The Easiest Ways to Deposit at an Australian Online Bingo Site

The Easiest Ways to Deposit at an Australian Online Bingo Site
The fun and thrill that comes with playing online bingo is among the reasons Australian players love this classic game. Even so, winning big remains important for most players. Hence, having an easy way to make deposits and withdraw winnings counts the most when choosing an online bingo site.Having a number of deposit methods to select is key as it enables you to find the most suitable option for you. This includes finding the best transaction limit while also exploring different service charges. In most casinos, deposits are instant and free, with fees often charged on withdrawals. Here are some of the best deposit methods for online bingo Australia.

Digital Wallets

Also known as e-wallets, this payment method provide bingo players a straightforward and secure way to fund their online bingo sites. Registration for an e-wallet is easy and often requires filling out an online form. Details such as email address, name, and identification number are required. These have to be true since verification is done though sending authentic documents.

The Easiest Ways to Deposit at an Australian Online Bingo Site

Some e-wallets will also require that players link their accounts with a valid bank account. E-wallets are normally funded using credit cards, banks or debit cards. Digital wallet options available for Australian players include Skrill, PayPal, Netteller, Apple Pay, Google Pay among others.

Credit/Debit Cards

Credit cards remain the most popular method of depositing at an online casino. Most bingo sites have credit cards as a payment option. For players who have no credits cards, they can easily apply for one and grow their limits with time.

A major advantage of credit cards is that players can fund their online bingo accounts without cash and pay at a later date. With a credit card ready for payments, approving a deposit at an online casino is effortless. Major credit card operators include Visa, Mastercard, and Discover.

Bank Transfers

For players who want to fund their online bingo sites directly from the bank, wire or bank transfers are ideal. With the latest encryption methods, transactions are secure and protected. Payment can be done through the casino website or through mobile banking for players who are using their mobile phones.

While bank transfers enable players to fund huge amounts to their accounts, withdrawals can take some days. This is a setback as most bingo sites will only allow withdrawals using the same deposit method.

Pre-paid Cards

Like credit cards, pre-paid cards also come in handy when making payments in an online casino. With pre-paid cards, customers have to load money into their accounts which they can use to fund an online casino. Unlike credit cards, customers don’t run into debt and only use what is already loaded in the card.

When it comes to security, pre-paid cards are relatively low cost and offer security of funds and data. In addition, most operators have mobile apps to help players stay in control.


This is one of the most popular payment method for Aussies. POLi is an online payment method that enables secure payment from an internet banking portal to any business including casinos. No registration is required hence players don’t need to provide any personal details.

Deposits using POLi are instant and secure as the operator conducts regular checks. With most banks working alongside POLi, the method can be used by most players regardless of their bank.


The use of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin has grown in popularity and it is no different in Australia. Crypto payments are instant and come with low transaction costs. In addition, there is a lot of privacy provided. Although cryptocurrencies are not recognized as legal tender they are also not illegal in Australia.

The Easiest Ways to Deposit at an Australian Online Bingo Site

Apart from secure transactions, cryptocurrencies offer players a chance to benefit from the coins’ volatility in case market prices go up. Cryptocurrencies available for betting include Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, and many more.

Mobile Payments

Thanks to NFC technology, mobile payments have gained much popularity lately. By downloading a mobile app, players can create an account , fund it and use it to make payments in an online bingo casino.

Common mobile payment options common in most bingo casinos include Apple Pay and Google Pay. These methods are completely safe and will often require players to enter a new verification code for every transaction. In addition, the two methods are made to suit whichever mobile operating system a player has.

In addition to these, there is also the pay by phone method that is normally charged on the payphone bill.

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