The Medium Echoes Locations Guide

The Medium Echoes Locations Guide



The Bloober Team’s latest horror physics title, The Medium, is out. Unlike the previous games, The Medium comes with several collectibles that you can find in each level of the game. Echoes are one of the most common collectibles you’ll find in the game. This guide to the echo locations of The Medium will help you find them all in the game.

Direction of positioning – average

In our Medium Echoes location guide you will find all the Medium Echoes locations that you can find and collect.

Echo 1 – Look for it on the side of the phone in the Niwa parking lot, right next to the hotel entrance.

Echo #2 – After climbing onto the dumpster to enter the hotel, look to the left where you will find this echo on the side of a pair of suitcases and shoes.

Echo #3 – While exploring another dimension in the hotel, go to the bathroom and enter the next room where you can fall into a hole. Echo is the phone in that room on the right.

Echo #4 – In Ursula’s room, check the box of pills in the bathroom sink.

Echo #5 – After you get an elevator and get into the next room, you can find this echo in the sink of the next room.

Echo #6 – Once you reach the pool, check one of the corners of this echo where they are stuck.

Echo #7 – Now go back and jump into the pool to find an echo near the blocked area.

Echo #8 – After exploring the pool, crawl through a small hole and into another room, go straight ahead and find the Echo which is a pair of shorts.

Echo n°9 – Follow the grief with your mental gaze and look for the echo on top of the toy.

Echo #10 – When you come down, look for that particular echo in the pool.

Echo #11 – There is a small pocket of blood next to the pelvis. Here’s the next ultrasound.

Echo #12 – When you return to the shower room, push the cart out of the way and find the echo here.

Echo #13 – Leave the room through the door through which Mau entered and exited, and proceed to the examination room in front of you where you will find this echo on the wall.

Echo n°14 – When confronted by the grandmother, go to the director’s room and look for an autographed photo of the ballerina.

Echo #15 – 18 – You will find four echoes at this location. Find the missing piece of paper at the foot of the bed and then interact with the numbers in Vivienne’s room. This will give you Echoes 15, 16, 17 and 18.

Echo #19 – Once back in the real world, go to the conference room and check the phone inside for echo.

The Medium Echoes Locations Guide

Echo #20 – When you get to the room with the numbered chairs and the phone, you’ll find an ashtray on the table in front of the room that will give you a collectible.

Echo n°21 – Once Nicolas and Tori are free, go through the hole and find a wheelchair. This is your next ultrasound.

Echo #22 – When you get to the living room, go to the left and look for a drawing of a horse.

Echo #23 – When you arrive in the staff room, find a case on the table to collect this echo.

Echo #24 – Once you’re back under Marianne’s control and finally outside, turn left at the intersection and look for a bench with a phone on it. It’s an echo.

Echo #25 – When you’re done talking to Sadness on the swing, keep walking until you reach the fence. There’s an Echo bus nearby.

Echo #26 – Now look to the left of the band where you will find packs of cigarettes. The next ultrasound is here.

Echo #27 – Go back to the swing where you talked to Sadness, and this time go to the right side of the swing. There is a hut here, and inside there is a horse sitting on a bench.

Echo #28 – Now go into the next room and collect the echo on the tape recorder next to the junk.

Echo #29 – Now go to the right and find the case with the next echo.

Echo #30 – Go to the basement of the Red House and collect the echo of the teddy bear on the back wall.

Echo #31 – On the right side of the teddy bear you will find a syringe which will be your next echo.

Echo #32 – When you enter the first room in the basement of the Red House, there is an echo of a boot in front of you.

More information can be found in our Medium Wiki.

So much for our guide to detecting the Middle Echo. If you have anything to add to this guide, please do so in the comment box below.

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