Shenmue 3- Key Items List And Locations As Well As Description

Shenmoohe 3

If you go through the main story of Shenzhen 3, you will eventually find the most important elements and find them by chance. These key objects are needed to release and execute certain tasks. These key elements can be found at specific locations, and some of them are derived from the NPC. These locations are not complex, and MC will inform you during the search if all the clues have been found or not. In this guide we have mentioned all the places where the most important elements can be found, even if only a few are unrelated to the main story.

List of key positions for Shenma 3

The amulet: Amulet, i.e. the performance of the prayer received from Nozomi Kharazaki.

Bayu Herbs (Map 1) : The first part of the map shows all the important medicinal herbs you can find in Bayla. It can be found near a nearby shop where Shenhua’s first uncle named Tao and herbs, the Shyren shop.

Bayu Herbs (Map 2) : The second part of the map shows all the important medicinal herbs you can find in Bayla. It is located near a nearby shop, in the first part of the map, where Shenhua mentions Uncle Tao and Herbs, i.e. the Shiren shop.

Map of Bailu’s herbs 3 : Behind Grandma’s store, where there’s a lot of sellers. You can take a third of the card.

Map of Bailu’s herbs 4 : Behind Grandma’s store, where there’s a lot of sellers. You can retrieve a fourth part of the card.

The Chavan Sing newspaper: When you enter the library behind the Mo Man temple, you’ll find the paper with the secret code in a copy of Wulinshu.

Ema: Ema Iwao, dedicated to Man Yuan Temple. It contains a message for Ryo’s mother.

Forklift trucks : A toy capsule that was found in Xu’s house along with other stuff.

The map to the source of Ternari: A map drawn by Shenhua showing the way to the source of Ternari.

Magatama: Semicolon beads from Xuying Hong, the other half is with his brother.

List of names : After playing hide-and-seek, search Xu’s house to find an object under the screen, near the closet.

Photo: After playing hide and seek you in Xu’s house for an object in one of the drawers on the left side of the shelf, near the fruit table.

Picture of the Werdant bridge: In the temple hall of the village of Baylu, where all the antiques have been preserved, a painting hangs on the wall next to an image of a wild boar.

The image of joy: Joy’s picture, taken in Pigeon Park.

A picture of a willow tree: A picture of Ryo’s father, Iwao Hazuki.

A picture of Hsiung: Photo with Fangmei Xun, made by Shiguan Fu

A picture of Hazuki Haushol: Photo with two Hazuki residents: student Masayuki Fukahara who lives in the house and housekeeper Ina Hayata.

A picture of Harasaki: The Polaroid was taken by Nozomi Harasaki.

A picture of Xuying: A rare photograph of Xuying with other people working in the Manmo-temple.

Pictures of friends: A picture of Ryo, Nozomi Harasaki and other friends.

The Phoenix Mirror: One of the two mirrors Ivoa brought back from China. It’s made from a gem called Phantom River Stone, which was found in China.

Ryo’s watch: It is equipped with a black light that allows the owner to control the time in the dark.

The secret poet: A secret poetry role, hidden behind the role of Yin and Yang principles in the Hazuki dojo.

The handle of the sword: This sword is modelled after the weapon of the Hazuki family: a ring with swords, two stars and a sword.

A coin with a tail: Counterfeit coin with tails on both sides.

Eagle’s corner: Counterfeit coin with heads on both sides.

A heavenly lighter: A lighter with an engraved air emblem, i.e. Wong’s.

White sheet: A dry white sheet of paper found in the basement of the Hazuki Dojo.

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