How to Breach Protocol in Cyberpunk 2077

One of the main advantages of the Cyberpunk 2077 framework is the ability to hack just about anything electronically. Hacking was an important part of the original Cyberpunk table module, and it continued in this game. Learn here how to use the infringement protocol in Cyberpunk 2077.

How to break the protocol in Cyberpunk 2077

When you try to use the infringement protocol in Cyberpunk 2077, enter a small mini-game where you have to enter a series of codes. There are several circumstances in which you may need a report on a violation. You can use it on enemies or network devices to use RAM buffers for your quick hacks. You can hack terminals anywhere on the map to quickly get swirls and hack parts. In some parts of the various works and performances, for example, you also have to make a hole. B. in deciphering shards.

Benefits and e-Software

Let’s first look at some of the benefits and e-programs designed to facilitate and strengthen our breakthrough. Premiums are optional, but very useful. The two services we recommend are Big Sleep and Extended Datamine. These two advantages can be found in the infringement tree in the attribute Exploration.

The Big Sleep Bonus allows you to turn off all cameras on the network during a protocol breach attempt. This is very convenient because the memory for your Quickcuts is stored when you want to turn off the cameras. The advantage of Advanced Datamine is that the number of whirlwinds you get when you go through the access terminal increases, giving you a nice increase in your cash flow.

  • Fault! The file name is not specified.
  • Fault! The file name is not specified.

You will want to update your cyber deck software as soon as possible. The improved Cyberdeck increases the buffer size when you commit an infringement. This allows you to enter more ordinal numbers and a larger margin of error.

Injury Log Screen

The injury shield has four sections.

  1. The remaining trigger time is a countdown. The countdown starts as soon as you select your first number. For this reason, it is not very useful to get benefits that increase this delay, as you can plan your sequence before you run it.
  2. The buffer is the order you entered. The size of this buffer and the number of digits that can be entered is determined by your cyberdeck.
  3. The order to download is the order you are trying to hack or match. The different lines here represent different hash levels. You can select one or all sequences.
  4. The code matrix shows the numbers from which a sequence can be selected. By clicking they enter the buffer.

How can I break protocol?

To end the log, select numbers from the code matrix to assign them in the desired order on the right-hand side. The code matrix will impose certain restrictions on you. At startup, you can select only one number on the first line. Once you have selected the first number, you can only make a choice in the column for that number. Then back in line for the first choice.

You always choose from left to right, then top to bottom, then left to right until you have completed the sequence. When you hover the mouse pointer over the selected number, the next column or row is highlighted to help you plan. If you move the mouse pointer over a number in the correct order bar, all events of this number will be displayed in the code matrix. This can help you make plans before the time delay starts.


Let’s take an example.

Here you can see that we have two series we can finish.

1C 1C


We need to start at the front of the line, and our options…

7A BD 55 7A 55 1S

We can start with 55 or 1C. If you are looking at the first 55, you can select BD as the next option and complete the camera’s stop sequence. This also allows you to select 1C in the row and then 1C again in the column to complete the Icepick sequence.

7A BD 55 7A 55 1S

BD 55 E9 1C





So our first choice was left/right for 55, then up/down for strips, then left/right for 1C, and up/down for the last 1C.

All injuries will follow this pattern. You won’t always be able to do all the sequences, but there is always a solution for at least one of them. If you do data extraction, always choose Datamine V3 because it gives you the most benefits.

Now you know how to hack Cyberpunk 2077’s log. We hope this tutorial has been useful and made this boring mini-game a little easier for you.

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