Ishgard)

The Best City States in Final Fantasy XIV (All Ranked) –

Some say it’s a cold and depressing place.

It’s still snowing, there’s church music in the background, and it’s mostly desert. So it’s not people’s favorite place; it has some difficult memories, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth visiting.

It takes a long time to walk anywhere around here.

But in return, you get spectacular views.

The shops have everything you need in gear from level 30 to level 60, and the town has the usual useful supplies in the grocery store and crafting shack.

The hotel is also worth a visit, if only for fun.

I mean, I admit it’s dark and dingy and there are beer bottles on the floor. Also, the endless travel agency doesn’t work at all.

The bottom line is that the room is cluttered, representing a shabby place related to the dragon war.

But one of the most remarkable places is Firmanent, the ongoing Ishgard restoration project.

It is a haven for artisans and collectors when the warrants are open. Each new patch brings a wave of activity to this city as the work continues.

Wrestling classes: Machinist (DPS), Black Knight (TANK), Astrologer (Healer).

6. Aylmore

The Best City States in Final Fantasy XIV (All Ranked) –

Elmore’s main floor is full of life.

The first fair and shops are located next to the Atheria.

Also, the kingdom is filled with noise and laughter when you reach a point in the story. So far, this place is… strange.

If Elmore doesn’t have a hotel room, the Gentlemen’s Club is a great place to sit and chat with friends while watching the girls dance.

It’s also the perfect place to wait for your shots, so you can crush those tombstones and trade them in for better material.

5. Coogan

The Best City States in Final Fantasy XIV (All Ranked) –

Coogan has one of the nicest hotel rooms in the game.

Everything is in the traditional Japanese style, which makes the city and its surroundings unique.

In the hotel room, a samurai stands behind the endless carousel. The roofs all have that deep green and red color with a twist underneath, and the music sounds authentic for the time.

Then why is this place so deserted?!

Shops nearby offer everything you need between level 60 and 70, and the city is a large area with bridges between neighborhoods.

But ultimately, if you don’t do the main story, there’s no reason to travel around Coogan.

Like the Firmanenta Foundation, you have a mission of reconstruction here. And it’s a good place to sell extra equipment when they start.

But unlike a skyscraper, this area is set up just for you – so it will only grow if you commit to it.

This particular area is known as the Doman Enclave and can be reached via Atherita once it is open.

4. Ulda

The Best City States in Final Fantasy XIV (All Ranked) –

The jewel of the desert, filled with moneyed Lalafella.

Memories of the end of the game in A Realm Reborn are scattered throughout the realm, causing many to frown as they pass through the gates.

Who wants Lord Lolorito’s head handed to them on a silver platter, even if that’s what happened? I know.

As in any starting town, the shops have everything you need at a low level (shops sell equipment up to level 49). But they are harder to find in the Ould.

The quickest way would be to return to the Sapphire Avenue intersection, otherwise you have to go around the outer ring of Ulda.

I find this area the most difficult to navigate.

It has an outer ring that gives access to all guilds of the combat class, guilds of the adventurer class and shops. The inner ring gives access to one of the combat guilds and all guild gathering professions on 2 levels.

Each area resembles the last within the main ring. But there are clues to where you are, in the decorations hanging on the walls.

On the stands next to the weavers’ guild you can see, for example, clothing exhibitions.

There’s also a problem in the hotel room. Why not curtains? It’s a room with no curtains, in a city in the middle of the desert – I bet there’s steam there!

Collection and crafts : Goldsmith, Weaver, Alchemist, MinerRinger classes: Gladiator (TANK), Pugilist (DPS), Turmatage (DPS), Samurai (DPS), Red Mage (DPS).

3. Gridania

The Best City States in Final Fantasy XIV (All Ranked) –

This is really the most beautiful of the three Startzustände, in which I started my FFXIV journey.

Gridania is a beautiful countryside with sweet music and lots of nature.

With its sprinkling of trees and small pools, each lake is an open space.

It is not far from the market, but nearby there is a Zimmermanns guild, an Abenteurergilde and a grandiose firm.

If you go through the next area, you can enter the market, where the only long range is, which you can buy up to and including Stufe 49.

It all looks good in the dark light, with the light of the sun on the trees.

Gridania is such a beautiful paradise, that you can always return to.

As with other facilities, it is not always easy to find a solution. And it’s a great place, to sit on the couch and have that herumlaufende 1. Reihe anzufeuern.

I like to sit there and pat the emotional back when it comes back after an untimely death of the loved one.

Wrestling classes: Archer (DPS), Thrower (DPS), Mage (HEALER), Weapon Blade (TANK)
Crafting and Collecting: Botanist, carpenter, tanner…

2. Limsa Lominsa

The Best City States in Final Fantasy XIV (All Ranked) –

Limsa is one of the easiest states to live in.

It doesn’t matter how long you play the game. You teleport to Limsa, it’s always busy there (at least on my server).

It does make sense. Limsa Lominsa is a port city. There is always more traffic inland than in the hinterland.

The place is also visited by pirates and witches, who live in the woods and speak proper Yorkshire. You will be the coolest NPCs in the game, and they will all be lost in the sea.

As business shows, Limsa is an island town, and this is where everything comes together.

When you’re close to your loved one, you can’t miss her.

This makes Limsa the only start-up town with shops at this stage.

Each guild also has a mini-Aetherite next to them. And the only thing I’ve heard about Lims is that Big Company is so far from the main fan.

Although navigation can be tricky at first, you can always see the atherita on the screen as you walk around, so you can’t really get lost.

Collection and crafts : Cooking, fishing, sea battles, blacksmithing. Martial arts classes: Thief (DPS), Marauder (TANK), Arcanist (DPS can become HEALER), Dancer (DPS), Sage HEALER (released from Endwalker)
Random class: Blue Mage (fighter, collector)

1. Christaria

The Best City States in Final Fantasy XIV (All Ranked) –

Ah, yes, the brand-new city-state.

This place is huge and it can be hard to find your way around.

But the beauty of this place is easy to see. And the power of music floating through the corridors, the Crystal Exarch herself …..

So many reasons to love Cristarius.

Here are a few of them:

  • A great library.
  • Psychedelic garden on the lower levels.
  • Shops in the Rotunda selling all of the above.
  • A hotel room with a kitchenette.
  • The view from the top of Christaria.
  • Amaro Start and the gardens where they care for Amaro.

I could go on and on about the people here, the crazy quests to be found here, the long staircases to see the Exarch….. but if you’ve played it, you know what I mean.

And if not, I don’t want to ruin it.

Everything in Cristaria, from the hotel room to the pub, is a delight.

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