Best Ripped Jeans CC (For Guys & Girls) –

Best Ripped Jeans CC (For Guys & Girls) –

In this list, we focus on a fashion item from the 90s that has had its ups and downs: ripped jeans.

The essential aspect of this modern wardrobe is quite explicit: These are pants with signature wolf slits.

If it’s not too frightening, ripped jeans are truly divine as they can be worn to any event or occasion you have in mind. Well, any event, really.

In honor of this amazing legacy, here are the best CC jeans ripped so your Sims can have fun wearing them!

For types

10. Jeans

Best Ripped Jeans CC (For Guys & Girls) –

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I bet Levi Strauss, the inventor of jeans, never thought wear would ever become fashionable.

Jeans should be sustainable clothing for workers. Currently, manufacturers tear jeans in very specific ways.

Whether you think this style is silly or not, you can’t deny that this Kotcat CC isn’t so bad.

Slip your Sims into these skinny, tight jeans that make everyone look good on Missed Leg Day.

9. take off your pants

Best Ripped Jeans CC (For Guys & Girls) –

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If there’s one type of music that’s obsessed with ripped jeans, it’s K-pop.

Seeing male K-pop idols in ripped jeans is as common as seeing vegetable tops on women. And surprisingly, men do it much better than us women.

Maybe it’s because of the long legs or the pronounced knee muscles, but there’s no doubt that Koreans were born to wear them.

Try these bib shorts on your sim and look as charismatic as a K-pop superstar!

8. Bom Pom Jeans

Best Ripped Jeans CC (For Guys & Girls) –

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When it comes to ripped jeans, balance is key.

When you get angry, you look like you’ve fallen off your skateboard too many times.

The trick is to find the perfect balance between class and misery.

To give you a better idea, check out the Bom Pom Pom Weiki jeans.

With a hole in the left knee and two horizontal slits on the right side, these jeans manage to be both chic and authentically worn.

And with 26 designs to choose from, this CC is a must for the stylish Sims man.

7. Discarded trousers

Best Ripped Jeans CC (For Guys & Girls) –

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If there is one style of jeans that can complement anyone, it is the boyfriend jeans.

This CC on pots is a great example of the flexibility of this style on any floor.

And thanks to these cleverly placed rips, you have a fashionable pair of jeans that will go with any top you can find.

My opinion may not matter to the rest of the patriarchy, but know this: jeans for men look good on you.

For girls

6. Garbage Jeans

Best Ripped Jeans CC (For Guys & Girls) –

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Savage Sims lets you relive the glory days of your punk and emo phase with a collection of ripped jeans!

It’s easy to imagine that these jeans have seen their share of foam pits, like pieces of ruined denim you’re hanging your life on to save.

Combined with a top of your choice, it’s the antidote to all those ripped jeans trying too hard to look real.

Add your own flavor of teen rebellion with 26 designs for tops and 35 designs for jeans.

All you need now are SkullCandy headphones and tickets to the Warped Tour.

5. Knee Jeans

Best Ripped Jeans CC (For Guys & Girls) –

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Somewhere along the mysterious path of fashion, two gaping holes in your pants have become fashionable enough to be considered normal.

Knees as a fashion statement can be a conundrum at first, but this SS from lynxsimz is a welcome addition to my Sims’ chic casual lookbook.

Go for an easy and comfortable look with these short jeans in 6 looks that you can easily combine with everything!

4. Straight cut jeans

Best Ripped Jeans CC (For Guys & Girls) –

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There’s a nice pair of ripped jeans and then there’s this.

Thankfully, these distressed straight cut jeans from JS SIMS are far from the madness of this reference example.

Even if your Sim’s pants are literally ripped from mid-thigh to knee, you can still see that he keeps his legs 80% closed.

But make sure it’s unique enough that your Sims will love being called fashion pioneers!

3. Two tone ankle jeans

Best Ripped Jeans CC (For Guys & Girls) –

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Those two-tone ankle jeans can certainly get a boomer thinking: What the hell is going on here?

To them, this SS probably looks like Two-Face created a clothing line to take on Batman.

In the eyes of a true fashionista, this could be the next best thing to fashion (even with tears and tears resembling a bored rat).

You don’t believe me? Then ask for a model.

2. Fillmore ripped pants

Best Ripped Jeans CC (For Guys & Girls) –

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The pants have a large cleavage.

But at least it’s not a denim thong, crotchless pants or some other monstrosity created on the drawing board.

The Fillmore Ripped Pants from JM SIMS can be combined with anything.

But if you have that many hips left, it’s best not to spend too much time in the sun.


A hard, square sunburn is not something I would like to see or feel after a fun day outside.

1. Jeans Aloise

Best Ripped Jeans CC (For Guys & Girls) –

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When it comes to comfort and style, there’s nothing better than boyfriend jeans.

The relaxed, bundled-up, casual style is the antithesis of smothering skinnies and unbearable jeggings.

Add in the strategically placed con, and you have a new best friend that you will cherish forever.

With 8 models available, this CC does all the work to uphold your Sim’s fashionable reputation.

frequently asked questions

Are men allowed to wear ripped jeans?

If you’re not a fan of ripped jeans, that’s fine. But either way, you’ll want to resist traditional notions of what fashion is (easy and comfortable) and wear something new – like ripped jeans! When you’re ready to try on a pair of ripped jeans, make sure you take them on and wear them with confidence!

Who has the most ripped jeans?

The most ripped jeans for women in 2020: The denim that was crushed in the store….

Which jeans are best for boys?

How to buy the perfect jeans – with style for men.

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