Where to find every Echo in The Medium

Echoes are collectibles in Medium that represent the story of the overall plot. When you are close, you will hear a whisper that will help you find the object. Once you’ve examined it, rotate it with the right thumb button on yours and activate intuition by using the left punching edge to find the echo. If you hold the object for a few seconds, it will unlock and tell you what happened at the Niva Hotel.

There are 28 in total, and finding them will earn you the prize Calling Out to Me, which is worth 40 Gamerscore. However, you must find them all in one game to win them, so keep reading for each location in Echo.


The first echo is at the entrance of Hotel Niva. Look for his stall at the bottom of the stairs.


Once inside Hotel Niva, look left for discarded clothes and a briefcase. Interact with the battery to find the shoe.

Phone two

After your first encounter with a swarm of moths. Walk through the corridor and use your intuition to find a hand print on the door to your left. Use the skill of out-of-body experience to enter and place the key on the table. Go back to your real world and return to the lobby.

Next to the moth swarm is a closed door. Open it and go straight to the bathroom on your left.

Go to the right at the end of the corridor to find the phone on the desk.

Packaging of prescription tablets

In a room where the exit is blocked by a swarm of moths. This is the same room where you must restore the power of the Spiritual Nude. Enter the bathroom behind the partition and look at the sink to find a container next to the page of the curator’s diary.

bathroom mirror

The room where the razor is. From where the razor is, walk to the bathroom and look in the mirror.

Warning sign

In an empty pool, as you make your way to the nursery. Enter with the Y button and point your head to the back left corner.

Bloody rubble

Exit the pool to the left and look at the wreck at the right.


After you go through the opening in the wall, look for a pile of clothes on the floor next to a couch and some cabinets.

Spinning toys

After seeing Sadness in the mirror portal, you can’t enter yet. Go through the door on the left and before you go back to the pool, turn left into the cul-de-sac to find the toy.

dog toy

Follow the spiritual path from the locker you just opened. He’ll take you back to the empty pool. Go down the stairs and find a toy near a wreck.

Teddy bear

Follow the path across the pool and get out. Bear on a chair surrounded by rubble.

Toy tanker

Follow the path one last time to the shower room. Push the cart to get the toys.

Telephone three

After you meet The Maw for the first time in the real world, go to the room leading to the research room and find the wall phone.

signature card

While searching for a mask for the ballerina’s ghost, you examine Vivienne’s signature cards on her manager’s desk.

Telephone four

In the conference room, if you’re looking for a face mask for another ghost. After you leave the mirror gate to enter this room, follow the path along the right wall and look on the table.


In the voting room. Follow the right path, go past the table and chairs and find a table with an ashtray on it.


After you leave the mirror portal to return to the real world, grab the bolt cutter at the left exit. Go back to this room and take the right exit. The wheelchair is in the next examination room.

Horse drawing

After the cuts, grief led to daycare. Cut out the leather door with a razor blade and hang it on the left side along the cabinets. Find the box on the small table and study the drawing.

Housing handle

In the staff room after you get the key. Go to the closed door next to the mural of flowers and butterflies and open it. Take care of the pencil box on the table.

Telephone 5

When the forest zone begins. Go down the stairs and turn left once you are on the narrow path. Follow the side path to another phone booth.

Cigarette packet

After the scene with Sadness, pass in front of the swing and go to the small rock on your left. Cigarettes on top.

Swivel castor

Turn around from the pack of cigarettes and look for a wheel near a wreck.

Wooden horse

Walk from the bike to the building behind you. Look at the carved horse on the counter at your left.

Cassette recorder

Go to the garage at the back of the workshop. Find the recorder on the ground among the fallen forest.


Move from the recorder to the left and interact with the box on the table.

Bear two

In the basement of the Red House. After falling down the destroyed stairs, he turned left towards the crates. The bear is on it.


Keep moving forward from the bear to find the needle on the shelf.

shoes second

The last echo was found on another shoe. Turn away from the needle and go to the other crates at the bottom of the screen. To the left of Marianne you should see a wall with a space if you look directly at this object.

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